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The following patch was deployed on 11 August 2022 for Darkest Dungeon II.

Build 0.15.36590 Experimental Hotfix[ | ]

Patch Notes


  • Reduced Cultist Exemplar's CRIT chance on Exultation to 10% from 15%
  • Reduced drop chance for cultist trinkets from cultist fights
  • Dark Impulse now drops from fights at Oblivion's Rampart (formerly Guardian)

AUDIO[ | ]

  • Added new Academic Narrator lines for Mountain Select, The Exemplar, and updated Unsettling Portrait
  • Fixed an issue where turn start SFX were not playing correctly

FIXES[ | ]

  • Fixed missing exit Barks from Mountain Cultist fights
  • Updated Mini-map tooltips for Cultist Territory and Guardian nodes, to now use their lore /game terms of Oblivion's Ingress and Oblivion's Rampart respectively.
  • Updated VFX for Exemplar, Altar and Herald abilities
  • Fixed several combat items not triggering their VFX
  • Revised character spacing for Altar in zoom-ins
  • Fixed an issue where the self-target indicator would briefly show on Pass
  • Fixed an issue where the skill button that was skill-blocked from a relationship not being deselected and appearing active
  • Fixed an issue that prevented move block relationship actouts from triggering at all
  • Fixed an issue where skills would appear to be greyed out if the character hit Death's Door on turn start
  • Fixed an issue where "Random' AoE Multi-Hit skills would ignore Taunt and Stealth tokens
  • Fixed an issue where hidden skills would be visible without the conditions being met properly
  • Fixed an issue with the Speed Token presentation not occurly as cleanly as we wanted, should be back to a smooth standard now
  • Fixed an issue with Docker hatched from a Cabin Boy incorrectly having a 1-slot HP bar for 2-slot character
  • Fixed an issue where daze presentation had changed unintentionally from last retail update, should be back to the old timing and syncing pattern
  • Fixed an issue where hero story alles would show their skill preview stats unintentionally
  • Fixed an issue where enemy nameplate and info panels would not appear correctly on their turn
  • Fixed an issue where attacking a corpse would leave it as a mouseover target
  • Fixed an issue where mousing over an enemy during a skill presentation would leave their information up after the mouse would move away
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes when using a combat item, the hero information and skill display UI would be disabled incorrectly