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The following patch was deployed on 13 October 2022 for Darkest Dungeon II.

Build 0.16.38987[ | ]

Candle scoring changes: now, when you die or abandon mid-region, in addition to keeping all carried candles and any Wanderer path candles you will keep 33% of other candles scored. The eventual plan is for only carried candles and hero goal candles to be kept, but since hero goal are still some weeks away, we wanted to be more generous. We'll continue to monitor feedback in efforts to strike the right balance between risk/reward incentive and also ensuring that Exemplar party wipes are only a painful (but not debilitating) kick-in-the-guts.

FIXES[ | ]

  • Replace tab quirk icon with greyscale version to match other tabs on hero select
  • Stun poptext now uses stun token and blue text
  • Fixes an edge case where an Inn can load soft locked
  • Fix to item unlock tables not being tracked, and counting 100% completions for coming soon unlock tracks for the visual progressions of locations in the altar of hope
  • Fixes double tap up arrow not triggering auto drive
  • Fix for Double Tap to Autodrive options checks if it is enabled or not
  • Removed altar of hope camera noise settings to temporary fix cam jittering bug
  • Fix to hero order changing in hero select when you have memory actors
  • Added more save file corruption detection and rollback logic for invalidated saves
  • Apply game score on run end instead of game over to fix exploit where you can quit out during the zoom in of the final death blow and multiply their candles
  • Clear hero generation when reaching the first inn instead of when you finish a run in which you got to the inn to fix future save invalidations not invalidating hero generation