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The following patch was deployed on 15 August 2022 for Darkest Dungeon II.

Build 0.15.36653 - Oblivion's Ingress[ | ]

Cultists![ | ]

  • Updated the environment art for the Guardian node
  • Low light Cultist ambushes now include a Deacon or Cardinal instead of only standard Cultists
  • Reaching maximum Doom will now result in an Exemplar fight
  • You can no longer retreat from Guardian nodes
  • Guardian nodes now consist of 2 Cultist battles, with the nature of the second battle being determined by biome
  • Biome 1 ends with a Deacon fight
  • Biome 2 ends with a Cardinal fight
  • Biome 3 ends with an Exemplar fight
  • Cultist fights on the Mountain are no longer randomized
  • First fight contains an Exemplar
  • Second fight contains a Deacon and Cardinal
  • The Deacon's "The Flesh Warps" now randomizes whether it starts on the -50% melee or -50% ranged defense buff

All Worship skills are now considered Free Actions.  This means:

  • They no longer occur automatically at the start of a round
  • They occur as part of the Cultist's turn, so they are subject to Stun/DOT damage
  • They do not end the Cultist's turn on use
  • More than one Cultist can now Worship in the same round

Gameplay[ | ]

  • [community]Updated how combat items and other free actions affect turns:
  • An immediate benefit players will experience is that we’ve set it up so that Turn End triggers (certain trinkets, buffs, duration countdowns, etc) to only occur after a skill is used that would end the turn
  • [community]Updated mini-map tooltips for Cultist Territory and Guardian nodes, to now use their lore /game terms of Oblivion's Ingress and Oblivion's Rampart respectively.
  • Oblivion’s Ramparts now reduce Loathing by 1, instead of 2, because they are no longer optional
  • Cultist encounters reward adjusted for changes to Oblivion’s Rampart wave count
  • Reduced drop chance for cultist trinkets from all cultist fights
  • Dark Impulse now drops from encounters at Oblivion’s Rampart
  • Fixed an issue where both cultist trinkets would not be returned after a hero death
  • [community]Dark Impulse: now drops with random effects and the inventory frame has been updated to match other Unforgettable trinkets
  • [community]Generic trinkets no longer appear in The Academic's Study
  • Uncommon Seashell now properly checks when the Leper is bleeding, not the enemy
  • Food inn items no longer heal
  • Fixed an issue with a Creature Den choice showing that it would Blind enemies when it would Daze them
  • Footman's Grog: Removed -25% DMG Taken
  • Trinket condition tool tips for stress now use the amount rather than percent
  • Fixed an issue with a Creature Den flee option that resulted in combat instead
  • Creature Den and Resist nodes that apply negative effects to monsters on start are now non-resistable
  • [community]Fixed an issue where converting stacks of certain token types, such as Vulnerable to Block, caused them to cancel one another out before conversion was complete
  • Fixed an issue where "Random' AoE Multi-Hit skills would ignore Taunt and Stealth tokens
  • Fixed several combat items not triggering their VFX
  • Fixed an bug where a HP debuff from a quirk caused from a meltdown would force hero into Death’s Door
  • Fixed a Softlock issue caused by a hero corpse and extra turn effects
  • Fixed an issue where an unprocessed stress trigger resulted in a seemingly random meltdown in the inn
  • Fix to movement happening after effect results
  • Fixed an issue where moved enemies would ignore the immobilized token from a bear trap
  • Fixed an issue where a Trench Run biome would fail to generate due to impossible goals

Hero[ | ]

  • Fixed an issue with Runaway's Searing Strike DOT not being correctly affected by trinkets

Driving[ | ]

  • Various driving camera obstruction fixes
  • The Inn lantern now correctly has it's light placed inside the lantern and not below it

UI[ | ]

  • Fixed a mouseover hitbox with the stagecoach torch being obscured sometimes resulting in flickering UI elements
  • Torch UI should now correctly deactivate during Narrative sequences
  • The Tempting Goblet Inn tooltip has been updated to remove the misleading Until Next Inn portion of it's stress heal effect
  • Fixed an issue that would show the torch value countdown in various game UIs when Infernal Torch is equipped
  • Fixed a display issue with Ignores effects on skills, ie Grave Robber's Thrown Dagger Skill or Leper's Chop+
  • Hero Path seal and text are now color coded to help distinguish them against each other
  • Fixed some awkward Torch deactivation and activation around the Valley Bridge
  • Fixed an issue where the Inn travelogue would use default names for characters rather than their player specified names
  • Fixed an issue with Docker hatched from a Cabin Boy incorrectly having a 1-slot HP bar for 2-slot character
  • Fixed an issue where the self-target indicator would briefly show on Pass