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The following patch was deployed on 17 March 2023 for Darkest Dungeon II.

Build Update #0.20.45656 - Redemption Road - Experimental Hotfix[ | ]

🔸Added updated localization for supported languages

🔸Fixed a camera issue where it would sometimes get stuck under a hill

🔸Fixed an issue where Inn mastery loot window appeared in next biome while driving

🔸Fixed  relationship gain-loss Italian localization problem

🔸Fixed Crimson Tick awarding The Blood on corpse kills

🔸Fixed the combat description for The Blood that was displaying Stress rather than Horror

🔸Fixed Shroud road debris not playing VFX when destroyed

🔸Fixed 'Use Smoke Bomb' hero goal that was appearing too frequently

🔸Fixed The Complete Catalog and Smoldering Firewood not working with DoT modifications from items