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The following patch was deployed on 17 October 2022 for Darkest Dungeon II.

Build 0.16.39101[ | ]


  • Increased default inventory size from 16 to 18
  • Added new Stagecoach Equipment that increases Candle of Hope stacking, the Collector's Chandelier
  • Reduced additional inventory slots from +4 to +2
  • Class milestone upgrade tooltips have an additional tooltip for any unlocked skills, paths, or items in the upgrade. (ie, if that node would unlock a trinket, we now show the trinkets full tooltip alongside)

FIXES[ | ]

  • End of Run Results Presentation Cleanup
  • Removed hellion glaive from her inn animations
  • Fixed Runaways crossroads animation to now loop correctly
  • Various victory pose fixes for Leper and Jester
  • Fixes an issue where some characters would have empty names in the Travelogue
  • Fixes tooltip positioning issues where they could go off screen
  • Added missing quirk bark strings for Cave Tactician, Lost in Space and Lost in Time
  • Fix to relationship buffs persisting across memoried heroes over multiple heroes.
  • Update actor health rounding to not round up fractional health from driving / inn but do a real round. This is to fix a trinket equip / unequip bug to get free heals
  • Fixed a bug that would block a Hero from using food at the next inn after being swapped by Bounty Hunter