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The following patch was deployed on 21 March 2023 for Darkest Dungeon II.

Build Update #0.20.45763 - Redemption Road - Experimental Hotfix[ | ]

🔸Adjusted the size of the stagecoach in the Wainwright ui

🔸Revised game results music for new Altar of Hope placement.

🔸Keep valley music silent when zooming in or out of Altar of Hope focus after game results failure

🔸Fixed an issue with torch light popping on node approach instead of fading out

🔸Fix missing tooltip SFX on memory icon and minimap

🔸Fixed an issue with the curio choice sheet which didn’t actually remove most avoid options

🔸Attempted fix on scouting icon preview for hovering polyhedra

🔸Fixed an issue where wheel repair button overlaps the shields when first equipping the Iron-Branded Wheels stagecoach item

🔸Fixed the mountain embark scene missing trees

🔸Removed Baubles from the Sluice and doubled the amount of Relics

🔸Brighten the roads and add a dark glow behind unknown route for contrast on minimap

🔸Fix missing SFX on Funeral Pyre

🔸Increased the amount of inn items that appear at inn shops

🔸Removed Ranged tag from combat items as it was not clearly communicated and it was causing undesired interactions

🔸Improved Affinity chance for Whiskey Barrel and Whiskey Bottle from 60/40 to 67/33

🔸Generation tuning: more hero shrines overall. More node choices per row overall

🔸Edit pass on tutorials to better accommodate new changes, more to work to come