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The following patch was deployed on 22 March 2023 for Darkest Dungeon II.

Build Update #0.20.45959 - Redemption Road - Experimental Hotfix[ | ]

We restored Denial to 3 regions for now, and opened back up Foetor and Shroud. However, we left the trophy requirement off and also left in the Mastery bonuses. This should help you in your efforts to attack the Brain! We anticipate restoring Denial to 2 regions for 1.0, after we have a chance to do more tuning. Your playtest data and feedback has been invaluable!

🔸Altar of Hope tooltips for pets will now display after unlocking

🔸More fixes for memory heroes not clearing skill use / item history when preserving them on run invalidation

🔸Added repair stagecoach warning when leaving the inn and the player has currency to repair and wheels/armor to repair

🔸Fixed an issue where the Repair Stagecoach skill would be consumed with riposte

🔸Fixed issues with the Stagecoach tooltips

🔸Fixed an issue where Loathing from a tile event will reapply on save/load

🔸When opening the character sheet or max Loathing triggers we now stop the stagecoach

🔸Added new scrolling ui shader for road indicators and another for hero select hero highlights

🔸Fix to improper creature den FLEE preview icons

🔸DENIAL: restored to 3 regions, all region types avail again. Trophy is still not required for now. Kept 5 mastery for DENIAL, for now.

🔸Adjusted armor/wheel tooltip edits

🔸Added pop text for when 0 torch ambush fight is triggered "The Flame is Exhausted!"

🔸Sluice, Shroud, and Foetor Hero Goals have been reenabled for Denial

🔸Almanac: The Shroud and Almanac: The Foetor can now appear in Denial

🔸Fix to prevent buff popup text from appearing during boss transitions

Known Issue: "The flame exhausted" text is currently appearing for normal road barricade and repair fights when at 0 torch (not just on the 0-torch ambushes)