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The following patch was deployed on 24 February 2022 for Darkest Dungeon II.

Build 0.12.31871 - Hotfix[ | ]

  • Correctly updated version number increment to 0.12.31871
  • A number of gameplay changes that were called out in the original patch notes were found to have been omitted in the final build we released yesterday. We tracked the gremlins down and fixed them. These changes are properly included in this hotfix, and include:
  • Affinity thresholds for forming relationships was 6, now is 7. Gives a little more wiggle room before relationships onset.
  • Positive relationship durability was 4, now 5.
  • Increased Provisioner (Inn store) item stock significantly to provide more strategic shopping opportunities.
  • Increased loot for high difficulty road combats. If you can beat the time limit, you deserve to be rewarded more!
  • Inns now heal 1 stress per hero automatically
  • Fix for The Sluice accidentally awarding Tangle currency (medals) and Tangle trinkets.
  • Fix for outlines on the wagon and horses on the Wainwright UI
  • Fix for Creature Den’s not always having a 2nd wave of beasts in later regions.
  • Guardian Location wave 3 now heals heroes 15% just like in Lairs.