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The following patch was deployed on 24 March 2023 for Darkest Dungeon II.

Build Update #0.20.46079 - Redemption Road - Experimental Hotfix[ | ]

🔸Added new low quality settings version of the opening cinematic

🔸Fixes ambush pop text triggering unintentionally

🔸Fix for invisible lines in hero select and quirk names in certain language/fonts

🔸Fixed an issue where when if we changed max Armor or Wheels, the values would not clamp correctly and result in broken UI

🔸Fixed an error that came up when changing languages in driving

🔸Adjusted the pet cage on repair fights to better respect the laws of gravity

🔸Fixed an issue with the Altar of Hope mountain having unintentionally shifted to the left.

🔸Fixed typo for Invigoration

🔸Fixed an issue where third region enemies did not have a chance to be ordained on Denial attempts

🔸Reverted the change of stopping the stagecoach when opening the character sheet. However, we have now included it as an option in the Game settings