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The following patch was deployed on 24 May 2022 for Darkest Dungeon II.

Build 0.13.34497 Experimental Hotfix[ | ]


Jester[ | ]

  • Solo no longer consumes CRIT tokens unnecessarily
  • Solo+ no longer consumes CRIT tokens unnecessarily

Graver Robber[ | ]

  • Hero Shrine: Ch1 - Improved clarity as to when it is safe to poison the husband's drink and when it is guarded


  • Updated Act Out timings so effect apply during presentations
  • Adjusted some UI elements positioning and sizing
  • Animator fixes for the Highwayman and Occultist


  • Fix an issue with party-wide inn items not working when missing a hero
  • Changed "Secret, Safe" region goal to now read "Fight no more than 6 road battles"
  • Fix for Creature Den not awarding loot
  • Fix to dying to a DOT during a stun resulting in an undead corpse. Fix to an issue with discard items after becoming over-encumbered in the results screen