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The following patch was deployed on 27 September 2022 on Darkest Dungeon II.

Build 0.16.38358 Experimental Hotfix[ | ]


  • The Infernal Flame has been reintroduced! It works as follows:
  • Unlock the Infernal Torch at the Altar of Hope (at the Intrepid Coast)
  • Once unlocked the Infernal Torch will be awarded to you each time that you arrive at the Valley Inn.
  • You may equip it to your stagecoach if you wish. This must be done at the Inn.
  • Once equipped, the Flame will be permanently set to 1 during your expedition.
  • The Infernal Flame gives sizable scoring bonuses (bonus Candles) in most scoring categories.

MISC[ | ]

  • Added missing disease bark strings
  • Added barks for the new signature inn items
  • Updated Coastal Lair environment art candle lights to all be teal instead of yellow
  • Item Altar: increased chances of common items vs rares, to create a bit more predictability in overall item unlock sequence trend.

FIXES[ | ]

  • Fixed an issue with the Librarian not contributing to Lair Cleared candle rewards
  • Fixed an issue with "Kill" being appended to "Clear Corpse" text in some tool tips
  • Fixed an issue where buying out a shop row causes the ui to misbehave and has the entire stock jump down a row
  • Fixed an issue when equipping a coach upgrade with another equipable puts alert on trophy slot
  • Fixed an issue with the biome and hero goal UI stacking incorrectly at times
  • Fixed an issue where the Altar of Hope selection diamond is active by default after loading into the altar multiple times
  • Fixed an issue where selection diamonds displayed over altar tabs after using keyboard controls in the Altar of Hope ui screens
  • Paths are now in proper order
  • Auto Stacking fix when buying items
  • Fixed an issue where tooltips were not being displayed on the token glossary
  • Fixed an issue where the cost reduction labels in a store would draw behind the store's stock
  • Fix to item discard tutorial; no longer mentions that you get hope for discarding

Build 0.16.38373 Experimental Hotfix[ | ]

  • Fixed an issue with the Bounty Hunter poster being non-selectable