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The following patch was deployed on 29 September 2022 for Darkest Dungeon II.

Build 0.16.38471 - Experimental Hotfix[ | ]


  • Infernal Flame expires if not mounted at the Valley Inn (this prevents exploits). Player must choose whether it's an Infernal Run right at the beginning


  • A number of mash arrangements and spawn rates have been adjusted
  • Altars can no longer spawn in Biome 1 outside of Oblivion's Rampart
  • Herald: Disharmony DMG reduced to 3-6 from 4-7
  • Herald: Disharmony now moves the Herald back 1 rank


  • Added max memory vfx for portraits
  • Fixed altar item reward frame spacing on ui
  • Sluice layer upgrade state will now match The Living City upgrade state in the Altar of Hope scene
  • Improved the “deactivate” State for fully unlocked altar buttons
  • Fixed an issue where the Altar of Hope would darken

MISC[ | ]

  • Fixed the Bounty Hunter’s scroll clipping his shoulder during Death’s Door idle
  • Updated some VO lines, and added altar of hope and end of run sfx

FIXES[ | ]

  • Fixed Windchime description to display its effect trigger as "Random Hero After Each Location" rather than "After Each Location".
  • Fixed Coast road encounters to properly award COAST trinket loot, not CAVE trinket loot
  • Fix to Valley Assist encounter torch restoration preview so it says +100
  • Fixed item tooltip inconsistencies for text that was italicized when it shouldn't
  • Fixed Signature Inn Item tooltip format inconsistencies
  • Adjusted item quote styling and moved the position of flavor text to be after item tags on tooltips
  • Fixed an issue where the hero portraits remained enabled after dismissing Oasis rewards window
  • Fixed an issue where player inventory would incorrectly grow in size on load
  • Resize Bounty Hunter text when on his mastery upgrade screen
  • Fix spacing on game over screen list
  • Add gradients to various titles on slide out panels
  • Fixed unlocalized duration string
  • Various string edits and corrections