Darkest Dungeon Wiki

The following patch was deployed on 30 June 2022 for Darkest Dungeon II.

Build 0.14.35511 Experimental Hotfix[ | ]

Heroes[ | ]

  • Jester (Intermezzo) - Encore now carries the same Bleed effect as other Song skills
  • Plague Doctor (Physician) - Removed Weak token from Heal skills

Trinket Adjustments[ | ]

  • Minor Heartseeker: -15% to -10% Healing Received
  • Heartseeker: -20% to -15% Healing Received
  • Hint of Home: Gain When Hit: Regen 2 (20%) to (15%)
  • Kitchen Knives: Gain On Crit: Regen 3 to Gain On Crit: Heal 2
  • Calibrating Censer: Gain When Hit If SPD <=2: Block Token (100%) to (66%)
  • Clenching Claws: Apply When Hit: Weak Token (40%) to (20%) or Vulnerable Token (40%) to (20%) or Stun Token (20%) to (10%)
  • A Simple Flower: Gain On Move Res: HP<50%: Regen 2 to Gain On Move Res: Heal 2 (66%) and Gain On Stun Res: Stress>=50%: -1 Stress to Gain On Stun Res: Block Token (66%)
  • Scalded Skull: Random Ally on Turn Start: If Unchecked Power >= 2: Burn 2 to 1 (33%)
  • Knitted Blanket: Burn-causing Skills: +66% to +33% Burn Dealt
  • Wounding Words: -50% to -33% Max HP and removed -10 SPD

Fixes[ | ]

  • Trinkets that affect each ally now affect proper targets.
  • Fixed an issue with the Runaway's Run and Hide skill disappearing from the bar when it was unavailable
  • Fix to gargantuan battle modifier not starting monsters at full health
  • Fixed to corpses showing up with part health. Update previous max hp before setting actor class to stop unwanted hp scaling
  • Fix for Over-encumbrance from Oasis loot doesn't auto-open inventory
  • Fixed an issue where character stats wouldn’t update when moving them on the roster
  • DOTs will no longer apply if their value is zero due to modifiers
  • Fix to death door applying when actors do not have death door specified
  • Enemies without deathblow resist will no longer show death's door pop text when dying to DoT
  • Combat Modifier Skull icon should no longer appear during normal, non-modified combat start
  • Various string fixes