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The following patch was deployed on 3 August 2022 for Darkest Dungeon II.

Build 0.15.36249 Experimental - The Oblivion's Ingress[ | ]

Join the denizens of this crumbling world and worship the yawning void - new avatars of the Loathing demand your supplication!  Hear the demoniac piping of the Herald, prostrate yourself before the Altar, but gaze not upon the high Exemplar, for you are not worthy of such an honor.

Cultists![ | ]

  • Updated the environment art for the Guardian node
  • Low light Cultist ambushes now include a Deacon or Cardinal instead of only standard Cultists
  • Reaching maximum Loathing will now result in an Exemplar fight
  • You can no longer retreat from Guardian nodes
  • Guardian nodes now consist of 2 Cultist battles, with the nature of the second battle being determined by biome

       - Biome 1 ends with a Deacon fight

       - Biome 2 ends with a Cardinal fight

       - Biome 3 ends with an Exemplar fight

  • Cultist fights on the Mountain are no longer randomized
  • First fight contains an Exemplar
  • Second fight contains a Deacon and Cardinal
  • The Deacon's "The Flesh Warps" now randomizes whether it starts on the -50% melee or -50% ranged defense buff

All Worship skills are now considered Free Actions.  This means:

        - They no longer occur automatically at the start of a round

        - They occur as part of the Cultist's turn, so they are subject to Stun/DOT damage

        - They do not end the Cultist's turn on use

        - More than one Cultist can now Worship in the same round

Gameplay[ | ]

Updated how Combat Items and other Free Actions affect turns:

       - An immediate benefit players will experience is that we’ve set it up so that Turn End triggers (certain trinkets, buffs, duration countdowns, etc) to only occur after a skill is used that would end the turn.

  • Cultist encounters reward adjusted for changes to Guardian wave count, total rewards should be the same as they were before reducing total amount of waves
  • Unsettling Portrait Cosmic encounter can no longer reward generic trinkets
  • Fixed an issue where both cultist trinkets would not be returned after a hero death
  • Trinket change: The Dark Impulse trinket now drops with random effects and the inventory frame has been updated to match other Unforgettable trinkets
  • Trinket change: Generic trinkets no longer appear in The Academic's Study.
  • Fix: Uncommon Seashell now properly checks when the Leper is bleeding, not the enemy
  • Fix: Food inn items no longer heal
  • Fixed an issue where converting stacks of certain token types, such as Vulnerable to Block, caused them to cancel one another out before conversion was complete

Hero[ | ]

  • Fixed an issue with Runaway's Searing Strike DOT not being correctly affected by trinkets

Driving[ | ]

  • Various driving camera obstruction fixes
  • The Inn lantern now correctly has it's light placed inside the lantern and not below it

UI[ | ]

  • Fixed a mouseover hitbox with the stagecoach torch being obscured sometimes resulting in flickering UI elements
  • Torch UI should now correctly deactivate during Narrative sequences
  • The Tempting Goblet Inn tooltip has been updated to remove the misleading Until Next Inn portion of it's stress heal effect
  • Fixed an issue that would show the torch value countdown in various game UIs when Infernal Torch is equipped
  • Fixed a display issue with Ignores effects on skills, ie Grave Robber's Thrown Dagger Skill or Leper's Chop+
  • Hero Path seal and text are now color coded to help distinguish them against each other
  • Fixed some awkward Torch deactivation and activation around the Valley Bridge
  • Fixed an issue where the Inn travelogue would use default names for characters rather than their player specified names