Char Hero Crusader cmp

Be warned, characters in Darkest Dungeon are not the unwavering heroes of high fantasy. While they are certainly tough and capable fighters, they are also human, and respond emotionally to the horrors they encounter.

  • Your Bard has seen one too many party members die in combat, and is prone to nihilistic rants, stressing the other party members! Do you send him carousing in town to blow off some steam, or consign him to the sanitarium to collect himself?
  • Your Man-at-Arms has begun relying on the bottle as much as his battleaxe. His inebriated fury is a welcome damage boost for the party, but he has grown increasingly unpredictable and erratic. Do you bench him in town, or simply lash more liquor to his pack?
  • At camp, your Plague Doctor's methods unnerve your Highwayman, and he refuses her treatments. Maybe you should rethink the idea of combining them in the same party again.
  • A critical hit from a skeleton sends your Vestal reeling, and instills in her a crippling fear of the Undead. She can fight well enough against other foes, but if you expect her to keep her head through the Crypts, you'll first need to send her to the Cathedral to do some serious prayer and contemplation.

Characters' stress levels respond dynamically to virtually every occurrence in the dungeon, both positive and negative. Coming across a rotting corpse may unnerve your Highwayman, or may fuel your Crusader's determination. If the pressures of their circumstances become too overwhelming, their resolve is broken, and they will become afflicted with a myriad of psychological conditions ranging from paranoia, panic, greed, or even sadism. Afflicted party members will act out in a variety of ways that impact the play experience during combat, exploration, camping, and even in town. And like weary soldiers who have seen too much, your heroes will develop permanent quirks and emotional baggage based on their experiences.

Character Quirks (Positive)
Warrior of Light (Light Above:75) +10% DMG
Fast Healer (In Camp:) +10% Heal Received
Meditator Improved stress reduction during meditation and in camp
Natural Swing +5 ACC
Nymphomania (Activity: Brothel) +20% Stress Heal
Fated Chance to turn any MISS into a HIT
Quickdraw (First Round) +4 SPD
Quick Reflexes +2 SPD
Irrepressible +5% resist Affliction
Amateur Weaponsmith -20% Weapon Upgrade Cost
Amateur Armorsmith -20% Armor Upgrade Cost
Precision Striker (Melee) +3% CRT
Hard Noggin +10% stun resist
Hard Skinned +10% PROT
Evasive +5 DODGE
Clutch Hitter (HP Below:50%) +3% CRT
Deadly +1 CRT
Natural Eye (Ranged) +5 ACC
Back Tracker No stress penalty when walking backwards
Early Riser (Light Above:75) +2 SPD
Unerring +10% ranged damage
Slugger +10% Melee damage
Night Owl (Light Below:25) +2 SPD