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A snippet from the journal of a doomed expedition.

During expeditions it is possible to find pages from the Ancestor's Journal: they are snippets left behind by unfortunate adventurers during expeditions into the various dungeons surrounding the Hamlet. To examine (read) a page found while on a mission, right-click on it in your inventory. Journal Pages have no monetary value and don't stack, and you never get duplicates of any one page. When returning to the Hamlet, the Journal pages in your inventory are stored in the Ancestor's Memoirs.

Locating Journal Pages[ | ]

The journal pages are very rare with the base probability of finding one is is 1/2000 (0.0005). The probability is influenced by torchlight in a way that allows one extra chance of 1/2000. They can only be found within certain curios when not influenced by torchlight. The higher the light value, the lower the chance is of finding one.

Curios that can drop journal pages:

  • Unlocked Strongbox: 75% of 2 chances at 1/2000.
  • Locked Strongbox (Key): 3 chances at 1/2000.
  • Iron Maiden (Medicinal Herbs): 2 chances at 1/2000.
  • Pile of Bones (Holy Water): 2 chances at 1/2000.
  • Old Tree (Antivenom): 3 chances at 1/2000.
  • Lost Luggage (Key or Antivenom) 3 chances at 1/2000.
  • Barnacle Crusted Chest (Shovel): 3 chances at 1/2000.

Light influences chances by giving 1 chance of modified 1/2000 to all lootable curios:

  • Black as Pitch (0): 95% of 1/2000 which is 1/2105
  • Dark (1-25): 75% of 1/2000 which is 1/2666,(6)
  • Shadowy (26-50): 50% of 1/2000 which is 1/4000
  • Dim Light (51-75): 25% of 1/2000 which is 1/8000
  • Radiant Light (76-100): 0%

It is unknown whether journal pages have priority over other loot or not. If they have no priority than the base chance of 1/2000 is seriously lowered because any type of loot can take its place. It is worth to mention that any other loot in table, where pages are, has more chance of showing up thus effectively reducing chance of journal page if other loot and pages have same priority. However, it seems like it is not the case, meaning that Journal pages work as an additional drop, much like Antiquarian relics, so another item is very unlikely to take its place.

Journal page drop rates seem greatly increased in a Radiant Mode campaign, with one or two drops popping up almost every mission, giving a complete set as early as week 30. It is also unclear whether or not the original drop chance was modified for the Darkest campaign, as there are several examples of players acquiring all but the "Strange note", by as early as week 15.

Journal of Darius, Highwayman[ | ]

As the title indicates, these pages detail the experiences of a Highwayman as he gets enlisted in the Hamlet, goes on an expedition, and gives his life to allow his companions to flee to safety.

Journal of Darius, Highwayman 1/6[ | ]

Day 1 - Rare are travellers on the roads this autumn, and rather than starve I pressed my last coin into the hand of one who dealt in rumours and shadows. Ravens carried cryptic notes that there was a person, or persons who was pledging coin for services best left unmentioned in a hamlet I had never heard of. I am packing to leave immediately.

Journal of Darius, Highwayman 2/6[ | ]

Day 4 - The road to this damned hamlet was a tricky one, both to find and to travel. When it revealed its ruined face, I swore had never seen such neglect, some buildings collapsed, and uncaring residents fidgeting uselessly. I went swiftly to the tavern - others with similar interests had gathered there and I was assembled into an expedition. We leave at first light on the morrow.

Journal of Darius, Highwayman 3/6[ | ]

Day 6 - As we travelled from the hamlet, an eerie dread grew. We all felt it but did our best to shrug it off. Sleep was difficult until Raeven, one of my companions, passed me a bitter concoction. The most devout of us, Therion, prayed softly for our safety, superstitious but well intentioned I suppose. I am already falling asleep..

Journal of Darius, Highwayman 4/6[ | ]

Day 7 - We tangled with some unruly louts. Raeven called them cultists. They were ferocious but clumsy.

Journal of Darius, Highwayman 5/6[ | ]

Day 8 - Moira has been afflicted with sickness, it must have been some rotting air from a coffin she insisted on piercing with her spade. As terrible as this place is, I know I will not fall for any trap nor crazed idiot. I wager my lucky coin on it.

Journal of Darius, Highwayman 6/6[ | ]

My End - I scrawl this, victim of cruel Fortune, who took me up on my wager for I have lost my lucky coin and I now lie helpless as my blood flows swiftly from my ruined body. My fingers are cold… It was no trap, nor raving cultist that sealed my fate. We were ambushed by strange undulating shapes, 2 small entities that I cannot hope to describe and a third, much larger beast. Poor Moira was crushed into a pulp as Therion defended her - he soon lost his arm and his wits left him, “Shambler! Shambler!” he kept shrieking as Raeven yanked him to flee. I tried to play hero, to buy them a few moments...blew away one of the smaller monsters...last shot...then smashed into the wall...the big one...maybe they made it out...

The Blackest of Fates[ | ]

These pages detail an expedition in the Warrens gone awry as their Occultist summons a Shambler.

The Blackest of Fates 1/5[ | ]

Our purpose was to desecrate their animalistic shrines and thus disperse the swine-folk. But soon we came across an artifact. This was far beyond the crude fetishes crafted by the pig men. It looked as if obsidian had been grown and twisted into a dark symbol of worship. It cradled a pulsing red orb, glowing with malevolent light. Cuthbert, Boleyn and I hesitated, but thrice-damned Mizir, driven by crazed impulse, thrust his torch in a hidden receptacle and thus sealed our fate!

The Blackest of Fates 2/5[ | ]

In that same instant we found ourselves in a place of suffocating dark, facing a creature that defies description and whose recollection causes my quill to jump and shudder! It is merciful only fragments of our battle remain in my psyche... I see Cuthbert hacking at the quivering appendages of the monster. I recall how a piece of its flesh sloughed off and of it’s own twisted accord sprang onto Boleyn, piercing her stout plate! The occultist, as if to offer himself as tribute was torn apart by its writhing limbs!

The Blackest of Fates 3/5[ | ]

The assault was overwhelming. With Cuthbert slain and as Boleyn fell, I was driven by rage. I leapt and drove my axe into the creature’s many eyes. Purple ichor splashed my face and my very soul shook as it bellowed. The only thing I can recall after was falling swiftly into blackness.

The Blackest of Fates 4/5[ | ]

I now find myself back in the warrens, among the remains of my companions. My wounds are too severe to allow the completion of our - my task. Thus the desecration must resume another time. Curious, there is a ring in my pocket. Where it came from, I cannot begin to guess, though it bears the sigil of the estate’s ancestral owner. Very curious.

The Blackest of Fates 5/5[ | ]

I will return with Cuthbert’s banner and Boleyn’s crossbow so as to honor them with a proper burial. I will leave what is left of thrice-damned Mizir and his trinkets to the swine-folk. Perhaps they will build him the memorial he rightly deserves.

A Trampled Journal[ | ]

These pages detail the experiences of a hero in the Ruins as he loses his companions across the duration of the expedition.

A Trampled Journal 1/4[ | ]

Sebastian’s watch was his last. We were jolted during our evening’s repast, the best we could make in these murky halls of our once great house, from the roar and flash of black powder. We dropped our bowls and hurried to him. All we could find was his spent pistol and a trail of blood leading into a maze of shadows. We press on.

A Trampled Journal 2/4[ | ]

We fought in the East Gallery, filled with portraits of our ancient lineage, uncaring witnesses to the slaughter. Alhazred, the fiery heartbeat of our retinue, wrought keen havoc in our enemy’s ranks. I keenly feel his absence even as I remember voiding myself upon seeing his lifeless body fall, blood pouring from his screaming mouth, some cruel knife having rent his lungs to gore. Yet we were victorious, and thus we press on.

A Trampled Journal 3/4[ | ]

Hewell, dear friend, exemplary warrior, a survivor of the King’s wars, and many sorties in these halls, met an ignoble end. We were weary, Hewell and I, as we searched for sanctuary. Weariness, it appears, has a murderous streak: it blinded him to the mechanism that tripped the spikes which eviscerated him. I held him as his essence slipped away, another giant fallen in our mad pursuit. I am alone now, weary, but unbowed. I press on.

A Trampled Journal 4/4[ | ]

I AM BECOME VENGEANCE! All cultists will feel my mace, brigands fear my roar! I am outnumbered, ‘tis true - I am starved and half-mad, but as long as there is breath in my body, I will press on. I will wreak unbearable agony on those who would seek to despoil my great manse! And now they come! I dowse my torch. I DO NOT FEAR THE DARKNESS! THIS IS MY HOUSE, AND WOE TO THE UNINVITED!

Blood Soaked Pages Torn From A Journal[ | ]

These pages detail the experiences of an adventurer in the Cove as he undergoes a body- and mind-altering transformation after being bitten by the seafolk. They also hint at their possible origins...

Blood Soaked Pages Torn From A Journal 1/6[ | ]

These dark caves drip with an overabundance of humidity, beyond my threshold of comfort. I nearly broke my ankle on the rocks, made slick with some ubiquitous slime. The pools stir and slosh with no visible cause and the shadows beyond torchlight seem to grow and shrink of their own accord.

Blood Soaked Pages Torn From A Journal 2/6[ | ]

My fears are confirmed! With our torch doused by an errant spray of seawater - we were ambushed! Strange fish-like homonids ambushed us in the sudden darkness! The pitch of the torch caught quickly and I glimpsed scaly appendages swinging crude weapons, glistening and barbed. They didn't last long with our torch rekindled. Alas, one bit me on the neck before I gutted it. The wound stings and tingles strangely. Our physic told me to keep it clean and covered...

Blood Soaked Pages Torn From A Journal 3/6[ | ]

The wound is starting to fester. The flesh around it is grey, flaking and ridged, almost scale-like. As I write this, my breathing has taken on a hollow timbre and is more laboured. My compatriots are laughing, and tell me not to worry, it’s just the salt mist in the air that pervades these caverns.

Blood Soaked Pages Torn From A Journal 4/6[ | ]

They are sleeping. I am kept from slumber by a distinct stream of whispers, as if carried by the currents and waves of the sea. I have not told them that most of my flesh has sloughed off, revealing a strange silvery membrane, I keep myself covered. They questioned me when I ate the meat raw at campfall and found my response difficult to understand. I suppose it would be best to explain my condition when they awaken, then they would be convinced of my urgency to leave and find aid in the hamlet.

Blood Soaked Pages Torn From A Journal 5/6[ | ]

The others are gone. They were victims of a malevolent transformation! Their scales had rotted to soft, vulnerable flesh. Slowly suffocating without gills! The worst was their eyes! Close-set, and forced to squint through fleshy slits! I shudder recalling the horrific and unclean warmth of their blood as I rinsed my talons. I nearly retched. May Death grant them soft mercy!

Blood Soaked Pages Torn From A Journal 6/6[ | ]

I cannot recall why we ventured onto land. Why did we leave when Mother Ocean provided all we needed beneath her tender waves? I will now return home, back to Her embrace… [indecipherable scratchings fill the remainder of the page.]

A Beautiful Thing[ | ]

These pages detail the backstory of the Shieldbreaker.

A Beautiful Thing 1/7[ | ]

I am a beautiful thing, they say. Flawless as the sea of dunes. Graceful as the desert wind. Captivating as a shimmering mirage. They stare, they linger, they watch me without blinking.

A Beautiful Thing 2/7[ | ]

Such exquisiteness must be admired, they say. And so I am made to dance for their desperate, dust-pitted faces; for their watery, bloodshot eyes; their cracked, grinning lips. I am not a person to this debauched audience, I am an exotic wonder. I am a beautiful thing.

A Beautiful Thing 3/7[ | ]

Such loveliness belongs in the palace, they say. And so my hands are tied, and I am put in a caravan next to golden idols and jeweled icons. Together, we are a priceless cargo of dazzling rarities, bound for the Vizier's treasury. I know this tyrant's reputation, and I am afraid.

A Beautiful Thing 4/7[ | ]

As the wagon careens along the mountain road, I make my choice. I will not go to the Vizier. I will not be this man’s prize; his plaything. With practiced grace, I slip my bonds, and lunge for the open air. The wagon teeters and the guard shouts. Wheels lift, horses panic...

A Beautiful Thing 5/7[ | ]

I am lodged in a jumble of corpses and wreckage. My arm is pinned. The serpent appears silently from behind a rock, tongue tasting the air. The bite is quick; the venom slow. It runs cold in my veins, inching up my arm - forcing me to make a terrible choice.

A Beautiful Thing 6/7[ | ]

The knife is dull, and I must work quickly. In my panic, I saw, hack, and gouge. My cries are met with the silent indifference of the dunes, the chill of the desert wind, the cold light of the moon. I am sacrificing my beauty for a chance to live; paying for my future with the only currency I’ve ever had.

A Beautiful Thing 7/7[ | ]

I stare at my severed hand, my bloodied arm. There will be no more leering crowds, no more coins thrown at my feet. I breathe a wordless thanks to my liberator, as it slithers away into the shadows. At last, I am free of my gilded cage. At last, I finally understand: a thing cannot be truly beautiful until it is broken.

A strange note, written on bloody human flesh.[ | ]

This Journal Page can only be found in a secret room in the final mission of the Darkest Dungeon. If found, it gets added to the Ancestor's Memoirs after the player loads their save file after beating the game.

You examine the ragged piece of flesh, it reeks of sweat and tears. A series of crude gouges in the skin pulsate and seep blood. They seem to form a pattern! You can just make out the following: "We at Red Hook Games, are deeply grateful for your support and your time spent in the Darkest Dungeon! Good luck in the coming battle..."