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In time, you will know the tragic extent of my failings...
~ The Narrator
Ancestor's Memoirs
The Ancestor's Memoirs are one of the Locations in the Town.
You can review here the Ancestor's Journal and the various cutscenes of the game, including the Prologue when starting the game and when starting a new save file, or after slaying bosses. There are also cutscenes for the Darkest Dungeon quests, including the Epilogue. Most of these cutscenes are locked until the player accomplishes the various tasks that are mentioned, like defeating the Brigand Pounder. Considering how Ancestor's Memoirs does not contain any useful content apart from lore and cutscenes, most players won't bother in utilizing the Ancestor's Memoirs as much as the other Locations due to this being the case. Still, for any person that is interested in the story of the game, Ancestor's Memoirs helps in keeping track of the different events that occur within the game.
NPC Image Building Upgrade Progression
Statue Statue progression

The Ancestor's Path[ | ]

Ancestor's Path cutscenes

Objetives required in order to unlock the replayable cutscenes of the Brigand Pounder and the Crew

As you defeat the various bosses in the game, you will be able to replay the cutscenes that play at the start of the boss killing expedition, but if you fail at defeating the boss in the corresponding quest you won't be able to replay the cutscene through Ancestor's Memoirs. You can replay the unlocked cutscene by using the play button that appears to the left of the name of the cutscene.

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Ancestor's statue becomes more complete in look as the player completes the Caretaker and team goals shown in the Caretaker's Quest Goals.
  • The statue seems to be holding a trinket that has the appearance of Ancestor's Musket Ball, although the size of the musket ball in question is considerably big if it was to be used in a pistol, which is possible to be Ancestor's Pistol. There's also a noticeable lack of the Ancestor's Signet Ring in his hands.
  • Despite the different changes the statue receives, none appear to match the image of the statue up close with a tree growing below it.
  • While in-game, the background of the statue while on Ancestor's Memoirs appears to show the graveyard behind it, and what appears to be a raven that seems hand-drawn instead of alive next to the statue.
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