Darkest Dungeon Wiki

A bark is a short sentence uttered by a character when certain events occur. Barks can be deactivated in the options menu to reduce the clutter on the game interface.

Appearance[ | ]

Barks appear in the form of rectangular bubbles pointing to the hero that utters them, which varies in colour depending on the status of the hero. Normally, the barks are displayed on a black rectangle with grey outlines; when a hero is afflicted, the text in the bubble and its outline will change to red, while a hero affected by a virtue will have a light beige colour in its bubble. Notably, since virtues disappear after leaving a quest, their correspondent bubbles can only be witnessed during expeditions.

Outside of expeditions[ | ]

While at the hamlet, adventurers in the roster will periodically utter a bark that will vary depending on their status and current occupation. Heroes with a low or zero level of stress will urge the player to choose them for future quests, while afflicted or highly stressed heroes will do the opposite, demonstrating insecurity or fear of the horrors of the dungeons.

There also are particular barks occurring when the heroes are currently engaged in activities in the various buildings of the hamlet, as well as when they are initially placed into such activities.

During expeditions[ | ]

During the exploration of dungeons, heroes will often comment on various things and events such as light levels changing or interactions with items and curios. A bark also occurs when, after camping, the party is surprised during the night, alerting the player of the coming danger.

Barks also typically occur during battles, particularly when a hero slays an enemy or deals a critical strike.

Afflictions and virtues[ | ]

When afflicted, a hero will periodically bark, lamenting his conditions and lowering the party's morale, causing stress damage to his comrades. Every different combination of afflictions and character class will result in different sentences.

If the hero ends up acquiring a virtue instead of an affliction, his barks will change accordingly. Different virtues have different effects, such as stress reduction on the party or the individual hero: such effects, when occurring, will be accompanied by an appropriate bark.

List of barks[ | ]

What follows is a list of various barks uttered by characters in various situations, limited to general barks that any hero may use. Barks unique to specific classes can be found in the individual classes' pages.

On low stress[ | ]

  • I am prepared for what lies below.
  • Why all the concern? I've seen nothing horrific.
  • Choose me for the next expedition!
  • I am focused, ready for action.
  • Send me out again!
  • I was born for this.
  • I shall be a soldier against corruption!
  • This is our time! I am prepared!
  • Anything is better than sitting around this dump.
  • I yearn for adventure!
  • I am restless.

On medium stress[ | ]

  • Could use some time off.
  • I'm fine, quit asking.
  • A-alright, I can do one more run.
  • Almost didn't make it last time...
  • If I must return, I am ready.
  • A break would be welcome, but I can go forth again if I am needed.
  • I cannot take too many more like the last journey.
  • I knew this would not be easy.

On high stress[ | ]

  • P-please not again!
  • I can't - I won't go back!
  • There is something terrible here, I can feel it!
  • I can't get the horrible images out of my head...
  • I need respite!
  • It's too much, my head swims!
  • I am in no shape to go back out there.
  • The horrors I've seen. I do not know if I can handle any more.
  • I need to do something to take my mind off of this.
  • Drink, god, or dice. I care not what as long as it distracts me.
  • Not another expedition -anything but that!
  • I just cannot bear the thought of going back down there.

Fearful[ | ]

  • I...cannot...go back.
  • The next mission could mean my doom! I-I'm not ready.
  • No...please don't send me.
  • Surely someone else can go, instead?

Paranoid[ | ]

  • The beasts have followed us back to town! Look! The shadow!
  • The others plot to kill me!
  • Do NOT cast your gaze upon me! I know your foul intent!

Hopeless[ | ]

  • Why did I come to this hellish place...
  • Send me down again, or not. Nothing matters anymore.
  • The future only holds death and bloodshed...

Selfish[ | ]

  • Some of that gold should be coming back to me, for my efforts!
  • Forge me new weapons and armor - I alone am worth the expense!
  • I sacrifice and sacrifice, and where are my thanks?

Abusive[ | ]

  • Why am I the only true hero here? INCOMPETENT FOOLS!
  • If the rest of you don't start pulling your weight, I'll cut you free.
  • Mewling lambs - all of you!

Masochistic[ | ]

  • Send me back down! I RELISH THE PAIN!
  • Give me more scars. Test me again.
  • Spend no gold on my armor - I wish to bleed!

Irrational[ | ]

  • Ha ha ha! Hee hee!
  • It writhes, it flips, but yet it says nothing!
  • One thousand eyes - staring, blinking! I cannot bear it!

Refracted[ | ]

  • The colors are so dull here!
  • This town will soon shimmer beautifully.

At the Bar[ | ]

  • <glug glug>
  • More wine, sir!
  • Delicious, satisfying - MORE!
  • Ahhh, it's so good when it hits your lips!

At the Gambling Hall[ | ]

  • Roll those dice again. This one is mine!
  • I'm all in! What a rush!
  • Luck, be a lady tonight!
  • Flip that card - Dog's Moon it is!

In the Brothel[ | ]

  • Worth every coin!
  • I-incredible!
  • I'm not THAT flexible!
  • Ack! A pulled muscle.

In the Cloister[ | ]

  • Emptiness is the only defense against an assault on the mind.
  • In through the nose, out through the mouth...
  • Nothing within, nothing without...
  • Flow and tranquility...

At the Transept[ | ]

  • Grant me the strength and peace of the Light.
  • I submit myself to the highest power.
  • Bless me, though I may be unworthy.
  • The Light shows me how to defeat my enemies!

In the Penance Hall[ | ]

  • AGAIN! Let it bleed! AGAIN!
  • I live upon the razor's edge!
  • THIS is for loss. THIS is for sin. THIS is for victory.
  • The pain lets me see clearly!

At the Treatment Ward[ | ]

  • The room...it spins!
  • I know, I know. This is for mine own good.
  • More blankets! N-no - fewer blankets!
  • Unlock this door! I am cured - or am I?!

At the Medical Ward[ | ]

  • What is that ochre fluid?
  • I have never seen leeches that large...
  • Why three bedpans?
  • I leave you to your ministrations...
  • Ooof - it feels good to lie down.
  • At lest, a chance to convalesce.

Being sent in a dungeon above a hero's Resolve Level[ | ]

  • This quest is beyond my experience.
  • I fear this task is beyond me.
  • N-no! Not me!
  • It's suicide!
  • I wouldn't last a minute!
  • I beg you - no!
  • I can't - I won't!

Being sent in a dungeon below a hero's Resolve Level[ | ]

  • I won't waste my talents on that trivial errand.
  • This quest is beneath my experience.
  • Hah - such child's play is not the path to mastery!
  • I must be challenged, if I am to improve.
  • Feh - I am beyond this.
  • Bother me not with such petty distractions.
  • Without challenge, how am I to improve?

Survivors of the Darkest Dungeon[ | ]

  • No one must discover what I have seen!
  • So this is the glory I was promised?
  • The mind reels! My psyche splinters and cracks!
  • I need...help. Please.
  • Nightmares surround this doomed hamlet!
  • I would rest these bones in a cool dark grave.
  • Feather pillows! Hot baths! Ale and victuals!
  • I paint all I see with the horrors burned into these eyes.
  • We must seal the gates! Or we are doomed! Doomed I say!
  • A blade can be sharpened. Armor mended. The soul is forever shattered.
  • What is not killed returns twice as strong!
  • What physic can help me find my spirit? What priest?
  • That place still shapes my dreams...
  • My body is whole but my mind is ravaged.
  • The tranquility of this place seems a cynical lie.
  • Burn the trees! Salt the fields! We tilt into Hell itself!

Refusing to return into the Darkest Dungeon[ | ]

  • I'm never going back to that place.
  • I've seen enough of the Darkest Dungeon to last a lifetime.
  • Once was enough.
  • No! No! NOOOOO!
  • The geometry of the place...it was all wrong!

Entering the Bar[ | ]

  • Bring the whole bottle. This will not be a short night.
  • I am parched, sir!
  • Make it a double, and keep them coming!
  • Bring me something that will burn my throat!
  • Drink and dance a merry jig! Tonight we are still alive!
  • Let us raise our glasses - to life, and to sorrow!
  • This round is on me!

Entering the Gambling Hall[ | ]

  • Make room - there's a new player at the table!
  • What game is this? Where do I buy chips?
  • Knucklebones, cards, or draughts. I care not as long as there is a fortune to be made.
  • I'll wager this purse I can land a stone in yonder mug on the first try!
  • Let's tempt fortune, shall we?
  • Life is a gamble, after all!
  • Deal me in.

Entering the Brothel[ | ]

  • This may sound like a strange request at first, but...
  • Fetch more pillows!
  • Here's an extra coin. I wasn't here.
  • I choose you, you, AND you. It's been a rough day.
  • A hot bath and a companion to make it warmer, please.
  • Shall we settle on a safe word?
  • Just hold me...for now.

Entering the Cloister[ | ]

  • Breathe in. Breathe out. This too shall pass.
  • I will touch the thoughts lightly, and let them go.
  • There is nothing outside of myself, and nothing within.
  • Death, glory, pain, and pleasure. We are all one.
  • Tranquility...at last.
  • I shall depart my body for a time...
  • My two eyes close, that my third eye may open.

Entering the Transept[ | ]

  • Light, guide me.
  • I kneel before you...
  • Guide, protect and cherish me...
  • Show me the Plan. Give me the strength I require.
  • I am your Servant.
  • The Light is the one true power...
  • I kneel, I count the beads, I whisper the sacred words.

Entering the Penance Hall[ | ]

  • I see red - yes! Yes!
  • Atonement is within my grasp!
  • My body bleeds for my sins!
  • Only through blood will I know absolution.
  • Neither pain nor broken body will tear me down.
  • I shall rend my flesh with reckless abandon!
  • My body is the source of my sin - it must be razed!

Committing a quirk treatment in the Treatment Ward[ | ]

  • Wait, what's in that syringe?
  • Restrain me not! I am here of my own volition!
  • Is that device entirely necessary?
  • Why the leather straps?
  • I want to be a better person.
  • S-shackles, really?
  • Do what you must. I submit.

Committing a disease treatment in the Medical Ward[ | ]

  • It's just a rash. Why do you need the knife?
  • I feel healthier already.
  • How many leeches does this really take?
  • That curative salve smells like a gong farmer.
  • I place my trust in your gnarled, warty hands.
  • I really don't feel well at all...
  • Such curious medicines - you're sure they will help?

A Tippler refusing other Stress Relief Activities[ | ]

  • A stiff drink is all I need.
  • Just get me a pint and I'll be right as rain.
  • A pint will give me the peace I need.
  • Bah! I want to drink and be merry!
  • That seems a bit bloody. How 'bout a stiff drink instead.

A Gambler refusing other Stress Relief Activities[ | ]

  • I've no interest in revelry - I wish to wager!
  • Give me the thrill of fortune and the risk of ruin!
  • There's money to be made in the Gambling Hall!
  • Cards, dice, sport - it matters not as long as there's coin to be won!
  • Nothing can surpass the thrill of a gamble!

A hero with a Love Interest refusing other Stress Relief Activities[ | ]

  • There is only one place I want to be - with my love at the Brothel.
  • Forget the dice and cards! I gambled on the love, and won!
  • Time is fleeting, I will spend it only with my love.
  • I am through with solitary pursuits, I pine for the company of my lover.
  • I've had enough suffering, I want the comfort of my lover's embrace!

An Enlightened hero refusing other Stress Relief Activities[ | ]

  • I need quiet, I need to breathe, to empty my mind.
  • I must meditate, clear my mind.
  • The only response to adversity is acceptance.
  • Peace, quiet, emptiness. Find me a place to be alone.
  • Only the peace of reflection can soothe my nerves.

A God Fearing hero refusing other Stress Relief Activities[ | ]

  • I need quiet communion with the all-guiding Light.
  • Let me commune with the holy Light.
  • The Light of prayer is all I need.
  • Let me commune with the holy Light.

A Flagellant refusing other Stress Relief Activities[ | ]

  • Let the whip tear my flesh!
  • Give me the embrace of the whip!
  • I wish to gaze into puddles of my own blood!
  • Give me pain, give me salvation!
  • I must bleed, I must suffer!

A hero with Resolution refusing to enter the Bar[ | ]

  • I've sworn off that poison.
  • There's nothing in a bottle but regret.

A Known Cheat refusing to enter the Gambling Hall[ | ]

  • It's best I don't go in there. False allegations and all that.
  • Uhhh...security's watching. No thanks.

A hero with Deviant Tastes refusing to enter the Brothel[ | ]

  • They haven't let me in ever since the … "incident."
  • I'm not allowed in there. Just a misunderstanding, I assure you.

A hero with Unquiet Mind refusing to enter the Cloister[ | ]

  • What good will sitting alone in a room do? It solves nothing.
  • I cannot sit quietly while horrors stalk the land!

A Witness refusing to enter the Transept[ | ]

  • I want nothing to do with what goes on in that house of "worship."
  • No. I've seen troubling and unspeakable things in there.

A Faithless hero refusing to enter the Transept[ | ]

  • There are no gods, and I'll not waste my time.
  • I will not supplicate myself to any power, real or imagined!

A Faithless hero refusing to enter the Penance Hall[ | ]

  • If my body were a temple, the last thing I'd do is harm it.
  • Harm myself to gain favour with some immaterial power? What foolishness!

  • I can handle any foe. I'm sure of it!
  • This could be the chance I've always deserved!
  • I thought I saw something in the woods on the way here...
  • Well, this place is...underwhelming.
  • I'm ready to go!
  • Gold and glory await? Count me in.
  • I'm here for adventure. When does it start?
  • When you say "dangerous", how dangerous do you mean?
  • That road was rough and dark. Surely the worst is behind us.
  • The journey here was ...unnerving.
  • Let's do this.
  • This place - so strange, like a dream. Or a nightmare.
  • If they bleed, we can kill them.
  • I am undaunted by this oppressive atmosphere!
  • Let's get started!
  • I'm ready for anything.

  • Gaining a positive effect or a loot from a curio[ | ]

    • Excellent!
    • Finally... something to smile about.
    • A boon at last!
    • Fortune smirks at least.
    • Aha!

    Gaining a neutral effect or nothing from a curio[ | ]

    • That could've been worse, I suppose.
    • Feh.
    • Better than a trap.
    • Let's go.
    • Moving on...

    Gaining a negative effect from a curio[ | ]

    • Damnation!
    • Curses!
    • Should've known better...
    • Fool me once...
    • Blast it all...

    Moving forward[ | ]

    • Let's not linger.
    • Forward!
    • Let's find some things to kill.
    • Treasure ahead, I'd wager!
    • Time to move.
    • March, friends!
    • We should keep moving.
    • Let's go.

    Moving backwards[ | ]

    • Careful!
    • Stay calm! This is not a rout!
    • Stop stepping on my feet!
    • What if we're ambushed like this?!
    • Is anyone checking behind us?

    Stopping in the hallway[ | ]

    • Hold up!
    • Halt!
    • Wait - let's collect ourselves.
    • Hmmm, where next?
    • Shhh!

    On Light Meter falling below 50[ | ]

    • These beasts will fight harder in the dark.
    • We must keep our courage up despite this bleakness.
    • Dim, dark, bright, or day... our task is the same.
    • Shall we skulk in the dark like monsters ourselves?
    • All this darkness, perfect for an ambush...

    On Light Meter falling below 25[ | ]

    • Watch your feet in this murk.
    • Hrm, hard to see.
    • Careful now.
    • Watch your step.
    • It's easier if you squint...

    On Light Meter falling to 0[ | ]

    • This infernal blackness…I can't see my own feet!
    • Dark is their ally!

    On the Stress level above 50[ | ]

    • This expedition is doomed!
    • This cannot continue...
    • *breathes heavily*
    • I...this...can't...
    • We have seen such horrors already!
    • We shall not survive. This I know.
    • It gnaws at the back of my mind...
    • What are we doing?
    • W-we should run!
    • *gasp!*
    • I don't like this...
    • I-I don't want to die here!
    • It's over for us - over!

    Being moved by an enemy[ | ]

    • ...staggering force!
    • ...auggh!
    • ...can't stand my ground!
    • Can't...hold ...balance!
    • What terrible strength!
    • The force of devilry!

    Receiving Bleed damage[ | ]

    • Can't staunch the flow...
    • There will be no blood left for the leeches!
    • Everything runs red...
    • So much...blood...
    • I need a bandage!
    • I...bleed...

    Receiving Blight damage[ | ]

    • My veins are on fire!
    • I...feel...faint
    • My heart will burst!
    • It eats away at my flesh!
    • Antivenom! NOW!
    • My skin burns!

    Receiving Horror[ | ]

    • The whispers...
    • What am I doing here?
    • They can sense my weakness!
    • My hand shakes.
    • The floor seems to pitch and buckle!
    • I must master my fear!
    • Overwhelming terror!

    Wasting 2 rounds on one living enemy[ | ]

    • Why do we tarry and invite danger?
    • We are wasting time with this rabble!
    • Let's finish these scum and move on.
    • Nothing good can come from toying with these creatures.

    A hero on low health[ | ]

    • My wounds are mounting.
    • Heal me!
    • Unnngh!
    • I need a healer!
    • Argh!
    • Blast!
    • Yaargh!

    An ally on low health[ | ]

    • Steady, my friend!
    • Shake it off!
    • Do not fall!
    • W-what grievous injury!
    • Brace up!
    • Are you alright?
    • Steel yourself!

    Falling on Death's Door[ | ]

    • I fear I'm lost!
    • I see only swirling blackness!

    An ally on Death's Door[ | ]

    • No! Do not fall!
    • We will save you!
    • You cannot die. We need you!
    • Someone - HELP!
    • Back from the edge, comrade!
    • Hold fast!

    Healed off Death's Door[ | ]

    • I'm not giving up!
    • My vision clears!
    • My thread winds on!
    • The grave can wait!

    An ally healed off Death's Door[ | ]

    • My friend--you shall not fall today!
    • Hold fast, friend, you are still with us!
    • Easy, easy, you're not gone yet!
    • Stay with us!
    • You still stand, fight on!

    Virtue preventing an Effect[ | ]

    • I will not join your doom!

    Compulsive[ | ]

    • Nothing must be left untouched.
    • Nothing must be left unopened.
    • Nothing must be left undisturbed.

    Curious[ | ]

    • I simply MUST know what is within...
    • Hmmm, what have we here...
    • I wonder how this works...

    Dark Temptation[ | ]

    • Finally, I get my hands on an authentic eldritch sample!

    Guilty Conscience[ | ]

    • I have sinned so very much...Light guide me.

    Kleptomaniac[ | ]

    • <whistles>

    Bloodthirsty[ | ]

    • Such carnage...yes...

    Hieromania[ | ]

    • This is a call. I am prepared to accept it!

    Ablutomania[ | ]

    • Out of my way! I must cleanse myself...

    Dacnomania[ | ]

    • What a fantastic way to inflict death on someone!

    Egomania[ | ]

    • Look! I cut quite the heroic figure, do I not?

    Hylomania[ | ]

    • I came from nothing, but I'll not end with nothing!

    Sitiomania[ | ]

    • Let me by... I am famished!

    Plutomania[ | ]

    • Is that the sparkle of coin I see?

    Necromania[ | ]

    • Let me see! I must see!

    Dipsomania[ | ]

    • By gods light and dark, I hope this liquid has some kick...

    Paranormania[ | ]

    • Let me investigate. I sense the work of spirits!

    Hagiomania[ | ]

    • Yes, Divine Lords! I am here...

    Demonomania[ | ]

    • The spirits command me to do this!

    Tapeworm[ | ]

    • I need all the grub I can find!

    Fearful[ | ]

    • Please, let this item save me from harm!

    Masochistic[ | ]

    • Mayhaps a trap or sickness awaits me.

    Selfish[ | ]

    • Any treasures are mine!

    Irrational[ | ]

    • What is this fine thing?

    Stealing loot[ | ]

    • I'll be keeping this for myself. Reward, hard earned...

    Generic Barks[ | ]

    • I am glad to face these dangers with all of you.
    • This reminds me of that time in the Weald--just without all the spiders.
    • This stonework is far older than the manor above. For what foul use were these halls laid?
    • We must be on our guard. I'll take first watch.
    • If we work together, we can overcome this evil.
    • Can anyone carry a tune?
    • Sleep calls. We'll need our strength.

    A party on high stress[ | ]

    • We cringe and shake at every noise!
    • I did not think we'd have it this bad...
    • This is more daunting than I'd expected...
    • What a nightmare this is becoming.
    • I canst even think on our chances...

    A party on low stress[ | ]

    • Our resolve is strong!
    • This is not so difficult after all.
    • We are doing well. I had little doubt.
    • The divine smiles on this day, it seems.
    • This will be the easiest pay I've ever received.

    A party on low health[ | ]

    • Another battle may be the end of us.
    • We shall not survive... of that, I'm sure.
    • We have paid for our folly in blood...
    • A terrible price. What awful hubris.
    • We must go on... though our chances are small.

    A party on high health[ | ]

    • We are healthy and prepared for what may come.
    • At least we have our health.
    • Seems we are likely to survive. That's good, at least.
    • No signs of illness or infected wounds. Good.
    • At this rate, we should be home by dawn.

    A hero on low health[ | ]

    • My wounds are many and I feel weak.
    • If I fall, don't leave my body here to rot.
    • Just leave me here. I only slow you down.
    • Is that fever...? Or am I merely bleeding out...
    • I don't fancy my chances. Perhaps you could 'make it quick.

    A hero on high health[ | ]

    • I am ready for battle. Let them come.
    • Plenty of blood left to shed this day.
    • I can feel my heart. It pumps strong.
    • I feel strong and powerful. Let us carry on!
    • I am blessed with good health. For today, at least.

    A hero on low stress[ | ]

    • I've seen nothing I am not prepared for.
    • Things are going according to plan.
    • I am coping well, despite the madness all around.
    • This place is horrific... E'en so, I am at ease.
    • It looks bad, but there is nothing to fear here.

    A hero on high stress[ | ]

    • My head swims and the horrors mount.
    • The rigors of this journey...are nearly too much for me.
    • I don't think I can take much more...
    • I am not myself... Please, forgive me.
    • You must forgive me... this place -- it is getting to me.

    A party on low stress and high health[ | ]

    • We are healthy and mentally steeled for this challenge!
    • We are favored by the gods this day.
    • Blessed are we, that no fear has o'ertaken us.
    • We are as straight-backed as a royal guard. Good.
    • We are the flame!

    A party on high stress and low health[ | ]

    • Our wounds are many and even our courage hangs by a thread!
    • We have strayed too far, and we shall soon pay the price.
    • We must return to town... Please, listen to me!
    • I beg you... turn back! I have suffered and seen too much!
    • Hopeless. The mission is utterly hopeless.

    No Firewood left[ | ]

    • We are out of firewood. We must steel ourselves for a push to the end.
    • There is nothing for it now. We've run out of wood.
    • No chance of foraging more timber now. Best press on.
    • That's it -- no sleep for us. We march to victory, or ruin.
    • We've used our last log. So that's the state of things.

    Low amount of Food[ | ]

    • Our provisions run low. This journey best not last much longer.
    • Already my stomach aches. We will not survive...
    • So hungry. Why do we not turn back?
    • Hunting here seems futile. All meat is surely tainted.
    • Perhaps we could forage some berries? ... No?

    High amount of Food[ | ]

    • Our larder is well-stocked. Whatever dangers we may face, starvation is not one of them.
    • Well, at least we won't go hungry.
    • This would be far worse without the great bounty in our packs.
    • The rations will carry us. Thank the gods.
    • Whoever packed all this food, I could kiss you.

    Any Firewood left[ | ]

    • We could erect a cabin with all the lumber we are toting.
    • Perhaps a bonfire would frighten away the monsters.
    • We have the wood. Let us enjoy a warm fire.
    • 'Tis fortunate we have firewood. This place chills me...
    • Save the wood for when we need it. Danger ahead.

    Night-Time Ambush[ | ]

    • Wake up! They are upon us!
    • Rise, fellows! We must defend ourselves!
    • Ambush!
    • Daggers in the night! Rise and fight for your lives!

    Becoming Refracted[ | ]

    • Colors spin and swirl! Whispers taunt and reveal!

    Stressing Party[ | ]

    • Keep the torch lit! You must!
    • My breath is choked with ash.

    Switching position to the front[ | ]

    • I stumble towards ineffable beauty!
    • The colors swell and I am their slave!
    • See how it shifts and gleams! I must hold it!

    Switching position to the back[ | ]

    • The colors ebb and flow and I go with them!
    • The colors within tug and pull!
    • Shades! That came close!

    Passing Turn[ | ]

    • What they ask for is not for us to understand.
    • The glowing ones speak from the dark and I must listen.
    • The cosmos unfurls its hues and their will is mine.

    Camping Stress[ | ]

    • See how the patterns shift yet remain.
    • Douse the fire! It will glow in the absence of light.
    • Be grateful the cold fire of the stars is hidden this night.

    Marking Self[ | ]

    • When my eyes are turned inside out I will gain their perception.
    • Their will is the medium, blood and bones the pigment.
    • Into the colors my blood must run.

    Hurting Self[ | ]

    • Through wounds will the colors enter me.
    • Sever the fingers, sever the nose. They must not recognize me.
    • I must unsee that which lies beyond!

    Hurting Ally[ | ]

    • I am but a puppet to their alien will!
    • Give me your eyes! I must see more of the Cosmos!
    • This is a mercy you will never understand.

    Getting Hit by Enemy[ | ]

    • One more of those and all doors open forever.
    • Be careful or you'll bring forth that which devours me.
    • Suddenly all is clear.

    Party Member Hit[ | ]

    • The colors have shifted, not in your favor alas.
    • Let no blood fall into that stream of gold!
    • The cosmos shifts like clockwork to strike and toll our doom.
    • Sometimes they doom us for reasons beyond our ken.

    Party Member Attack Hits[ | ]

    • But sometimes they guide us to victory.
    • What you strike is but lowly matter, how wasteful.
    • You have struck because they allowed you to strike!

    Refusing to Get Healed[ | ]

    • To heal my flesh is to deny me the ashes.
    • Even if my flesh is undone, my color remains.
    • Have you any those sacred crystals?

    Refusing to Get Buffed[ | ]

    • Ashes are enough.
    • You'll not bring me down to your level of perception.
    • I will not be denied their embrace from the stars.

    Consuming an Item[ | ]

    • It enhances my spectrum.
    • Fuse the radiance with my flesh.

    Refusing to be Target of Camping Skills[ | ]

    • Red is red and yellow is yellow, but you can't see can you?
    • I do not see your color.
    • Come with the mark of ash or come not at all.

    Refusing to Perform Camping Skill[ | ]

    • One stands behind you now screaming.
    • No, they will never accept you as one of us.
    • My limbs are but motes of light and my words have become ash.

    Refuses to Eat when Camping[ | ]

    • What I hunger for does not exist on this plane.
    • My stomach is full of ash.
    • How strange, I crave ...crystals.