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Default battle modifier dd2

Battle modifiers are a mechanic in Darkest Dungeon 2. They mainly affect the combats either beneficial to the heroes or detrimental. They have the possibility to give you a great advantage or to make it more difficult than usual. The player must strategize around them to achieve victory.

Battle disadvantage[ | ]

Battle disadvantage is a stat that affects all fights except for Lair bosses and The mountain boss. It gives the chance to give an advantage to the enemies or reduce stats of the heroes.  Battle disadvantage can be modified in various ways such as Biome modifiers, Flame or Loathing. The player must keep in mind that the risk is always present and reduce as much as possible this stat if they doesn't want to face more difficult battles.

If the Battle Disadvantage is activated, an icon will be displayed at the start of the combat showing the modifier that was applied. The player can view and check the modifier at any time during the battle.

List of negative modifiers[ | ]

Negative modifier Effects
Ambush dd2 Ambush!
  • Shuffle the entire party.
Elite enemies dd2Elite Enemies.
  • +20% Max Icon HP dd2
  • +20% DMG
Frenzied enemiesFrenzied enemies.
  • +20% DMG
Gargantuan enemies dd2Sturdy enemies.
  • +25% Max Icon HP dd2
Haste enemies dd2Hastened enemies.
  • +4 Icon speed
Hale enemies dd2 Hale enemies.
  • +15% Bleed dd2Blight dd2Burn dd2RES
Impervious enemies dd2 Impervious enemies.
  • +50% Stun dd2 RES
Infectious enemies dd2 Infectious enemies.
  • On heroes: -15% Bleed dd2Blight dd2Burn dd2RES
Unyielding enemies dd2 Unyielding enemies.
  • +33% Deathsdoor dd2 RES

There is a special and unique modifier for The mountain and it only appears when you face the final boss.

Negative modifier Effects
Face your failures dd2 Face your failures!
  • On heroes: -20% Deathsdoor dd2RES