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Bosses are large, difficult enemies which the player encounters in the Ruins, Weald, Warrens, or the Cove. There are also special bosses in the Darkest Dungeon, Courtyard and Farmstead.

Bosses tend to have a large health pool and have a gimmick that your party must get around.

Bosses[ | ]

There are two types of bosses: Bosses and Mini-bosses. Bosses are only encountered in missions that require you to slay the boss. Mini-Bosses are encountered roaming in the hallways of any mission. There are only two Mini-Bosses in the base game (the Shambler and Collector) with two others being added with each DLC: Crimson Court DLC introduced the Fanatic and Color of Madness DLC the Thing From The Stars.

They haunt the Ruins... They hide within the Weald...
Necromancer Prophet Hag Brigand Cannon
Necromancer Prophet Hag Brigand Pounder
They rule the Warrens... They inhabit the Cove...
Swine Prince Flesh Siren Drowned Crew
Swine Prince Flesh Siren portrait Drowned Crew portrait
They lurk within every shadow...
Shambler The Collector FanaticExclusive to The Crimson Court DLC Thing From The StarsExclusive to The Color of Madness DLC
Shambler portrait Collector portrait Portrait fanatic The Thing From The Star
They came to the Hamlet
He ravages the land... It steals from the fallen…
Brigand Vvulf Shrieker
Vvulf face Crow portrait
It lurks within shallow waters of the Moor… They invite you to join them at the Courtyard... It silently guards the gardens...
CrocodilianExclusive to The Crimson Court DLC BaronExclusive to The Crimson Court DLC ViscountExclusive to The Crimson Court DLC CountessExclusive to The Crimson Court DLC Garden GuardianExclusive to The Crimson Court DLC
Crocodile portrait Portrait baron Portrait viscount Portrait countess Guardian portrait
They roam within the Farmstead...
MillerExclusive to The Color of Madness DLC The SleeperExclusive to The Color of Madness DLC
Portrait Miller Portrait Sleeper

Unlocking bosses[ | ]

Unlocking bosses requires successful expeditions in the relevant location. The longer the expedition, the more progress is made towards unlocking the boss. In detail:

  • For Apprentice bosses, successful short expeditions will increase the unlocking progress by 50%, medium by 75%, long by 100%.
  • For Veteran bosses, successful short expeditions will increase the unlocking progress by 33%, medium by 50%, long by 67%.
  • For Champion bosses, successful short expeditions will increase the unlocking progress by 25%, medium by 30%, long by *40%. *(source: ingame observation from July 8th, 2018, Bloodmoon difficulty).
  • Excess unlock progression from expeditions which unlock the boss DO appear to carry over to the next boss. (egs. at 50% progression to unlock apprentice Hag, a medium mission will unlock the boss AND progress to unlocking the apprentice Brigand Pounder by 25%)

Tips[ | ]

  • When locating a boss, it is almost always the room farthest away from the entrance room. If two rooms are the same length away, it's the room furthest down. If both rooms are on the same height, it's the one further on the right.
  • Corridor length does not affect "how far away" a room is, only a count of rooms themselves between your room and the boss room.
  • Try to trigger the event that gives 15% damage before going on a boss quest. It can help you finish the quest more easily. Read the Town Events section for more information.

Finding Mini-Bosses[ | ]

The Shambler and The Collector are bosses that can be found on any mission in the base game; however, they can only be found under certain circumstances;

  • The Shambler can be found in 2 ways; either in a hallway encounter if the light is at 0, or if a torch is used on a Shambler's Altar.
  • The Collector can only be found during a hallway encounter if the player's inventory is at least 13 slots full.
  • For the Fanatic if you have 2 or 3 heroes infected, the chance of him appearing are 20% and 33% at medium and high infestation, respectively. If all four of your heroes are infected, there is a 75% chance at both medium and high infestation. A special loading screen will warn you that the Fanatic is in the dungeon.
  • The Thing from the Stars has 50% chance to appear in a hallway in a designated area, which is marked on the map screen prior to selecting a mission with a special icon.

None of these Mini-Bosses can be encountered in the Darkest Dungeon and The Courtyard.

Darkest Dungeon Bosses[ | ]


This article or section may contain spoilers about the final boss. You might want to avoid reading further if you don't want to spoil the surprise for yourself!

Raid failure banner

The Darkest Dungeon contains two bosses you must defeat to beat the game: the Shuffling Horror, and the Heart of Darkness. It also has its own set of minibosses, including the Templar Warlord, Templar Impaler, and Mammoth Cyst.

The Things that awaits You at the End of World...
Not even It could escape the Corruption… They became One with their New God… It grew from the Thing…. That Which Came From The Portal
Shuffling Horror Templar Impaler Templar Warlord Mammoth Cyst Heart of Darkness
Shuffling Horror portrait Templar Melee Portrait Templar Ranged Portrait Cyst portrait Heart of Darkness portrait