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A buff is a status effect that can be applied on heroes to increase one or more of their stats or resistances. The presence of a buff is indicated by a double upward blue arrow under the affected target.

List of buffing skills[ | ]

  • Abomination
    • Transform increases SPD, Blight Resist and DMG if changing to beast form (Self)
    • Rake increases its own DMG (Self)
  • Antiquarian
    • Get Down! increases Blight skill chance, DODGE and SPD (Self)
    • Fortifying Vapours increases Blight and Bleed Resist (Target)
    • Invigorating Vapours increases DODGE (Party)
    • Protect Me increases DODGE and PROT (Target)
  • Arbalest
    • Blindfire increases SPD (Self)
    • Battlefield Bandage increases received healing (Target)
  • Bounty Hunter
    • Mark for Death increases SPD (Self)
  • Crusader
    • Bulwark of Faith increases PROT (Self)
  • Flagellant
    • Endure increases SPD (Self)
    • Suffer increases Stress and Death Blow Resist (Self)
  • Grave Robber
    • Shadow Fade increases DMG, CRIT, DODGE, and grants Stealth (Self)
    • Thrown Dagger increases ACC (Self)
    • Toxin Trickery increases DODGE and SPD (Self)
  • Hellion
    • Adrenaline Rush increases ACC and DMG (Self)
  • Highwayman
    • Tracking Shot increases ACC, CRIT and DMG (Self)
  • Houndmaster
    • Guard Dog increases DODGE, and grants Guard to an ally (Self)
  • Jester
    • Dirk Stab, Harvest and Slice Off increase the DMG of Finale (Self)
    • Solo increases DMG (more than all other abilities) and CRIT of Finale and increases DODGE and SPD (Self)
    • Battle Ballad increases ACC, CRIT and SPD (Party), while also increasing DMG and CRIT of Finale (Self)
    • Inspiring Tune increases Stress Resist (Target), while also increasing DMG and CRIT of Finale (Self)
  • Leper
    • Purge increases ACC (Self)
    • Revenge increases ACC, DMG and CRIT, while also adding DODGE and DMG taken debuffs (Self)
    • Withstand increases PROT and Blight, Bleed, Debuff and Move Resist (Self)
    • Intimidate increases SPD (Self)
  • Man-at-Arms
    • Defender increases PROT (Self)
    • Command increases ACC, CRT and DMG while Guarded (Party)
    • Bolster increases DODGE and Stress Resist (Party)
  • Plague Doctor
    • Emboldening Vapours increases DMG and SPD (Target)
  • Shieldbreaker
    • Serpent Sway increases SPD (Self)
  • Vestal
    • Hand of Light increases ACC and DMG (Self)

Note: Target skills can also buff the hero themselves (i.e. Plague Doctor can use Emboldening Vapours on herself). Party skills affect all heroes including the user.

List of buffing camping skills[ | ]

  • Abomination
    • Psych Up increases DMG (Self)
    • The Quickening increases SPD (Self)
    • Eldritch Blood increases Blight, Bleed, Disease and Stress Resist (Self)
  • Antiquarian
    • Strange Powders increases Bleed, Blight, Move, Debuff and Disease Resist (Target)
    • Curious Incantation increases Stress Resist (Self)
  • Arbalest
    • Marching Plan increases SPD (Party)
    • Restring Crossbow increases ACC, DMG and CRIT of Ranged skills, while reducing SPD (Self)
  • Bounty Hunter
    • This Is How We Do It increases ACC and CRIT (Self)
    • Planned Takedown increases DMG and ACC against size 2 and larger enemies (Self)
  • Crusader
    • Unshakeable Leader increases Stress Resist (Self)
    • Zealous Speech increases Stress Resist (Party and Self)
  • Flagellant
    • Lash's Kiss increases SPD (Self)
  • Hellion
    • Battle Trance increases DMG in position one, while reducing DMG in other positions (Self)
    • Revel grants Stress relief and resistance, but also grants ACC and SPD debuffs (Party and Self)
    • Sharpen Spear increases CRIT (Self)
  • Highwayman
    • Unparalleled Finesse increases DODGE and SPD, DMG and ACC of Melee skills (Self)
    • Clean Guns increases ACC, DMG and CRIT of Ranged skills (Self)
  • Houndmaster
    • Therapy Dog increases Stress Resist (Party)
  • Jester
    • Every Rose Has Its Thorn grants Stress relief and resistance (Party)
    • Tiger's Eye increases ACC and CRIT (Target)
  • Leper
    • Bloody Shroud increases Bleed, Blight, Move, and Debuff Resist (Self)
    • Reflection increases ACC and CRIT (Self)
  • Man-at-Arms
    • Maintain Equipment increases PROT and DMG (Self)
    • Tactics increases DODGE and CRIT (Party and Self)
    • Instruction increases ACC and SPD (Target)
    • Weapons Practice increases DMG and CRIT (Party)
  • Occultist
    • Dark Strength increases DMG (Target)
  • Plague Doctor
    • Experimental Vapours increases healing received (Target)
    • The Cure increases Disease Resist (Self)
    • Self-Medicate increases ACC (Self)
  • Shieldbreaker
    • Snake Eyes increases Armor Piercing (%PROT ignored) (Party)
    • Snake Skin increases PROT and Max HP (Self)
    • Sandstorm prevents Mark (Target)
    • Adder's Embrace increases Blight skill chance and Blight Resist (Self)
  • Vestal
    • Bless increases ACC and DODGE (Target)
    • Chant increases Stress Resist (Target)
    • Pray increases PROT (Party)

Note: Target camp skills cannot be used on the hero using it. Party skills affect all heroes except the user, unless specified.

Applying buffs[ | ]

Poptext buff

A buff can be applied through skills in a battle, curio interactions, town events, or through camping skills. Duration of buffs are decreased by 1 at the end of a Heroes turn. Buffs applied through camping skills last for the next 4 combats (counting the night ambush if there is one). Curio buffs last the longest, as they remain until the next camp. The Abbey and the Tavern can provide buffs (or debuffs) that will last for an entire expedition.

Making use of buffs in combat[ | ]

By themselves, buffs are rather not useful, as a character usually has to wait until the next turn to make use of them, making them effectively skip a turn. That's why most buffs in the game ether apply to a whole party, deal small amount of damage to finish an enemy off, cure other status effects or have a health or stress heal to go with them. It's an important strategic choice when to apply buffs and when to push for damage.

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