Use special character camping skills to keep your party in fighting shape and bolster your defenses.

Expeditions in Darkest Dungeon are gruelling, arduous affairs, and one of the most important decisions you can make is when and where to make camp. Breaking out the firewood and provisions will allow you to make use of your characters' Camping Skills – critical abilities that allow you to mitigate the damage done to your party's bodies and minds. When the bard plays his lute, the highwayman cleans his guns, or the crusader gives an inspirational speech, this isn't just flavor--they are all tied to gameplay!

There are so many helpful things you can do with character Camping Skills, the real question is "which do you choose?" Will you calm the Plague Doctor down after a harrowing combat? Will you direct the Highwayman to forego his rest in order to scout ahead? Will you set up a defensive perimeter to keep the group safe from ambush? Or do you hunker down, conserving provisions for later, despite the fact that going without food will increase the stress of an already strained party?

Camping is only possible in medium and long dungeons.

Camping can only take place in dedicated rooms. Hallways where battles typically take place will not allow camping

To camp your party, simply right-click on the stack of wood in your inventory. A stack of wood is added to your inventory in the provision screen any time you go to a medium or long dungeon.