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Candles of Hope Description[ | ]

Candles of Hope (sometimes just called Candles or Hope) are a currency used at the Altar of Hope. On your Expeditions, you will collect Candles of Hope by completing objectives, progressing through areas, and defeating evils along the way. The Candles are used to unlock buffs, upgrades, and more at the Altar.

Earning Candles[ | ]

Candles are earned through a variety of different methods.

  • As goals for going to certain nodes while traveling on the Stagecoach
  • As reward for completing Hero Goals
  • As a reward for completing Region Goals
  • Earned through progressing to further regions
  • Earned through defeating Lair Bosses
  • Earned for traveling through The Sluice
  • Earned for reaching The Mountain and defeating the Final Boss

Keeping and Losing Candles[ | ]

Candles are an interesting currency in that some are stored in the players inventory and others are earned just through progressing through a run. Should a player die or reset the run prior to defeating the final Oblivion's Rampart, in the region prior to The Mountain, they will lose all of their candles except The candles in the inventory, hero goals and a 33% of the total. If a player does defeat the final Oblivion's Rampart they will keep all their candles regardless of if they survive The Mountain or not. Players can also choose to end a run at the Inn prior to the Mountain and keep their candles, albeit there is no risk for attempting the Mountain.

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