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Let me share with you the terrible secrets I have come to know...

Caretaker at the Graveyard

The Caretaker is a non-playable character in the Darkest Dungeon who's visible at the Graveyard, Provision Window, Glossary window, the Activity Log, and the Stage Coach.

He affects game play by occupying one of the different stress reliever locations in the Tavern or the Abbey, blocking one random slot every week.

Caretaker Goals List[ | ]

Quest Goals[ | ]

  • Successfully complete your first foray in to the Ruins.
  • Defeat the Apprentice Necromancer.
  • Defeat the Sonorous Prophet.
  • Defeat the Necromancer.
  • Defeat the Fulminating Prophet.
  • Defeat the Necromancer Lord.
  • Defeat the Gibbering Prophet.
  • Defeat the Wizened Hag.
  • Defeat the Brigand 8 Pounder.
  • Defeat the Hag.
  • Defeat the Brigand 12 Pounder.
  • Defeat the Hag Witch.
  • Defeat the Brigand 16 Pounder.
  • Defeat the Swine Prince.
  • Defeat the Inchoate Flesh.
  • Defeat the Swine King.
  • Defeat the Unstable Flesh.
  • Defeat the Swine God.
  • Defeat the Formless Flesh.
  • Defeat the Siren.
  • Defeat the Sodden Crew.
  • Defeat the Alluring Siren.
  • Defeat the Sunken Crew.
  • Defeat the Beguiling Siren.
  • Defeat the Drowned Crew.
  • Repel the Brigand Incursion.
  • Succeed on your first assault on the Darkest Dungeon.
  • Succeed on your second assault on the Darkest Dungeon.
  • Succeed on your third assault on the Darkest Dungeon.
  • Complete the final Darkest Dungeon quest.
  • Explore the Farmstead.
  • Defeat the Miller.
  • Defeat the Sleeper.
  • Explore the Courtyard.
  • Dismiss the Baron.
  • Unseat the Viscount.
  • Depose the Countess.

Roster Goals[ | ]

Barks[ | ]

At the Bar[ | ]

  • Powerful spirits will wash the taste of maggots out of my mouth.
  • Your face and the drinks are all blending together, my liege!

At the Gambling Hall[ | ]

  • My very soul rests on this throw of the dice! Again!
  • I wager it all - all of it!

In the Brothel[ | ]

  • A loveless embrace - what cruel irony!
  • Such pretty things, my pets, my pets...

In the Cloister[ | ]

  • Sometimes it's nice to find a quiet spot, that my dark musings go undisturbed.
  • Peace is acceptance. We are all but playthings of the Gods!

At the Transept[ | ]

  • I pray, I beseech - GET ME AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!
  • Oh Light, burn my soul! Ha ha ha ha ha!

In the Penance Hall[ | ]

  • Take my blood as you have taken my mind! Whoo-hahahaha!
  • One lash for each of you! No skin shall be left!

Achievements[ | ]

Achievements associated with the Caretaker
Image Name Description
Achievement24 Caretaker Complete all Caretaker Goals

Trivia[ | ]

  • It is possible that the Caretaker was the one driving the stage coach taking the player character to the hamlet in the Old Road cutscene, and his madness causes the stagecoach to crash.
  • The Caretaker has a permanent grin. He seems to have little control over it, as he covers his face at serious moments (such as when he is in the Graveyard), his twisted smile still visible underneath. His abnormal behavior resembles a condition known in the modern time as Pseudobulbar affect, which can cause uncontrollable and exaggerated displays of emotions such as laughter or crying, especially when the sufferers are in distress.
  • In Darkest Dungeon 2, the Caretaker (now known as "The Hoarder") reprises his role as a merchant.