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The Chirurgeon's Table is a Node in Darkest Dungeon II where a unique mini-boss called the Chirurgeon dwells.

Description[ | ]

Similarly to Creature Dens, The Chirurgeon's Table is a combat encounter consisting of a two-wave battle, but against Gaunt enemies instead of Creatures. Again similarly to Creature Dens, the party will not automatically heal in between waves, nor will their skill cooldowns be reset; it is a continuous battle.

There are a few key differences between a battle at the Chirurgeon's Table versus Creature Dens, however:

  • One Size 2 enemy, either Woodsman or Ghoul, is guaranteed to appear, either in the first or second wave, but not both; no more than one will ever be in any given battle. This means that the number of enemies fought in each battle, across both waves, will always be seven.
  • The second wave will always contain the Chirurgeon, a powerful mini-boss exclusive to the Chirurgeon's Table. He will always spawn in the backmost position, and provides support to his fellow Gaunts in battle.

This battle is unique in that not only does it provide special rewards, but the main threat of the encounter, the Chirurgeon, will cure diseases on heroes with one of his attacks, making the Chirurgeon's Table a tempting, if somewhat unpredictable, alternative to The Field Hospital if one or more of your heroes have crippling diseases you want to remove.

Appearance[ | ]

  • The Chirurgeon's Table may appear in any region bar The Mountain; this includes The Sluice, though in no region is its appearance guaranteed.
  • Uniquely, the Chirurgeon's Table is the only regular node with neither a Region Plight nor a Region Goal associated with it.

Enemies[ | ]

The following Enemies may appear at the Chirurgeon's Table:

Rewards[ | ]

Upon clearing the Chirurgeon's Table, the player will receive one Mastery Point, as well as several items, consisting of both special items unique to the Chirurgeon's Table as well as various general items. There is also a chance to receive a unique Deliverable which must be brought to the next Inn for a reward. The loot seems to consist of three item "draws," with the possibility of a bonus fourth:

  • One of the many unique combat or inn items; Bone Saw, Single Leech, Trephine Bur, Leeches, or Orbitoclast
  • One of the two unique trinkets, either the Appalling Apron or Spiked Skullcap
  • One random piece of Medical Gear
  • Chance to receive the Physician's Guild Seal

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Chirurgeon's Table was also the name of the update it was added to the game in; the update also included the return of The Collector, as well as new champion versions of existing enemies.
  • The Chirurgeon's Table was the first new node to be added to the game in well over a year; the last one being Creature Dens from the Beasts and Burdens update on February 23, 2023.
  • The boss of The Chirurgeon's Table, The Gaunt Chirurgeon, was designed in collaboration with a fan of Darkest Dungeon named Sam through the 'Make A Wish' foundation. Sam also contributed to the design of The Chirurgeon's Table reward items including the Leeches, Bone Saw, Appalling Apron and Spiked Skullcap.