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Camp skill chant
Camp skill chant

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After some weeks passed and all the regions are unlocked, one may find it troublesome to navigate through the increasing number of available expeditions. Below is the list of things worth to consider before embarking of the adventure.

Trinket rewards[ | ]

The quests are generated every week with a random reward. If there is a good trinket, it is a top priority to grab it, because it might be a long time before it appears again in the rotation of rewards. With the limited number of ways to increase Hero's stats, trinkets are one of the most important "power ups" in the game. Here is the list of good early and mid game trinkets worth going for: Bloodthirst Ring, Enemy Type Slayer's Ring, Eldritch Killing Incense, Swordsman's Crest, Warrior's Bracer, Cudgel Weight, Stun Amulet, Berserk Charm, Rampart Shield, Sun/Moon Ring.

Quitting the game and reopening it does not reroll the item rewards.

Size[ | ]

It is highly preferable to do medium and long missions whenever available. Short expeditions don't provide enough loot to pay for expenses (such as provision, disease and stress treatment). Also, because of the small number of battles and no camping available, it's much harder to fix any unfortunate accidents that may happen to the party. With the introduction of the secret rooms it is even more profitable to do long quests, as they will always have that 7,500 gold hidden somewhere. Long missions usually reward better trinkets, more heirlooms and more progress towards the boss, having the highest time spent to benefit ratio. The only reason to do short run is to skip a week quickly.

Heirlooms[ | ]

Third important aspect is upgrading the buildings in the Hamlet. Those are permanent changes every Hero in the roster can benefit from. When choosing a region to go on an adventure to, it's important to keep in mind what type of heirlooms is required at the moment. Most important buildings to upgrade are the Blacksmith and Guild, so it's a good idea to pay more attention to missions in the Weald and Warrens.

Available roster[ | ]

Last thing worth considering is available roster of Heroes. Some Heroes perform better in the specific locations thanks to their skillset or increased damage to the prevailing Enemy Type in that location. Others may struggle due to increased bleed/blight resistances specific to the region. Another thing worth to mention is Hero's quirks. Adventurer, Explorer and Tactician are some excellent quirks to have in the corresponding location. Don't underestimate the Phobe quirks too, these things add up quickly. Not all of Heroes in your roster will always be available: they need to be treated in the Sanitarium or chill in the Tavern, they can go missing for a week or simply outlevel the expedition. Keep these things in mind and plan accordingly.

Effective classes
Ruins Crusader, Vestal, Plague Doctor
Weald Occultist, Hellion, Hound Master, Bounty Hunter
Warrens Hound Master, Jester, Hellion, Bounty Hunter
Cove Plague Doctor, Man-at-Arms, Hound Master, Occultist

Bosses[ | ]

Another relevant topic to touch upon is when to go on a boss slaying mission. All of the points above stand:

  • the trinket reward for these quests is always Very Rare, so it's worth to wait for good items, like Gunslinger's Buckle, Demon's Cauldron, Blasphemous Vial, Restraining Padlock or Spiked Collar;
  • boss expeditions are always medium size, but the experience points reward is equal to the Long mission; it is recommended to do them when there is no other good Medium or Long missions available;
  • Apprentice level bosses can be killed by almost any party, but for higher difficulty it's advised to compose a party according to a strategy for said boss; make sure to defeat the bosses before Heroes advance to the next difficulty level.

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