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Comet Shard is a secondary currency in Darkest Dungeon exclusive to The Color of Madness DLC.


Comet Shards can only be acquired in the Farmstead through curios and boss fights in the Endless Harvest. They can also be acquired from the Thing from the Stars, a wandering boss.

Comet Shards are used for purchasing Shard Dust, Crystalline Trinkets from the Jeweler, and some Districts.

Comet Shards can be exchanged for heirlooms at these ratios:

Busts: 3:1

Portraits: 6:1

Deeds: 3:1

Crests: 3:2

Achievement[ | ]

Image Name Description
AchievementCM15 Lining the Jeweller's Pockets Earn 200 Shards In One Endless Run

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