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Corpses left by enemies always have a grey health bar.

Corpses are the remains left by slain monsters. They occupy the combat position of the monster, temporarily preserving the original formations, and will disappear at the end of the battle. In the Butcher's Circus DLC, heroes will leave corpses.

Table of Corpses[ | ]

Small: Takes up one enemy slot and does not leave a corpse when it dies.
Average: Takes up one enemy slot and leaves a corpse that takes up one slot.
Large: Takes up two enemy slots and leaves a corpse that also takes up two slots.
Gigantic: Takes up three enemy slots. Only bosses can have this size, and they do not leave corpses when they die.
Unimaginable: Takes up all enemy slots. The final boss, Countess, and The Sleeper have this size. They do not leave corpses when they die.

Note: Size determines how many slots an enemy will take up. Size does not determine whether or not an enemy will leave a corpse.

Preventing and removing corpses[ | ]

Corpses do not appear if monsters die from blight or bleed damage. Enemies killed by a critical hit also do not leave corpses.

A corpse will disappear on its own at the end of the fourth round since its appearance. For example, a creature killed in round 1 will have its corpse on the field until the end of round 4, when it will disappear and leave an unoccupied slot for round 5. Alternatively, a corpse can be removed by damaging it until its grey HP bar reaches zero, or by using certain corpse-removing abilities such as Leper's Purge or Plague Doctor's Disorienting Blast; such abilities do not need to directly target the corpses to remove them, and typically simultaneously clear all existing corpses in the battle.

Removing corpses is very useful for controlling the position of enemies, but usually not much else. However, be aware of the handful of enemy types that can either revive their slain comrades, or spawn hazardous growths upon the corpses; quickly destroying the corpses will prevent these enemy abilities from taking place.

Corpse properties[ | ]

Corpses are vulnerable to both direct damage and damage over time effects, having 0% resistance to both Bleed and Blight (even if the enemy was originally extremely resistant); they will however have a resistance of 200% to move, debuff and stun, despite the latter two being uninfluential. The health points of the corpse will be a portion of the original monster's maximum HP, but without its original PROT and DODGE values.

Corpses will not be targeted by random targeting abilities such as the Arbalest's Blindfire[1] (unless no other targets are available).

Corpses will not provide stress healing if the attacking Hero crits, except for AoE attacks. In the Butcher's Circus, corpses provide stress healing if hit by crits.

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References[ | ]

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