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CRIT pic

A Flagellant getting a critical hit on a Bone Veteran.

A critical hit (usually shortened to crit) is a repeatable event during battle that causes targets to take more damage than usual, or be healed for more.

Critical Hits[ | ]

A critical hit's damage is equal to 150% of the maximum damage of a skill, both for heroes and enemies. All status effects applied on a critical hit have a 20% higher chance of applying, and bleed and blight will last 50% longer, rounded up. A hero's crit chance is determined by their weapon, with additional changes based on their selected skill, while enemies' crit chances are determined solely by skills.

When a hero receives a critical hit, they receive 10 stress and every party member will have a 50% chance to receive 5 stress themselves.

A hero who lands a critical hit heals their own stress by 3, and every party member has a 25% chance to heal 3 stress as well. Stress healing will not occur if the crit is against a corpse, unless landing it through an AoE skill that hits at least one living target. Additionally, heroes receive a 2 round buff depending on their class. If a hero lands multiple critical hits through an AoE skill, the received stress heal and buff are still the same as if only one crit was landed.

Enemies who die to a critical hit do not become corpses.

Critical Heals[ | ]

A critical heal will double the amount healed, as well as reduce the target's stress by 4 (which stacks with any other stress healing from the skill). Unlike standard crits, critical heals always have a set chance that cannot be modified; single-target heals (like the Occultist's Wyrd Reconstruction, or the Crusader's Battle Heal) have a 12% chance, and multiple-target heals (like the Vestal's Divine Comfort skill) have a 5% chance on each target.

Restoration, being a heal over time (HoT) can crit, doubling the heal. This is distinct from damage over time (DoT) which can never crit.

Crit Buffs[ | ]

With the release of The Color of Madness DLC, heroes will now receive short buffs when they deal a crit, effectively lasting until after their next action.

Crit Bonuses
Abomination Antiquarian Arbalest Bounty Hunter Crusader Flagellant
Abomination Antiquarian Arbalest Bounty Hunter Crusader FlagellantThe Crimson Court DLC
+20% DMG* +10 DODGE +33% DMG vs Marked* +33% DMG vs Marked* +15% PROT +20% Bleed Skill Chance
Grave Robber Hellion Highwayman Houndmaster Jester Leper
Grave Robber Hellion Highwayman Houndmaster Jester Leper
+10 DODGE +33% DMG vs Bleeding* +2 SPD +20% Bleed Skill Chance +40% Stress Skills +10 ACC
Man-at-Arms Musketeer Occultist Plague Doctor Shieldbreaker Vestal
Man-at-Arms Musketeer Occultist Plague Doctor ShieldbreakerExclusive to The Shieldbreaker DLC Vestal
-33% Stress* +33% DMG vs Marked* +25% Healing Skills +20% Blight Skill Chance +15% PROT +25% Healing Skills

* Lasts an additional round.