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An Occultist landing a critical hit on the Librarian.

In Darkest Dungeon II, most hero or enemy skills have a chance to become a critical hit, or crit, dealing more damage or healing more than normal.

Critical Hits[ | ]

Dd2 token crit

A Crit token

When attacking an opponent, a critical hit deals damage equal to 150% of the maximum (non-critical) damage of the skill. Skills that do damage over time have their durations extended by 2 turns. Furthermore, critical hits have 20% higher resistance piercing for any effects they may apply, including damage over time, debuffs, and movement.

When a hero receives a critical hit, they also gain 1 Dd2 token stress stress; each party member also has a 15% to gain 1 Dd2 token stress. Likewise, a hero who lands a critical hit on an enemy has a 50% chance of reducing their Dd2 token stress stress by 1, and each party member has a 5% chance to do the same.

Critical Heals[ | ]

Almost all healing skills and items have a 5% chance to critically heal, restoring 150% the normal amount of Icon HP dd2 HP. There are two notable exceptions:

  • The Flagellant's Token pain heal and Token flagellant pain heal u tokens can never critically heal.
  • The Occultist's Wyrd Reconstruction has a number of unique interactions with critical healing.