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Emptiness and disillusion have wormed their way into the world.
~ The Academic

Cultists are a type of enemy in Darkest Dungeon II.

Lore[ | ]

Throughout human history, in every religion, every civilization, the cryptic Iron Crown could always be found hidden within their iconography. Little is known about the crown and it's influence upon humanity over the centuries, and perhaps even less is known about the cult worshipping it. It is believed that some catalytic event took place somewhere deep beneath the earth, kick-starting the apocalypse and setting the cult loose upon the world. Unshackled from the void in-between realities, the cultists poured out from their cathedral on The Mountain, a structure with an origin as shrouded in mystery as the origins of the Iron Crown itself, and into a world untouched by their malign doctrines. With them came The Stain, a spreading manifestation of the most fierce feeling of Loathing. Armed with weapons of steel forged in the void's darkness, as well as cosmic powers incomprehensible to the human mind, the Cult assists in spreading the sprawling corruption, cutting down all who would stand before their unholy crusade of global obliteration.

Whether by their own design or because of some esoteric force imposed onto them by the world they now are attempting to conquer. Most of the cultists have adopted a humanoid shape, apart from a few that have weirder, much more unsettling forms.

Overview[ | ]


An Altar.

Cultists are primarily encountered at Oblivion's Ingress and Oblivion's Rampart Nodes. Additionally, Cultists will ambush the party when the Flame drops to 0. The battles at Oblivion's Ramparts are essentially predetermined—the Exemplar, for example, always appears at the end of the last region before The Mountain from Act III and onward. Cultists boast a number of unique mechanics that can make encounters more difficult for the player.

Altar[ | ]

Main article: Altar

The Altar is the main Cultist support unit. While posing little threat by itself, it grants, depending on the Confession, a set of powerful bonuses to its allies.

Unholy Congregation[ | ]

Dd2 token worship Worship is a mechanic that empowers Cultist bosses and enables them to use their most powerful attacks. Whenever a boss (Deacon, Cardinal, or Exemplar) is present, all other Cultists generate Dd2 token worship Worship tokens with each action.

Dd2 token worship Worship[ | ]

  • When two tokens are present, enables a powerful set of skills.
  • Consumed upon use.
  • Duration: Until end of combat
  • Limit: 2

When an enemy has two Dd2 token worship tokens, a number of powerful skills are unlocked:

  • After gaining two Dd2 token worship tokens, regular Cultists (Altar, Cherub, Evangelist, and Herald) will use the skill Worship, an action that heals the boss and grants it a Dd2 token worship token.
  • In turn, Cultist bosses with two Dd2 token worship tokens gain access to a number of devastating attacks.

Strategy[ | ]

Because of the Dd2 token worship Worship mechanic, it is imperative to kill regular Cultist enemies as quickly as possible before they can empower their bosses. However, sometimes this is risky or infeasible—the Exemplar being a notorious example of a boss that can generate large amounts of Dd2 token worship quickly.

One Combat Item, the Shred of Decency, removes all Dd2 token worship tokens from its target.

List of Cultist Enemies[ | ]