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Currency refers to multiple resources that can be used to gain something from various locations of the game. There are three currencies in the game, their type determining their sources of gaining and things they can be traded for: Relics, Mastery and Baubles. A fourth, special currency known as Candles of Hope is a special case, not immediately usable during the run, but important one nonetheless. Each currency type has a unique symbol and, in case of Relics and Baubles, visually changes in the inventory depending on the amount of them stacked at once. The amount of Relics and Baubles stackable in one inventory slot can be increased by various Stagecoach Items. Moreover, delivering trophies from Creature Dens may allow player to buy items at the discount price, this reducing the amount of currency spent.

Relics[ | ]

Represented by the golden square, Relics are pieces of gold that used to have great value before the apocalypse. Now, at the time of the end, they have no meaning or value whatsoever, used even by the most common folk for trading. They can be gained from Resistance Encounters, Lairs, Academic's Caches, Road Battles, as well as looted from debris on the road. Upgrading Resourcefullness at the Altar of Hope allows the player to gain a great amount of them at the very first Inn at the Valley. The amount gained varies depending on the source.

Relics can be used to:

*Buy Combat Items and Inn Items from the Provisioner at the Inn, Hoarder at his node, as well as specifically medical-related items at the Field Hospital.

*Change the Path of the selected hero atat the Inn, resetting any skill upgrades assigned.

*Heal partially or fully, as well as cure any diseases at the Field Hospital.

*Lock up positive and remove negative quirks at the Field Hospital.

*Activate effects of multiple trinkets when a certain amount of them is held in the inventory.

Baubles[ | ]

Represented by the purple triangle, Baubles are various objects that, while not having any monetary value, present a great treasure to avid collectors and so are used for trading in exchange for powerful artifacts and items. Unlike Relics, Baubles have different look depending on the region they are found in and so will only stack with the Baubles of their own kind. Their sources of gaining are shared with Relics.

Baubles can be used to:

*Buy Trinkets and Stagecoach items from the Provisioner at the Inn, Hoarder at his nod and medically-associated Trinkets and Stagecoach Items from the Field Hospital.

*Repair Wheel Points and Shield Points with the help of the Wainwright at the Inn.

*Activate effects of multiple trinkets when a certain amount of them is held in the inventory.

Mastery Points[ | ]

A unique Currency represented by the light blue rhombus, Mastery Points are not physical resources, but rather a representation of your heroes mastering their combat prowess. Gained from the various combat scenarios, including mini-boss battles, as well as from some Creature Den Trophies, they can later be given to Mastery Trainer at the Inn to gain upgrades for the skills.