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We can suffer no sickness on this pilgrimage.
~ The Academic.

Leper contracting "The Worries" after being attacked by a Lost Soul.

Disease dd2 Diseases are negative conditions that heroes can contract during the an expedition in Darkest Dungeon II. Diseases are contracted mainly from enemies but can be contracted from other sources such as Academic's Studies and Inn items. The negative quirk Hypochondriac gives the affected hero a 5% chance to contract a random disease when hitting an enemy.

Diseases are harmful and their purpose is to incapacitate the hero and reduce them and their team's effectiveness. The player must learn to deal with the disadvantages and, if possible, get rid of the disease as soon as possible. However, diseases can occasionally have positive connotations for the player should they find trinkets that synergise with disease, such as the cultist trinket Sickening Silence.

Dealing with diseases[ | ]

Diseases are mainly treated in The Field Hospital, where the player can cure any disease for the cost of 12 relics. They can also be treated with the inn items "Leeches" and "Experimental Remedy". In combat, the "Peculiar Pods" trinket also has a chance to cure a disease when attacking enemies, and the "Single Leech" combat item can be used to cure a disease quickly, at the cost of a moderate bleed. On the road, the Operating Table stagecoach item has a 10% chance to cure a disease with every node traveled.

The Chirurgeon mini-boss will also cure diseases on heroes with his Bloodletting attack, making a trip to the Chirurgeon's Table an appealing prospect if the Field Hospital is unaffordable or out of reach.

List of diseases Disease dd2[ | ]

Each hero can only contract one disease at a time. If a hero with a disease contracts another, it will simply replace the disease the hero already had.

Disease Effect
Algal Bloom
  • Turn Start: Token barnacle (5%) or 2 DMG (5%)
Bad Humours
  • -15% Max Icon HP dd2
Bloody Flux
  • -10% Max Icon HP dd2
  • -25% Healing received from Skills.
Brittle Bones
  • Combat Start: -5% Max Icon HP dd2
  • -50% Healing recieved from Skills
  • Round start: Dd2 token daze
Creeping Cough
  • -20% Damage dealt
  • When Stress Damaged: 1 DMG or 2 DMG
  • Round start: Dd2 token stun (5%)
  • On Entering a region: -20% Max Icon HP dd2
Fainting Spells
  • -100% Stun dd2 Resistance.
  • Round start: Dd2 token stun (5%)
Hemic Rot
  • Round start: Dd2 token weak(15%)
Hemorrhagic Fever
  • -20% Bleed dd2Resistance.
  • When Moving: 1 Bleed dd2 (5%)
  • -4 Icon speed
  • Round start: Dd2 token blind (10%)
Periodic Paralysis
  • -3 Icon speed
  • Round start: Dd2 token stun (5%) or Dd2 token immobilize (15%)
  • -5% Max Icon HP dd2
  • Round start: Dd2 token blind (7%) or Dd2 token strength 2 (3%)
  • -20% max Icon HP dd2
  • Round start: Back 1 (5%), Back 2 (5%), Forward 1 (5%) or Forward 2 (5%)
  • Combat start: Dd2 token weak (15%), Dd2 token vulnerable(15%) or Dd2 token blind(7%)
  • Turn start: Forward 1 (10%), Back 1 (10%) or Dd2 token dodge(5%)
The Oozes
  • Turn start: 3 Blight dd2 (15%, Ignores resistance)
The Runs
  • Combat start: 2 Dd2 token weak (50%)
The Worries
  • -50% Dd2 token stress Resistance.
  • Combat Start: -1% Max Icon HP dd2
  • Combat Start: If torch > 50: 2 Dd2 token blind
Wasting Disease
  • -20% Max Icon HP dd2
  • -100% Road healing

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