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Dreaming General
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Base Stats
Icon HP dd2 MAX HP 185 Icon speed dd2 SPD 3
Bleed dd2 Bleed 50% Stun dd2 Stun Immune
Blight dd2 Blight 30% Move dd2 Move Immune
Burn dd2 Burn 20% Debuff dd2 Debuff 40%
Deathsdoor dd2 Deathblow 50%
Size Turns per round
3 1
Permanent Condition(s)
Token immoblize permanent
Locked in a nightmare slumber, he is tortured by failures both real, and imagined.
~ The Academic

The Dreaming General is the Cadaver boss, found at his keep in The Tangle.

Description[ | ]

An armored colossus forged in the fire of a hundred battles, he was once a champion of men; a gifted tactician and warrior that would've met the cultists of the mountain on the field of battle and stemmed the tide of their corruption. Alas, that day never came. Trapped within the walls of his mind by a curse that couldn't be fought with swords and arrows, he sleeps on, tortured by his failure. End his suffering, and grant his soul the rest he longs for.

The Dreaming General is the region boss of the Tangle. He has high damaging single and multi target attacks, stress and is accompanied by the Tap Root, which can inflict Strangle, a unique token that deals Damage over Time while also forcing the target to use a skill that stresses out the party.

Combat Skills[ | ]

The Dreaming General's attacks are comprised of heavily damaging attacks that inflict stress, and can hit any rank.

Skill Name Target Ranks DMG CRIT Self Target
Unsettling Whisper Blue circle1234 Yellow circle 1234 6-10 5% - • 2 Dd2 token stress
• Other heroes: 1 Dd2 token stress (50%)
The Waking Dead Blue circle1234 Yellow circle 1234 10-20 10% - Only used when Dd2 token taproot x3
• Ignores Dd2 token stealthDd2 token blindDd2 token taunt
• Targets all heroes with Dd2 token the soil stirs
• Clear Dd2 token the soil stirs
Bleed dd2 4
Dd2 token stress 2
Nightmare Blue circle lasso full Yellow circle 1234 10-20 10% - Forced Action
Only used when all heroes Tangled Growth 3 x3
IgnoresDd2 token dodgeDd2 token blind
• Clear Tangled Growth 3

Tap Root[ | ]

Tap Root
Base Stats
Icon HP dd2 MAX HP Invulnerable Icon speed dd2 SPD 10
Bleed dd2 Bleed Immune Stun dd2 Stun Immune
Blight dd2 Blight Immune Move dd2 Move Immune
Burn dd2 Burn Immune Debuff dd2 Debuff Immune
Size Turns per round
1 0
Permanent Condition(s)
Token immoblize permanent
Skill Name Target Ranks Target
Creeping Growth Blue circle lasso full Yellow circle 1234 Used only at Combat Start
• Add Tangled Growth 3
Creeping Growth Blue circle1234
(2 targets)
Yellow circle 1234 Targets 2 random heroes.
Ignores target with Tangled Growth 3 x3
Ignores all tokens.
• Add Tangled Growth 3
The Soil Stirs Blue circle1234
(2 targets)
Yellow circle 1234 Free action
Used after every second "The Growth Recedes", but only if no Dd2 token the soil stirs are present.
Ignores Dd2 token block, Dd2 token dodge, Dd2 token stealth, Dd2 token blind.
• Add Dd2 token the soil stirs
The Growth Recedes Blue circle1234
(2 targets)
Yellow circle 1234 Free action
Used when Hit
Ignores all tokens.
• Remove 1 Tangled Growth 3

When a hero has aStrangle token and takes their turn, whatever skills they have equipped will be hidden and they will be forced to use 'Whispering Darkness.

Name Icon Ranks Target Effect
Whispering Darkness Skill icon whispering darkness 6 Blue circle1234 Self Other heroes:
1 Dd2 token stress (75%)

Strategy & Advice[ | ]

The General is an endurance test, a stress hazard, and a control fight all in one. His large health pool will allow him to put significant stress on your heroes before he goes down, though he doesn't have the greatest ability to kill heroes. It can still decimate your team if you do not have the necessary skills to hit the back rank, so make sure that you can. Unsettling Whispers can be dealt with by putting taunt on heroes like Leper, Man At Arms, or Hellion, all of whom have Taunt and Stress healing moves. The Waking Dead is his main way of disrupting a formation, depending on who he targets and how much you're willing to let them get hurt. Nightmare is almost never seen unless the boss succeeds in disrupting you enough to prevent you from hitting the root. If you are hit by Nightmare, be ready to heal and use the removed roots to recover or clear the fight before the General can follow up on his advantage.

Alongside the General is the Taproot, an invulnerable fixture to Rank 4 that starts the fight by dropping vines on the Heroes. Afterwards, at the start of every round it will drop 2 vines onto 2 different heroes. Hitting the root will cause it to retract 1 vine from a random hero, so 2 hits on the Taproot will remove all vines added that round. However, if it gets hit twice since the beginning of the fight or the last Waking Dead, it will use Soil Stirs to target 2 ranks for Waking Dead. Because of this, care needs to be taken on when you hit the Taproot as to prevent runaway vine generation and minimize the amount of Waking Dead's that the General will use.

As a General Strategy for the General, the fight can have it's threat minimized by following a specific routine;

  1. Round 1: Ignore the Taproot completely and attack the boss or prepare for the fight.
  2. Round 2: Attack the Taproot only once. This will retract 1 vine on a random hero.
  3. Round 3: Attack the Taproot for as many heroes that have more than 1 vine. This could be either 3 times for 3 heroes with 2 vines or twice for 1 hero with 2 vines and 1 hero with 3 and entangled. On this round, the Taproot will use Soil Stirs, but it won't be used on this Round.
  4. Round 4: Prepare for Waking Dead and hit the Taproot once this round.
  5. Round 5: Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the boss is killed.

Loot[ | ]

Image Name Effect
Trophy dreaming general
The General's Dream
Corpse: +200% DMG
Combat Start: Token immoblize permanent
The Nightmare's End
-75% Trinket Prices
The Safety of Slumber
+33% Bleed dd2 RES
+33% Blight dd2 RES
+33% Burn dd2 RES
-2 Icon speed
Progression art trinkets Random Trinket 1 Boss may drop a random trinket purchasable within the Shroud, including Shroud exclusive trinkets, hero trinkets and other Unforgettable or Indelible trinkets.
Mastery point icon Mastery 1 Mastery point, used to upgrade hero skills in the Inn.
Loathing bar Loathing -2 Reduces Loathing by 2
Torch updated deployed darkest dungeon Torch 15 Adds 15 Torch to the Flame.
Gold 3 Relics 12-24 Currency used for purchasing goods and services.

Quantity varies based on luck.

Coast starfish Untainted Sea Stars 12-40 Currency used for purchasing trinkets.

Quantity varies based on luck.

Combat items In Menu Combat


Varies A random Combat item purchasable within stores.

Quantities vary based on item and luck.

Inn items Inn Items Varies A random Inn item purchasable within stores.

Quantity varies based on item and luck.

Assay gear Stagecoach


1-2 A random Stagecoach item purchasable within stores.

Possible to roll multiple Stagecoach upgrades in one drop.

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