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Base Stats
Icon HP dd2 MAX HP 19 Icon speed dd2 SPD 5
Bleed dd2 Bleed 30% Stun dd2 Stun 30%
Blight dd2 Blight 30% Move dd2 Move 10%
Burn dd2 Burn 10% Debuff dd2 Debuff 20%
Size Turns per round
1 1
Permanent Condition(s)
Dd2 token buff Buff: +200% Move dd2 RES (Entire Team)

On Round Start:
May use an ORDER skill as a free action

The Drummer is a Cadaver enemy in Darkest Dungeon II.

Description[ | ]

Even in (un)death, Drummers still coordinate the movements of the soldiers of the Lost Battalion.

Passively, the drummer's steady beat keeps feet firmly planted in the ground, providing a 200% Move dd2 movement resistance buff to all allies. This effectively means you are never moving them out of position, so bring what ranged skills or corpse clear you can to reach them. Every round, the drummer gives an Dd2 token order Order token to an ally, alongside some minor buffs and debuff clears. This order enables some of the strongest abilities of the Cadavers, or in the case of Foot Soldiers, increased durability and protection for the Drummer. Drummers also get regular initiative moves, providing buffs to allies and marking heroes for death. Finally, what should be an easy kill as the last unit standing becomes a flash of humanity and honor as the Drummer kills itself before the heroes can respond, chilling your heroes to their cores. If you cannot kill the Drummer before his retinue is dead, at least angle to have as many actions and skills as you can ready to burst him down before he can perform Death before Dishonor.

Skills[ | ]

Skill Name Target Ranks DMG CRIT Self Effects
ORDER: Defensive Formation Yellow circleYellow circleYellow circleYellow circle
(Foot Soldier)
Yellow circleYellow circleYellow circleYellow circle - - • Add Dd2 token guarded • Remove Dd2 token vulnerable
• Add Dd2 token block
Move dd2 Forward 3
ORDER: Volley Yellow circleYellow circleYellow circleYellow circle
(Arbalist or Bullseye Barrett)
Yellow circleYellow circleYellow circleYellow circle - - - • Remove Dd2 token blind
• Add Dd2 token order
ORDER: Slay the Wounded Yellow circleYellow circleYellow circleYellow circle
Yellow circleYellow circleYellow circleYellow circle - - - • Remove Dd2 token weak
• Add Dd2 token order
• Add Dd2 token buff Buff:
If Target Bleed dd2: +50% DMG (1 Round)
Marching Orders Yellow circle lasso lYellow circle lasso lrYellow circle lasso lrYellow circle lasso r
Yellow circleYellow circleYellow circleYellow circle - - - • Remove Dd2 token stunDd2 token daze
• +2 Icon speed (3 turns)
Focus Fire Blue circleBlue circleBlue circleBlue circle Yellow circleYellow circleYellow circleYellow circle 1-2 5% - • Add 2 Dd2 token taunt
• 2 Dd2 token stress
Death Before Dishonor Blue circle lassolBlue circle lasso lrBlue circle lasso lrBlue circle lassor Yellow circleYellow circleYellow circleYellow circle - - Deathsdoor dd2 • 1 Dd2 token stress
• 1 Dd2 token stress (50%)

Notes[ | ]

Death Before Dishonor is used if and only if the Drummer is the last enemy alive.

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Drummer is the only known enemy that has a different animation when one move gets resisted (If Focus Fire's taunt is resisted it will play another animation than the normal one)
  • An unused ability for the Drummer called "Sound and Fury" can be found in the localization files.

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