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Your path lies through them, and so they must fall.
~ The Academic

Enemies are various monsters and creatures in Darkest Dungeon II that act as the main antagonist of the player and the heroes.

Enemies[ | ]

Creature Den

Creature Den
Creature den black
A bestial refuge, littered with bones and...
less identifiable remains.



Cultist (Cosmic)

Oblivion's Rampart
The Avatars of Oblivion - clergy of the
spreading stain.



      NOTES: Cultists and Confessional Bosses are considered Cosmic.  


The great library page
Rubble and flame... as far as the eye
can see.




The Sacred Pier
The docks are choked once again with the repellant stench
of rotting fish.



Lost Battalion

The Lost Battalion
Resigned to the end of things, they waited for death.
And still they wait.



Plague Eaters

Landonwers manor
First, they ate the rotten flesh of their animals. Then, still hungry,
they turned upon themselves.


      NOTES: Plague Eaters are also known as the Gentry.


Hidden in warrens and ancient waterways, the swine proliferate unseen
and unchecked.




Gaunt road block no background
The lost souls of a dying world - empty of hope... and humanity




Barricade pillager
The worst kind of parasites. Opportunists.



Shambler (Cosmic)

Shambler DD2
We tread beyond the realms of reason!



      NOTES: The Shambler is considered Cosmic.


Death has come to claim her elusive prize!


Chirurgeon (Gaunt)

          NOTES: The Shambler is considered Cosmic.



      NOTES: The Chirurgeon is considered a Gaunt.

The Collector

There is madness beneath its pallid cloak - avert your eyes!



Final Bosses[ | ]

Spoiler Tag DD2

The final bosses are confronted at The Mountain.

Act 1 (Denial)[ | ]


Pity the Great Denier... chained by his own command!




Act 2 (Resentment)[ | ]


Seething Sigh
The Seething Sigh, stertorous avatar of ill-concealed rage!



Act 3 (Obsession)[ | ]



Obsession's unshrinking gaze, focused to a fault!



Act 4 (Ambition)[ | ]


Reach p3

Ambition reach forever exceeds it's terrible grasp!



Act 5 (Cowardice)[ | ]


Hateful God

Gaze now upon your great achievement - the sumtotal of your failings. Your Body of Work.