Darkest Dungeon Wiki
Cost none Stack 1
Begin Camp
Use to Camp.
Cannot be bought but is instead
given to the party based on the
size of the dungeon that is
  • Short: 0
  • Medium: 1
  • Long: 2
  • Exhausting: 4

The Firewood is an Item which will be given to you on longer trips before your journey into Darkest Dungeon. Using Firewood will consume it, opening up the Respite and Camping menu, for additional abilities and relaxing time to De-stress.

There are no ways to find more of it in dungeons in the base game. However, in the Crimson Court DLC it can be found in the Courtyard by using a shovel on a Wine Crate.

Firewood can be used to interact with Curios, but doing so will always waste the firewood.

Item Description[ | ]

Use to Camp.