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Provisions Animation
Cost 75 Stack 12
Small Heal
Eat to restore health and
stave off Hunger.

Food is a crucial Item which can be bought as a Provision before entering a Dungeon. It costs 75 Gold. It also can be looted through Dungeon Interactions.

Food is used :

  • while Camping
  • to eat when your party gets hungry.
  • to heal the party member selected(which is not recommended, unless your hero is at Death's Door, because it is very inefficient)

It is recommended to take at least 8 Food on a short mission, 16 Food on a medium mission, and about 24 Food for a long mission. Additionally, you can take more amounts of Food for missions longer than a short mission in order to benefit from feeding your party 8 Food during camping (if your current party consists of 4 heroes without any trinkets or quirks affecting food consumed) for more healing and stress healing, otherwise it would be suggested to take less Food to save more money but still be able to give your party Food through camping to use camping skills and also keep food tiles at bay from starving your party.

Food and Hunger[ | ]

Darkest food pop up

The Hunger event popup.

On the occasion, the player will receive a popup message alerting them to the party's hunger. The exact mechanics of when the alert might pop up can be found on the Hunger page.

The Eat option will heal your party members by 5% of their HP, while Starve will have your party members suffer 20% of their maximum health in damage, and 20 Stress damage.

The party usually requires 4 Food per meal, 1 for each hero. A variety of Quirks, Diseases and Trinkets modify this value, namely:

  • Quirkicon negThe Stress Eater Quirk(+100% Food consumed if Stress above 50; A single hero cannot have Stress Eater and Stress Faster at once)
  • Quirkicon negThe Stress Faster Quirk(-100% Food consumed if Stress above 50; A single hero cannot have Stress Eater and Stress Faster at once)
  • Poptext diseaseTapeworm infection(+100% Food consumed)
  • Inv trinket-bloodthirst ringBloodthirst Rings(Uncommon. -100% Food Consumed)
  • Inv trinket-fasting sealFasting Seals(Rare. -100% Food consumed, no damage from starvation)
  • Inv trinket-hunters talonHunter's Talons(Rare, Bounty Hunter only. +50% Food consumed)
  • Viscount trinketViscount's Spices(Boss Trophy, +100% Food Consumed if has Crimson Curse)

You cannot have two identical trinkets equipped on the same hero, but you may wear two different ones to counteract a Tapeworm or Stress eater Quirk you cannot spare the time or money to remove. Equipping a character who has neither with two -100% Food consumption trinkets provides no cumulative benefit.

Do note, If you do not have at least enough Food for the entire party to be fed, the entire party is forced to starve, and no Food will be eaten, regardless of any Food you may have below the threshold. Remember to set Food aside for everyone who needs it.

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Ruins have the lowest chance out of all dungeons to provide Food through Curios.
  • It is possible to receive more healing from eating Food by increasing Healing Received (with buffs like Experimental Vapours from the Plague Doctor, or Battlefield Bandage from an Arbalest) on the hero that is going to consume said Food.