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Echoes of humanity, twisted by hopelessness...
~ The Academic

An upcoming Gaunt battle.

Gaunts are a type of enemy in Darkest Dungeon II. Gaunts may be found in every Region, typically in road battles or at the Chirurgeon's Table. They may rarely appear in Resistance Encounters accompanying regional (non-Gaunt) enemies. In an upcoming road battle with Gaunts, there will be a single lantern hanging amidst the obstacles in the road.

List of Gaunt Enemies[ | ]

Lost soul

The Lost Soul, a common Gaunt enemy.

Related Quirks[ | ]

Negative quirks dd2Negative Quirks Positive quirks dd2Positive Quirks
Gaunt Fearing

Afraid of the withered and wizened.

Combat Start

Gaunt: 1 Dd2 token stress (50%)

Gaunt Hater Gaunt: +15% DMG

Gain On Hit:

Dd2 token stress -1 (25%)

Gaunt: -20% DMG Taken

Gaunt Slayer Gaunt: +5% CRIT

Gaunt: Ignores +100% Deathsdoor dd2 RES

Related Trinkets[ | ]

Image Trinket Effect
Carved Toy
Carved Toy
Turn End: If Dd2 token stealth: Dd2 token crit (50%)
Apply On Hit: Hearthlight Skills: Dd2 token combo (50%)
Gaunt: -4 Icon speed
Knitted Blnaket
Knitted Blanket
+100% Burn dd2 RES
Burn-Causing Skills: +33% Burn dd2 Dealt
Gaunt: -25% DMG
Pile of Ash
Pile of Ash
When Moving: Dd2 token dodgeplus (50%)
Combat Start: Gaunt: Dd2 token stress 2
Backdraft Skills: +50% CRIT