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Glossary is accessible within the player's option menu screen in Darkest Dungeon. It features hints telling the player how certain game mechanics work. All glossary content is provided below.

Glossary Icon Description
ACC: Short for "accuracy". Base chance to hit is ACC minus the enemy's DODGE.
Activity Log: A log of major events that occur at the Estate each week. Can be accessed while in the Hamlet.
Tray afflicted
A temporary condition that may be triggered when a hero reaches 100 stress. Afflicted heroes act on their own and suffer stat penalties. Afflictions can be cured in town by reducing the hero's stress at the Abbey or the Tavern.
Affliction Check: Made whenever a hero reaches 100 stress and results in an affliction or virtue state.
Affliction History: A hidden log of which Afflictions a particular hero has a tendency to develop.
Antivenom: A type of provision used to remove Blight. It also has uses on many dungeon curios.
Armor: A type of equipment used by a hero to protect themselves from the dangers found in dungeons. A hero's armor determines her base DODGE and MAX HP. Armor can be upgraded at the Blacksmith.
Auto-Action: Ability move Certain enemies have abilities that are used automatically without using up their turn, usually at the beginning or end of a round. If the enemy is stunned, the ability is still used, but the stun remains. This term is only used on the wiki.
Bandage: A type of provision used to remove Bleed. It also has uses on many dungeon curios.
Poptext bleed
Heroes or enemies with Bleed take damage each combat round or hallway step. It will eventually go away, but can be cured early with bandages, combat skills, and Camping skills.
Poptext poison
Heroes or enemies with Blight take damage each combat round or hallway step. It will eventually go away, but can be cured early with antitoxin, combat skills, and Camping skills.
Poptext buff
A temporary stat increase.
An heirloom typically found in the Ruins. Used to upgrade buildings in Town.
Camping Skill: An ability used by a hero during Camping.
Cleansing: Some curios will activate specific effects if a certain item is used on them. This is referred to as "cleansing."
Combat Skill: An ability used by a hero during combat.
Corpse: Most dead monsters leave a temporary corpse. Corpses preserve the enemy order for a time and require heroes to use skills to attack around the corpses, move other enemies in reach, and so on. Alternatively, corpses can be attacked and cleared manually.
An heirloom found in all dungeons. Used to upgrade buildings in Town.
CRIT: Short for "critical hit chance". Critical hits do extra damage and provide stress relief (when a hero crits) or stress damage (when a monster crits).
Curio: An interactive prop found in a dungeon or room.
Death Blow: A hit taken by a hero on Death's Door that permanently kills the hero.
Death's Door:
A hero with 0 HP is at Death's Door. Each subsequent hit taken while at Death's Door has a chance of permanently killing the hero.
Poptext debuff
A temporary stat decrease.
Debuff Resistance: Bonus towards resisting incoming debuffs.
An heirloom typically found in the Weald. Used to upgrade buildings in Town.
Poptext disease
A temporary sickness that debilitates the hero in some way. Can be cured by some Camping skills, but usually needs to be treated in town at the Sanitarium.
DMG: Short for "damage". Determines how many health points, or HP, are removed from the target if the attack connects.
DODGE: Dodge gets removed from the enemy's Accuracy to determine base chance to hit.
DOT: Short for "damage over time". In Darkest Dungeon, this specifically refers to the effects of Bleed and Blight.
Equipment: Commonly refers to the weapon and armor equipped to a hero, but can also include Trinkets. Weapons and armor cannot be unequipped but can be upgraded.
Food: A type of provision used for Camping meals and other meals while wandering. Can be fed individually to a hero for a small boost in HP.
Currency.gold.large icon
The basic currency of the Estate. Used to purchase Trinkets, learn and upgrade skills, and upgrade Equipment.
Heart Attack: A heart attack occurs when a hero reaches 200 stress. This will drop a hero to Death's Door, or kill one already there.
Heirloom: A special currency type that is most often used to upgrade buildings in Town. There are four types of Heirlooms: Busts, Deeds, Portraits, and Crests.
Holy Water: A type of provision used to temporarily increase a hero's resistances. Also can be used on dungeon curios.
HP: Short for "health points". HP is removed as damage is taken. A hero with 0 HP is at Death's Door.
Poptext tagged
Marks can be placed on heroes and enemies through combat skills. They do nothing on their own, but certain combat skills get bonus DMG, ACC, and CRIT when targeting marked targets.
MAX HP: Short for "maximum health points".
Medicinal Herbs: A type of provision used to cure a hero's combat debuffs. Also can be used on dungeon curios.
Mortality Debuff:
Heroes who are healed off of Death's Door are shaken for the rest of the quest and receive a mortality debuff. This lasts until the quest is over, or is removed by certain Camping skills.
Move (effect):
Poptext move
An effect that moves the target forward or backwards in the party lineup. Certain hero combat skills can be used to move around enemies or the heroes using them. Certain enemy skills can do the same.
Move Resistance: Bonus towards resisting enemy moves that cause a position change.
Obstacle: An object found in dungeons that impedes the party's progress. They can be removed by hand or with a shovel. Clearing an obstacle by hand inflicts DMG and stress on the entire party, as well as reducing the light meter.
An heirloom typically found in the Warrens. Used to upgrade buildings in Town.
PROT: Short for "protection". Indicates what percentage of incoming damage is mitigated. DOTs (bleed, blight) ignore PROT.
Provisions: An item that can be added to the player's inventory before embarking on a quest.
A character trait on a hero. Quirks can be beneficial (positive) or hindering (negative). All heroes start with some quirks but acquire more through adventuring.
Resistance: A stat that influences how likely a hero is to resist a particular status, such as Stun or Bleed.
Resolve Level: The veteran level of a hero. A hero with higher Resolve Level can better resist stress, learn higher level skills, and wield higher level equipment. Higher Resolve Level heroes will not waste their time on lower level quests. Low Resolve Level heroes adventuring in higher level dungeons will find it more stressful.
Resolve XP: Earning Resolve XP progresses a hero toward the next Resolve Level. Resolve XP can only be earned by completing quests. Heroes do not earn Resolve XP if they abandon or fail quests.
Roster: The Collection of all the player's hired heroes.
Scouting: A Scout Check happens whenever a room is entered the first time, including the entrance. If successful, nearby rooms and corridors on the dungeon map will be revealed, showing their contents.
Shovel A type of provision. Used to clear obstacles to prevent taking DMG and stress. It also has uses on many dungeon curios.
Skeleton Key: A type of provision used on curios in dungeons.
SPD: Short for "speed". Speed influences the order in which combatants act along with a hidden initiative dice roll. Initiative is re-rolled each turn.
Tray afflicted
Accrues as heroes travel through dungeons and engage in combat. When a hero reaches 100 stress, she acquires either an Affliction or a Virtue. At 200 stress, the hero suffers a heart attack.
Poptext stun
An effect that forces the hero or enemy to pass on his/her next turn
Stun resistance: A bonus toward resisting stunning attacks. Heroes and enemies who are stunned will gain resistance after recovering from being stunned.
Surprise Check: Made at the beginning of each battle to determine which group is surprised. Surprised heroes have their order jumbled. Surprised enemies act last in the first round.
Torch A type of provision. Used to increase the current torchlight within a dungeon. It also has uses on many dungeon curios.
Torchlight The amount of light in a dungeon. Adventuring in brightness is safer but less rewarding, while adventuring in darkness is more dangerous but more rewarding. Can be increased by using torches.
Trap Resistance:
Tray trap disarm
A bonus towards avoiding or disarming traps.
Trinkets: Trinkets are equippable items that heroes can wear that confer stat bonuses and penalties when worn. Heroes can hold up to two Trinkets, but cannot hold two identical trinkets.
Tray virtued
A temporary condition of increased effectiveness that a hero acquires after passing an Affliction Check. Virtued heroes have buffs and may buff or otherwise increase the power of themselves and/or their allies.
Weapon: A type of equipment used by a hero to combat the dangers found in dungeons. A hero's weapon determines his/her base DMG, CRIT, and SPD. Weapons can be upgraded at the Blacksmith.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Not all glossary entries work exactly as they are described. For example, PROT is not mentioned to cap at 80% and heroes won't suffer a heart attack upon reaching 200 stress if they are virtuous.