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The Graveyard is one of the Hamlet's locations. The graveyard holds a log of all fallen heroes, stating their name, level, class, and the circumstances of their death.


The Caretaker at the Graveyard.

Headstones[ | ]

The headstones in the death log will change depending on the status and importance of the dead hero.

Tombstone1 Headstone for a hero who died at resolve level 0 or 1.
Tombstone2 Headstone for a hero who died at resolve level 2.
Tombstone3 Headstone for a hero who died at resolve level 3.
Tombstone4 Headstone for a hero who died at resolve level 4.
Tombstone5 Headstone for a hero who died at resolve level 5.
Tombstone6 Headstone for a hero who died at resolve level 6.
Headstone CC Headstone for a hero who wasted away from Crimson Curse
TombstoneFinal Headstone for a hero who died within the Darkest Dungeon.
TombstoneFinalBlow Headstone for a hero who died fighting the Final Boss.

Other[ | ]

There is one specific Town Event that targets the Graveyard, being From Beyond. When this event is triggered, you are presented with three randomly selected fallen heroes. You get to choose one of them, and the chosen hero will be returned to the living, and into your Roster. There are a few things to consider:

  1. There has to be space in your Roster in order for the Hero to return. If you really want to revive a certain Hero and your Roster is full, you must dismiss one Hero in order to make space.
  2. The revived hero keeps the Resolve level and Quirks they had on death, but all of their skills and equipment will be reset. This means that if you bring back a high level Hero, you will have to spend a lot of gold to fully restore them back to how they were.
  3. This event will not trigger until you have at least 3 Heroes buried in the Graveyard. There are no specific triggers for this event and, while rare, it can occur multiple times in one campaign.
  4. Heroes with the 'Never Again' trait (i.e. Heroes who have succesfully completed a Darkest Dungeon mission) do not lose this trait when they die. As a result, they still do not fill a slot in your roster, and can thus be revived even with a full roster.

Achievements[ | ]

Because of the nature of the Graveyard, listed below are the non-hidden achievements related to both the building and hero death. For hidden achievements, please check the Achievements page.

Image Name Description
Achievement01 Gnawing hunger sets in... Lose a hero to hunger
Achievement02 The stresses were unbearable... Lose your first hero to heart attack
Achievement03 The first of many has fallen... Lose your first hero
Achievement17 No retreat, no quarter... First party wipe
Achievement27 We all return to dust... Lose a Legendary (Level 6) hero
Achievement28 More blood soaks the soil... Party wipe on a boss

The Crimson Court Achievements[ | ]

Image Name Description
AchievementCC10 Expired Lose a Hero to Wasting Away From the Curse
AchievementCC11 Shadows Blur Together Kill an Ally While Under the Curse

The Color of Madness Achievements[ | ]

Image Name Description
AchievementCM08 Rainbow's End Lose a Hero Equipped with the Coat of Many Colors
AchievementCM09 Pipe Dream Lose a Hero Equipped with the Miller's Pipe
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