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Heirlooms are four of the currencies in Darkest Dungeon. They consist of Busts, Portraits, Deeds and Crests, and are primarily used to upgrade the various buildings in town.

In dungeons, Crests stack to 12, Busts and Deeds stack to 6, and Portraits stack to 3.

Preferred Location[]

Any Heirlooms can drop in any location, however, each location tends to drop one type of heirloom more than others. This means that if you are looking for a specific type of heirloom, it pays to dive into quests in that location (preferably with an Antiquarian, if possible). Also take note of the end-reward for any quest, as a small amount of heirlooms will be listed as a guaranteed reward for successful completion.

Icon Bust.png Busts: Ruins

Icon Portrait.pngPortraits: Warrens

Icon Deed.pngDeeds: Weald

Icon Crest.png Crests: Cove

Trade Heirlooms[]

Trade Heirlooms.png

In town, heirlooms can be exchanged for heirlooms of other types. Comet Shards from the Color of Madness DLC can also be exchanged:

Busts Portraits Deeds Crests
Busts --- 3:1 3:2 2:3
Portraits 2:3 --- 2:3 1:3
Deeds 3:2 3:1 --- 2:3
Crests 3:1 6:1 3:1 ---
Comet ShardsCoM Icon.png 3:1 6:1 3:1 3:2

*The heirloom being traded is on the left hand side; the heirloom being received is on the top. Note that some value is lost in each exchange.

Inventory Space[]

Or in terms of inventory stack size:

Stack Size 6 3 6 12
Busts Portraits Deeds Crests
Busts --- 66.6% 66.6% 75%
Portraits 75% --- 75% 75%
Deeds 66.6% 66.6% --- 75%
Crests 66.6% 66.6% 66.6% ---

*The heirloom on the left exchanges for the heirloom on the top, at the rate of one full stack for the given percentage of a stack.

When trading for Busts or Deeds, full stacks of Portraits are more space-efficient than the other two. When trading for Portraits or Crests, all the heirlooms are equally space-efficient.

Of course, not trading at all and avoiding the trading cost is even more efficient, if you can afford to delay a less critical upgrade.

Upgrade Buildings[]

Different buildings require different heirlooms for upgrade, although all require Crests:

Icon Deed.pngIcon Crest.png Stage Coach (except "Experienced Recruits")

Icon Deed.pngIcon Crest.png Blacksmith

Icon Portrait.pngIcon Crest.png Guild

Icon Portrait.pngIcon Crest.png Tavern

Icon Bust.pngIcon Crest.png Stage Coach ("Experienced Recruits")

Icon Bust.pngIcon Crest.png Abbey

Icon Bust.pngIcon Crest.png Sanitarium

Icon Crest.pngIcon Crest.png Nomad Wagon

Icon Crest.pngIcon Crest.png Survivalist

Total Requirements[]

According to reddit user, u/VinayssusMan, the maximum amount of heirlooms a player will need to collect to upgrade every building on the highest difficulty is detailed below:

Stage Coach Requires:

  • 144 Deeds
  • 54 Busts
  • 222 Crests

Abbey Requires:

  • 240 Busts
  • 282 Crests

Tavern Requires:

  • 123 Portraits
  • 240 Crests

Blacksmith Requires:

  • 277 Deeds
  • 301 Crests

Guild Requires:

  • 118 Portraits
  • 302 Crests

Sanitarium Requires:

  • 240 Busts
  • 154 Crests

Nomad Wagon Requires:

  • 273 Crests

Survivalist Requires:

  • 268 Crests

Total heirloom cost for town completion(No DLC):

  • 421 Deeds
  • 534 Busts
  • 241 Portraits
  • 2042 Crests

-------------------- IF DLC -----------------------

Districts Require:

  • 1925 Crests
  • 155 Portraits
  • 140 Busts
  • 310 Deeds
  • 12 Blueprints

Total sum of heirlooms(with DLC):

  • 731 Deeds
  • 674 Busts
  • 396 Portraits
  • 3967 Crests
  • 12 Blueprints"[1]


Image Name Description
Achievement14.jpg A collection of treasured antiques... Collect at least 30 heirlooms from a single quest