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Heirlooms – consisting of Busts, Portraits, Deeds, and Crests – are used to upgrade buildings in the Hamlet. The Crimson Court DLC adds Blueprints, which are required by Districts.

In dungeons, Crests stack to 12, Busts and Deeds stack to 6, and Portraits stack to 3.

Preferred Locations[ | ]

Heirlooms can drop in any location; however, each location tends to drop one type more than others. This means that if you are looking for a specific type of Heirloom, it pays to dive into quests in that location. Also, take note of the end-reward for quests, as a number of Heirlooms will be listed as a guaranteed reward for successful completion (though not necessarily matching the commonly-found Heirloom listed below).

Icon BustBusts: Ruins Icon PortraitPortraits: Warrens Icon DeedDeeds: Weald Icon Crest Crests: Cove

Trading[ | ]

Trade Heirlooms

In town, Heirlooms can be exchanged for each other. To the right of the row of Heirlooms (bottom left in the Hamlet screen), there is a pair of circular arrows - select it to bring up the "Trade Heirlooms" window (see image, right). Select the Heirloom you want to trade away, and the 3 other Heirlooms, with their return value, will appear on the right. These ratios are fixed and never change. Click the check button next to the desired Heirloom to make 1 trade; click as many times as needed.

Comet Shards from The Color of Madness DLC can be traded away for any Heirloom, but you cannot trade Heirlooms for Comet Shards.

Trades are always at an unfavorable rate (i.e. you cannot "trade back" at the same ratio).

Portraits are the most valuable in terms of trading, Deeds and Busts are tied for mid-value, and Crests are the least valuable.

The exchange rates are listed below.

The Heirloom being traded is on the left; the one being received is on the top.
Icon Crest Icon Bust Icon Deed Icon Portrait
Icon Crest --- 3:1 3:1 6:1
Icon Bust 2:3 --- 3:2 3:1
Icon Deed 2:3 3:2 --- 3:1
Icon Portrait 1:3 2:3 2:3 ---
CoM Icon 3:2 3:1 3:1 6:1

Note that some value is lost in each exchange; e.g. if you started with 9 Deeds, you could trade them (at 3:2) for 6 Busts. If you then traded those 6 Busts back for Deeds (at 3:2), you would end up with only 4 Deeds, less than half of what you started with. Because of this, not trading at all and avoiding the trading cost is preferred, if you can afford to delay a less critical upgrade.

Inventory Space[ | ]

While in an Expedition, one may want to maximize the value of Heirloom stacks, for later trading. This table is similar to the above, but considers full stacks of each heirloom, the limit allowed while questing.

The Heirloom being traded is on the left; the one being received is on the top.
Icon Crest Icon Bust Icon Deed Icon Portrait
Icon Crest --- 66.6% 66.6% 66.6%
Icon Bust 75% --- 66.6% 66.6%
Icon Deed 75% 66.6% --- 66.6%
Icon Portrait 75% 75% 75% ---

In short, when trading for Crests or Portraits, all the Heirlooms are equally space-efficient (66% or 75%, depending); when trading for Busts or Deeds, full stacks of Portraits are slightly more space-efficient than the other two (by ~12.5% more in return).

Upgrading Buildings[ | ]

Different upgrade slots require different Heirlooms, although all use Crests.

Icon CrestIcon Bust
Icon CrestIcon Portrait
Icon CrestIcon Deed
Icon Crest

Total Requirements[ | ]

The maximum amount of Heirlooms needed to upgrade every building is detailed below:[1]

Icon Bust Icon Portrait Icon Deed Icon Crest Currency.blueprint.icon
Abbey 240 --- --- 282 ---
Sanitarium 240 --- --- 154 ---
Stage Coach 54 --- 144 222 ---
Guild --- 118 --- 302 ---
Tavern --- 123 --- 240 ---
Blacksmith --- --- 277 301 ---
Nomad Wagon --- --- --- 273 ---
Survivalist --- --- --- 268 ---
Total (no DLC) 534 241 421 2042 ---
Districts 140 155 310 1925 12
Total (with DLC) 674 396 731 3967 12

Achievement[ | ]

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A collection of treasured antiques... Collect at least 30 Heirlooms from a single quest