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Each Hero has up to 4 potential paths to choose from. Paths act as specializations that imbue heroes with wildly different strengths and weaknesses, influencing how each hero is played.

Paths are unlocked for use at the Altar of Hope through each Hero's progression track in The Living City . Once unlocked, they can be manually assigned at The Crossroads when assembling a party.

Wanderer[ | ]

At the start of the game all heroes will have the path Wanderer. This path doesn't have any modifier and is considered to be the default path. Playing Wanderer will give extra candles to the player.

Path Dd2 path wanderer Wanderer

"To seek is to find."

Effect Candles of Hope +1:

Reach the 2nd Inn

Unique Hero Paths[ | ]

Each Hero has 3 Paths unique to them. Listed below are all the unique Paths included in Darkest Dungeon II.

Portraits-plaguedoctorPlague Doctor[ | ]

Unique Plague Doctor Paths
Dd2 path surgeon Surgeon

"Suture or sever? Both have their uses..."
Dd2 path alchemist Alchemist

"A fascinating reaction..."
Dd2 path physician Physician

"Let me prescribe a more ...holistic regimen."
+25% Max Icon HP dd2
Melee Skills: +50% DMG
Healing Skills: +33% Healing Given
-33% Blight dd2 Chance
-20% Max Icon HP dd2
+33% Blight dd2 Chance
Blight-Causing Skills: +10% CRIT
+50% Stun dd2 RES
+20% Bleed dd2 Blight dd2 Burn dd2 RES
+33% Debuff dd2 RES
Blight Skills: -2 Blight dd2 Dealt
Bleed Skills: -2 Bleed dd2 Dealt
Disorienting Blast: +20% Stun dd2 Chance
Ounce of Prevention: +15% Dd2 token stress RES
Emboldening Vapours: Dd2 token strength 2
Disorienting Blast: Dd2 token vulnerable


Portraits-graverobberGrave Robber[ | ]

Unique Grave Robber Paths
Dd2 path deadeye Deadeye

"I always was rather good at darts, wasn't I?"
Dd2 path venomdrop Venomdrop

"I'll double the dose, just to be sure."
Dd2 path nightsworn Nightsworn

"The shadows - my favourite cloak."
Ranged Skills: +25% DMG
Melee SKills: -25% DMG
Ranged Skills: +5% CRIT
-33% Move dd2 RES
Ranged Skills: -25% DMG
-3 Icon speed
+2 Blight dd2 Dealt when Self Dd2 token stealth
Flashing Daggers: Blight dd2 2 (Dd2 mastery icon: Blight dd2 4)
Movement Skills: +30% Blight dd2 Chance
-20% Max Icon HP dd2
If Dd2 token stealth: +50% DMG
Lunge and Pirouette Skills: +25% DMG


Portraits-highwaymanHighwayman[ | ]

Unique Highwayman Paths
Dd2 path rogue Rogue

"Up close and personal - that's how the job gets done."
Dd2 path sharpshot Sharpshot

"I never miss."
Dd2 path yellowhand Yellowhand

"Let's go another round, then."
If Rank = 1: +25% DMG
If Rank = 3: -25% DMG
If Rank = 4: -50% DMG
Point Blank Shot Skills: Dd2 token riposte
Ranged Skills: +25% DMG
Melee Skills: -25% DMG
+3 Icon speed
Grapeshot Blast Skills: Dd2 token strength
+15% Max Icon HP dd2
Ranged Skills: -75% DMG
Apply On Hit: Melee Skills: -10% Bleed dd2 RES
Highway Robbery Skills: Steal Positive Token
Double Cross Skills: Remove Dd2 token block


Portraits-manatarmsMan-at-Arms[ | ]

Unique Man-at-Arms Paths
Dd2 path sergeant Sergeant

"Listen up you lot!"
Dd2 path bulwark Bulwark

"Stand fast behind me!"
Dd2 path vanguard Vanguard

"Look death in the eye."
-20% DMG
+100% Move dd2 RES
Bolster Skills: Remove Dd2 token vulnerable
Bolster Skills: Remove Dd2 token weak
Each Ally On Turn Start:
+50% Bleed dd2 RES +50% Blight dd2 RES +50% Burn dd2 RES (20%)
Crush & Riposte Skills: -25% DMG
Shield Attack Skills: +50% DMG
Shield Attack Skills: +10% Stun dd2Chance
Stand Fast Skills: Dd2 token tauntx2
+20% Max Icon HP dd2
Riposte Skills: +25% DMG
Crush Skills: +50% DMG
-20% Bleed dd2 RES
-20% Blight dd2 RES
-20% Burn dd2 RES


Portraits-hellionHellion[ | ]

Unique Hellion Paths
Dd2 path ravager Ravager

"I am no coward - come
make your end!"
Dd2 path berserker Berserker

"Let it bleed!
Dd2 path carcass Carcass

"Again! I can take it!"
+20% Max Icon HP dd2

If Rank = 1: +25% DMG
-33% Bleed dd2 Chance
Turn Start:
Bleed dd2 3 (25%)

-20% Max Icon HP dd2
+10% Deathsdoor dd2 RES
+33% Bleed dd2 Chance
Bleed-causing Skills: +10% CRIT
Gain When CRIT: Dd2 token stress -1 (50%) or Dd2 token stress -2 (25%)
Barbaric YAWP Skills: Dd2 token taunt x2
Wicked Hack Skills: Remove Dd2 token block
Turn Start:
Dd2 token winded
Turn End:
Per Dd2 token winded : Dd2 token block (75%)


Portraits-runawayRunaway[ | ]

Unique Runaway Paths
Dd2 path arsonist Arsonist

"Everything burns."
Dd2 path survivor Survivor

"Patch up. Stay sharp. Keep moving."
Dd2 path orphan Orphan

"I have nothing, and so I have everything."
+33% Burn dd2 Chance
Burn-causing Skills: +10% CRIT
-25% DMG
Turn Start:
Burn dd2 3 (25%)
Healing Skills: +50% Healing Given
+50% Healing-Over-Time given
-20%Burn dd2Chance
Combat Start:
Dd2 token dodge x2
Dd2 token speed
-20% Max Icon HP dd2
If Rank =1: -2 Burn dd2 Dealt
If Rank =2: -1 Burn dd2 Dealt
If Rank =3: +1 Burn dd2 Dealt
If Rank =4: +2 Burn dd2 Dealt
If Rank =1: +40% DMG
If Rank =2: +20% DMG
If Rank =3: -20% DMG
If Rank =4: -40% DMG
Firestarter Skills: Dd2 token crit


Portraits-jesterJester[ | ]

Unique Jester Paths
Dd2 path virtuoso Virtuoso

"Play the hits, keep the crowd happy."
Dd2 path soloist Soloist

"This'll be a cutting performance..."
Dd2 path intermezzo Intermezzo

"Let's keep this melody moving..."
+20% Max Icon HP dd2
+3 Icon speed
-20% Bleed dd2 RES
-20% Blight dd2 RES
-20% Burn dd2 RES
Each Ally On Turn Start:
+100% Dd2 token stress RES (15%)
+20% DMG
+33% Bleed dd2 Chance
Bleed-causing Skills: +10% CRIT
-20% Max Icon HP dd2
-3 Icon speed
Song Skills: Bleed dd2 2
Inspiring Tune Skills: +20% Dd2 token stress RES
Echoing March Skills: When Moving: Bleed dd2 2
Battle Ballad & Play Out Skills: Dd2 token crit (10%) or
Dd2 token dodgeplus (20%) or
Dd2 token strength (35%) or
Dd2 token block (35%)


Portraits-leperLeper[ | ]

Unique Leper Paths
Dd2 path tempest Tempest

"The winter storm
knows only rage."
Dd2 path poet Poet

"Petals must fall."
Dd2 path monarch Monarch

"To rule, one must learn to serve."
Chop Skills: +33% DMG
+33% Debuff dd2 RES
+100% Disease dd2 RES
-25% Max Icon HP dd2
-3 Icon speed
Self-Healing Skills: +50% Healing Given
+50% Stun dd2 RES
+50% Move dd2 RES
-25% DMG
-30% Max Icon HP dd2
Chop Skills: -75% DMG
Purge & Intimidate Skills: Dd2 token vulnerable
Combat Start:
Cosmic: +50% Icon HP dd2
+2 Icon speed
Chop Skills: +100% DMG


Portraits-occultistOccultist[ | ]

Unique Occultist Paths
Dd2 path ritualist Ritualist

"A curse upon my enemies, and a curse upon myself."
Dd2 path warlock Warlock

"Those beyond the veil hear my calls and obey!"
Dd2 path aspirant Aspirant

"I drift in the starless skies of the void."
Healing Skills: +33% Healing Given
Cursing Skills: +10% Debuff dd2 Chance
Cursing Skills: Dd2 token strength 2 (15%)
Dd2 token crit (15%)
Dd2 token dodgeplus (15%)
Turn Start:
Dd2 token vulnerable (33%)
-20% Max Icon HP dd2
Ranged Skills: +25% DMG
Turn Start:
Dd2 token uncheckedpower (33%)
+25% Max Icon HP dd2
Melee Skills: +25% DMG
Anamnesis Skills: +125% DMG
Cursing Skills: -15% Debuff dd2 Chance
-15% Debuff dd2 RES
Combat Start:
Dd2 token blockplus

Defunct Hero Paths[ | ]

Before the update which introduced the Altar of Hope, Hero Paths were randomly assigned to Heroes at The Crossroads instead of being manually chosen by the player. Among the four paths that were available to all Heroes, two more were previously available, which were Apprentice and Master.

Path Dd2 path apprentice Apprentice

"I search for purpose in the withering dark."

Dd2 path master Master

"Mastery is life's great journey."

Effect 1 Random Skill Upgraded All Skills Upgraded