Holy water

Holy Water is used to purge evil and restore purity. It can be purchased in the Provisions menu just before Embark for 150 gold.

Uses Edit

  • Use on a character. (Gain effects: Blight resist +33%, Bleed resist +33%, Disease resist +33%, Debuff resist +33%)
  • Altar of Light: Curry favor with the gods. (Gain effect, Stronger damage buff)
  • Confession Booth: The ritual relieves the hero. (Gain effect, Stress heal level 2)
  • Decorative Urn: The consecrated water dissolves the ashes. (Gain loot)
  • Eldritch Altar: The holy water purifies the altar. (Gain effect, Stress heal)
  • Holy Fountain: Divine blessings. (Gain effect, Super holy fountain effect)
  • Occult Scrawlings: The hero feels... wrong. (Gain effect, 'Unnamed Curse' -20 Dodge)
  • Pile of Bones: Safely preform a thorough search. (Gain loot)
  • Pristine Fountain: Consecrates the fountain. (Gain effect, Stress heal level 2)
  • Troubling Effigy: The effigy empowers the hero. (Gain quirk, positive quirk)