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Implication DD2
Base Stats
Icon HP dd2 MAX HP 38 Icon speed dd2 SPD 0
Bleed dd2 Bleed 200% Stun dd2 Stun 50%
Blight dd2 Blight 200% Move dd2 Move 30%
Burn dd2 Burn 200% Debuff dd2 Debuff 30%
Size Turns per round
2 1
Permanent Condition(s)
Spawn: 2Dd2 token blockplus

The Implication is an elite Pillager enemy in Darkest Dungeon II.

Lore[ | ]

Many war machines can be seen laying dormant amidst the trees of The Tangle, where the Lost Battalion was meant to stand against the cult and it's ravenous descent from atop the Mountain. Though most were overtaken by the strangling roots that ushered the poor soldiers to their eternal restless slumber, a few yet remained usable. Those who did salvage them however, were no decent folk. The opportunistic and unsympathetic pillagers turned the weapons that were supposed to protect the people onto those poor souls who yet persisted trough the crumbling world. Used as tools of terror and slaughter alike, what was once a droplet of hope for humanity's survival against the looming threat of the void now serves as a reminder that monsters were here long before the cultists.

Description[ | ]

The Implication is a massive cannon capable of dealing large amounts of damage to the entire party. This offensive power is somewhat mitigated by the fact that it must reload between each shot, giving heroes ample time to prepare—and that it often misses its shots. Defensively, not only does The Implication have a high health pool and practical immunity to damage over time, but it also regularly generates Dd2 token blockplus Block+ tokens; thus the only way to destroy it is to concentrate attacks and whittle away at its health over time.

Note that the Implication's attacks will target more heroes the further back it is in the enemy formation. Thus it is often prudent to push or kill the Implications front-line allies in order to reduce its effective damage.

Skills[ | ]

Skill Name Target Ranks DMG CRIT Self Effects
Load Shot - Yellow dotYellow dotYellow dotYellow dot - - • Add Dd2 token blockplus x2
Move dd2 Back 1
BOOOOOOOM! Blue circle 3+4 Yellow dotGrey dotGrey dotGrey dot 8-14 10% - • 1 Dd2 token stress (50%)
Blue circle lasso 2+3+4 Grey dotYellow dotGrey dotGrey dot 8-14 10% - • 1 Dd2 token stress (50%)
Blue circle lasso full Grey dotGrey dotYellow dotGrey dot 8-14 10% - • 1 Dd2 token stress (50%)
MISFIRE! Blue circle 3+4 Yellow dotGrey dotGrey dotGrey dot 3-4 15% - • -1 Dd2 token stress
Blue circle lasso 2+3+4 Grey dotYellow dotGrey dotGrey dot 3-4 15% - • -1 Dd2 token stress
Blue circle lasso full Grey dotGrey dotYellow dotGrey dot 3-4 15% - • -1 Dd2 token stress

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Implication's appearance and behaviour resemble the Brigand Pounder boss from the first game, and its name is a reference to the Ancestor's description of the Brigand Pounder as a "war machine of terrible implication".

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