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The Inventory is a group of locations for items in various situations.

There are several different "Inventories" where you can view your hard-earned gains.

All Inventories have limitations on the size* of the stacks except the after-mission "Loot" tally and your in-Town Gold/Heirlooms count.

  • Gold and Heirlooms Used to store all Gold and Heirlooms you currently own, viewed in-town (bottom left).
  • Trinket Inventory Used to store (unequipped) Trinkets you have acquired. 999 slots.
  • Equipped Trinkets Used for Trinkets currently equipped by a Hero*, visible (in Town or in Mission) by selecting that Hero (right-click). 2 slots/Hero.
(* Note that dead Heroes are lost along with their inventory slots; you do not "drag" dead Heroes back home with their trinkets. However, if there are survivors to the death, you may claim their trinkets into your Inventory, if there is room.)
  • Provision / (Mission) Inventory First used by the Heroes when preparing for a mission and after selecting that mission. Then, after entering the mission, the same screen but unnamed, for both provisions and all collected loot. 16 slots.
  • Quest Rewards Rewards that are specific to successfully completing a particular mission objective, visible before choosing a mission, applicable (only) after successfully completing a mission. 6 slots.
  • Collected Treasure / Collected Heirlooms Lists the raw monetary total / total heirlooms gained during a mission. Viewed immediately after exiting a dungeon but before returning to Town, when all is added to the Gold and Heirlooms Inventory there. Does not include the value of any Trinkets acquired (which will automatically be deposited into Trinket Inventory upon returning to Town). Independent of success/failure of mission objective. 99 slots. No stack limits.
  • Nomad Wagon Used to display the weekly Trinkets offered for sale by the Nomad Wagon. Default 2 slots, max 16 (upgradable).
  • Stack limits vary with the item; e.g. Trinkets stack 1/slot, Heirlooms stack 3/, 6/ or 12/slot (depending), Torches stack 8/slot, Food stacks 12/slot, etc. Different gems stack differently (1-5/slot), and Gold usually stacks 1,750/slot, but that value is increased by any Antiquarians in the party. See below, or article on specific items or provisions for stacking limits.

Stack Limits[ | ]

Each stack has a limit on how many items can exist in it. 1 stack takes up 1 slot of Inventory space.

Gold: 1750 (increased by 750 per Antiquarian in the party)
Food: 12
Firewood: 1

Bust: 6
Portrait: 3
Deed: 6
Crest: 12

Gems (Citrine, Emerald, Jade, Onyx, Ruby, or Sapphire): 5 per type (6 with Geological Studyhall in Color of Madness DLC)
Big Loot (Puzzling Trapezohedron, Jute Tapestry, Consecrated Pew): 1 per type (2 with Geological Studyhall except Tapestry)

Shovel: 4
Antivenom: 6
Bandage: 6
Medicinal Herbs: 6
Skeleton Key: 6
Holy Water: 6
Torch: 8
Dog Treats: 2
Exclusive to the Crimson Court DLCThe Blood: 6
Exclusive to the Shieldbreaker DLCAegis Scale: 4
Exclusive to the Color of Madness DLCShard Dust: 6

There are also a few special inventory items that are specific to certain quests or the Antiquarian:

Minor Antique: 20
Rare Antique: 5

Gathering Quest Items: (Holy Relic, Medicine, Grain Sack, Ancestor's Relic): 1
Activation Quest Items: (Consecrated Essence, Potent Salve, Pick-Axe, Pineal Gland): 1

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