A ruined man, a warrior, and a poet. The Leper is most effective when given a turn to focus himself before raising his massive blade. When he swings, it is all or nothing - crushing blows and massive damage or the empty whistling of a glancing blow. He is entirely self-sufficient, drawing strength from his life of trauma, and able to channel it into heals, protection, or unrelenting fury.

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The Leper is a sick man with a death wish, unshakable and unfeeling.

The Leper is the strongest hero in the game in terms of raw power, capable of dishing out severe amounts of damage to even the most durable enemies, but at the cost of being only capable of targeting the two frontal enemies and having attacks that have poor accuracy. Thankfully though, the Leper gets through this by having several self-buffing abilities such as Focus and Withstand. The Leper is additionally considered a pious character, preventing them from partying with some party members like the abomination and having certain character's camp skills give them more benefits or drawbacks.


Heavy and restricting, the Leper's bronzed cuirass can absorb all manner of punishing blow. His massive sword is slow to swing, but delivers crushing damage to anyone caught in his unstoppable arc.

- In-Game Description

Combat SkillsEdit


Level Combat Stats
1 ..oo oo.. ACC base: 75
  • Hew 1
    • Melee
    • ACC base: 65
    • DMG mod: -40%
    • CRIT mod: 2%
  • Focus 1
    • Melee
    • Self: +15 ACC
  • Revenge 1
    • Melee
    • Self: +40% DMG, +3% CRIT
  • Withstand 1
    • Melee
    • Self: Stress Heal +5, 20% PROT
  • Solemnity 1
    • Melee
    • Self: Heal 4 HP
  • Intimidate 1
    • Melee
    • ACC base: 80
    • DMG mod: -40%
    • Target: Knockback 1, -10 ACC

Camping SkillsEdit

A loner and an outcast, the Leper will tend to shun the others in his group, preferring instead to mend his own dying body at the expense of the horror such an undertaking brings forth. In order to reduce his stress, the Leper can remove his mask, but such a thing is sure to unsettle his companions.

- In-Game Description

  • Encourage
    • Time Cost: 2
    • One Companion: Reduce Stress by 10
  • Wound Care
    • Time Cost: 2
    • One Companion: Heal 20%, (15% chance) Remove Target Bleeding
  • Pep Talk
    • Time Cost: 2
    • One Companion: +25% Stress Resist
  • Let the Mask Down
    • Time Cost: 1
    • Self Only: Reduce Stress by 25
    • All Companions: Increase Stress by 5
  • Bloody Shroud
    • Time Cost: 3
    • Self Only: Heal 40%, Increase Stress by 20
  • Reflection
    • Time Cost: 3
    • Self Only: Reduce Stress by 20, +10 ACC
  • Quarantine
    • Time Cost: 3
    • Self Only: Suffer 20% HP damage
    • All Companions: (50% chance) Reduce Stress by 20, (50% chance) Reduce Stress by 15


  • Leper is a name given to those who suffer from Leprosy, also known as Hansen's Disease, a infectional disease caused by the Myctobacterium leprae which the Leper himself appears to suffer from.

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