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Disambig This article is about the hero in Darkest Dungeon II. For other appearances, see Leper (disambiguation).

Lep wiki2
Base Stats
Icon HP dd2 MAX HP 44 Icon speed dd2 SPD 2
Bleed dd2 Bleed 10% Stun dd2 Stun 30%
Blight dd2 Blight 10% Move dd2 Move 20%
Burn dd2 Burn 20% Debuff dd2 Debuff 20%
Disease dd2 Disease 30% Deathsdoor dd2 Death Blow 60%
1 forwards, 0 backwards
Permanent Condition(s)
Combat Start:
Dd2 token blind (50%)
Dd2 token blind (25%)

Lep wiki2
Base Stats
Icon HP dd2 MAX HP 52 Icon speed dd2 SPD 2
Bleed dd2 Bleed 10% Stun dd2 Stun 30%
Blight dd2 Blight 10% Move dd2 Move 30%
Burn dd2 Burn 20% Debuff dd2 Debuff 20%
Disease dd2 Disease 30% Deathsdoor dd2 Death Blow 75%
1 forwards, 0 backwards
Permanent Condition(s)
Combat Start:
Dd2 token blind (50%)
Dd2 token blind (25%)

Making peace with adversity is the very essence of existence.
~ The Academic

The Leper is one of 14 Heroes in Darkest Dungeon II.

Class Description[ | ]


Unique Attributes[ | ]

Blindness[ | ]

The Leper's huge damage potential is hampered by a high chance to Dd2 token blind Blind himself when using skills like Chop and Hew. Additionally, he starts each battle with up to two Dd2 token blind Blind tokens which cannot be resisted by Debuff dd2 Debuff RES! When using the Leper, care must be taken to ensure that he has a way of either getting rid of Dd2 token blind or by generating Dd2 token combo Combo tokens to negate the accuracy penalty.

Skills[ | ]

The Leper start the game with Dd2 ability chop Chop, Dd2 ability purge Purge, Dd2 ability withstand Withstand, Dd2 ability solemnity Solemnity, and Dd2 ability reflection Reflection. All other skills must be unlocked through the Shrine of Reflection, after which they are permanently available for subsequent playthroughs.

Dd2 ability chop Type Rank Target
Dd2 melee icon Melee Empty circle dd2Empty circle dd2Yellow circleYellow circle Blue circleBlue circleEmpty circle dd2Empty circle dd2
Damage Crit Self
6-12 5%
Ignores Dd2 token blind when Target Dd2 token combo
Add Dd2 token blind(75%)
Dd2 mastery icon Upgraded
6-16 5%
Ignores Dd2 token blind when Target Dd2 token combo
Add Dd2 token blind(60%)
Dd2 skill chop



Dd2 ability purge Type Rank Target
Dd2 melee icon Melee Empty circle dd2Empty circle dd2Empty circle dd2Yellow circle Blue circleEmpty circle dd2Empty circle dd2Empty circle dd2
Damage Crit Target
2-4 5%
Knockback 3
Target Team:
Clear Corpse
Dd2 mastery icon Upgraded
3-5 5%
Knockback 3
Dd2 token combo
Target Team:
Clear Corpse
Corpses are cleared even if the Leper misses.
Dd2 skill purge



Dd2 ability withstand Type Rank Target Cooldown Uses
Dd2 token buff Buff Empty circle dd2Yellow circleYellow circleYellow circle Self 3 2
Add Dd2 token block x2
Add Dd2 token taunt x2
+15% Bleed dd2, Blight dd2, Burn dd2, Move dd2 RES
Turn Start: Dd2 token block (3 turns)
Dd2 mastery icon Upgraded
Add Dd2 token blockplus x2
Add Dd2 token taunt x2
+25% Bleed dd2, Blight dd2, Burn dd2, Move dd2 RES
Turn Start: Dd2 token block (3 turns)
Dd2 skill withstand



Dd2 ability solemnity Type Rank Target Uses
Dd2 token regen Heal Empty circle dd2Empty circle dd2Yellow circleYellow circle Self 2
Heal Self
Requires HP Icon HP dd2 < 33%
Heal 33%
-2 Dd2 token stress
Dd2 mastery icon Upgraded
Requires HP Icon HP dd2 < 33%
Heal 50%
-3 Dd2 token stress
Dd2 skill solemnity



Dd2 ability reflection Type Rank Target Cooldown
Dd2 token buff Buff Empty circle dd2Empty circle dd2Yellow circleYellow circle Self 1 (Dd2 mastery icon0)
-1 Dd2 token stress
Remove Dd2 token blind
Remove Dd2 token combo
Dd2 mastery icon Upgraded
-2 Dd2 token stress
Remove Dd2 token blind
Remove Dd2 token combo
+20% Debuff dd2 RES
Dd2 skill reflection



Dd2 ability hew Type Rank Target
Dd2 melee icon Melee Empty circle dd2Empty circle dd2Yellow circleYellow circle Blue circle lassolBlue circle lassorEmpty circle dd2Empty circle dd2
Damage Crit Self
3-7 5%
Ignores Dd2 token blind when Target Dd2 token combo
Add Dd2 token blind (75%)
Dd2 mastery icon Upgraded
4-9 5%
Ignores Dd2 token blind when Target Dd2 token combo
Add Dd2 token blind (60%)
Dd2 skill hew



Dd2 ability revenge Type Rank Target Cooldown Uses
Dd2 token buff Buff Yellow circleYellow circleYellow circleYellow circle Self 3 2
Add Dd2 token vulnerable x2
Turn Start: Dd2 token strength 2 (3 turns)
Dd2 mastery icon Upgraded
Add Dd2 token vulnerable
Remove Dd2 token weak
Turn Start: Dd2 token strength 2, Dd2 token crit (15%) (3 turns)
The Dd2 token vulnerable tokens may be resisted.
Dd2 skill revenge



Dd2 ability intimidate Type Rank Target
Dd2 melee icon Melee Empty circle dd2Empty circle dd2Empty circle dd2Yellow circle Blue circleBlue circleBlue circleBlue circle
Damage Crit Target Self
1-2 5%
Add Dd2 token weak x2
Add Dd2 token taunt x2
Dd2 mastery icon Upgraded
2-3 5%
Ignores Dd2 token stealth
Add Dd2 token weak x2
Removes Dd2 token stealth
Add Dd2 token taunt x2
Dd2 skill intimidate



Dd2 ability ruin Type Rank Target Cooldown Uses
Dd2 token buff Buff Empty circle dd2Yellow circleYellow circleYellow circle Self 3 2
When Damaged:
+20% DMG (3 turns)
Dd2 mastery icon Upgraded
2 Bleed dd2
When Damaged:
+20% DMG (3 turns)


Dd2 ability break Type Rank Target
Dd2 melee icon Melee Empty circle dd2Empty circle dd2Yellow circleYellow circle Blue circleBlue circleEmpty circle dd2Empty circle dd2
Damage Crit Target Self
4-7 5%
Ignores Dd2 token block
Remove Dd2 token block
Add Dd2 token blind (75%)
Dd2 mastery icon Upgraded
4-10 5%
Ignores Dd2 token block
Remove Dd2 token block
Ignores Dd2 token blindwhen Target Dd2 token combo
Add Dd2 token blind (60%)
Dd2 skill break



Dd2 ability bash Type Rank Target
Dd2 melee icon Melee Empty circle dd2Empty circle dd2Yellow circleYellow circle Blue circleBlue circleEmpty circle dd2Empty circle dd2
Damage Crit Target Self
2-4 5%
Add Dd2 token immobilize, Dd2 token daze
Add Dd2 token immobilize
Dd2 mastery icon Upgraded
3-5 5%
Add Dd2 token immobilize, Dd2 token daze
Add Dd2 token combo
Add Dd2 token immobilize
Dd2 skill bash



Act-Out Attack
Dd2 ability leper actout Type Rank Target
Dd2 melee icon Melee Yellow circleYellow circleYellow circleYellow circle Blue circleBlue circleBlue circleBlue circle
Damage Crit
4-8 5%
May occur when this and another hero have a Respectful relationship.

Unique Trinkets[ | ]

🔸Each Hero has their own 3 unique Trinkets, exclusive only to them.

Image Trinket Description
Simple Flower
A Simple Flower
65 Baubles
Gain on Move dd2 Resist: Dd2 token regen 2
Gain on Stun dd2 Resist: Dd2 token blockplus
Gain on CRIT Melee Skills: +1 Dd2 token stress (25%)
Inevitable End
Inevitable End
65 Baubles
Target: Break Skill: Cannot Gain Dd2 token block (2 rounds)
Gain when Hit: If Icon speed <= 2: Remove Dd2 token weak and Dd2 token vulnerable
-2% Deathsdoor dd2 RES per round
Uncommon Seashell
Uncommon Seashell
65 Baubles
-10% DMG Taken per Negative Token
Apply on Hit: Intimidate Skills: Dd2 token combo
Gain when Hit: Bleed dd2 1 (15%)

Hero Paths[ | ]

All Heroes start the game on the default Wanderer path, which rewards candles upon reaching the second Inn but has no other effects. Other paths may be unlocked in The Living City by spending Icon candle small Candles of Hope.

  • (Note: Hero Paths are planned to be changed to skill changes instead of stat changes in future updates.)
Unique Leper Paths
Dd2 path tempest Tempest

"The winter storm knows only rage."
Dd2 path poet Poet

"Petals must fall."
Dd2 path monarch Monarch

"To rule, one must learn to serve."
Chop Skills: +33% DMG
+33% Debuff dd2 RES
+100% Disease dd2 RES
-25% Max Icon HP dd2
-3 Icon speed
Self-Healing Skills: +50% Healing Given
+50% Stun dd2 RES
+50% Move dd2 RES
-25% DMG
-30% Max Icon HP dd2
Chop Skills: -75% DMG
Purge & Intimidate Skills: Dd2 token vulnerable
Combat Start:
Cosmic: +50% Icon HP dd2
+2 Icon speed
Chop Skills: +100% DMG

Strategy[ | ]

Characteristics Strengths Weaknesses Roles
  • High Damage Output
  • High Icon HP dd2 HP
  • Strong Defense
  • Strong Self-Sustain both Icon HP dd2 and Dd2 token stress
  • Heavy DMG potential
  • Can Dd2 token taunt to protect Allies
  • Can Clear Corpse
  • Highly Ineffective on back Ranks
  • Very Poor Rank Flexibility and Mobility
  • Most Attacks only target Front Ranks
  • No DOT Attacks
  • Low CRIT, Icon speedSPD, and DOT Resistances
  • Innate Dd2 token blindBlind Condition, Skills can Dd2 token blindBlind Self
  • Damage Dealer
  • Tank
Tokens Apply Remove Ignore
Resistances Strong (40% or higher) Average (30%) Weak (20% or lower)
  • Disease dd2 Disease,Dd2 token stun Stun, Move dd2 Move
  • Bleed dd2 Bleed, Blight dd2 Blight, Burn dd2 Burn>, Debuff dd2 Debuff
Dd2 token buff Buffs Self Group
  • Dd2 ability withstand: +15% RES Bleed dd2, Blight dd2, Burn dd2, Move dd2
  • Dd2 ability ruin:When Damaged:+20% DMG (3 turns)
Debuff dd2 Debuffs Enemy
Recommended Ranks Grey dotGrey dotYellow dotYellow dot (access to all skills, Dd2 ability purge Purge and Dd2 ability intimidate Intimidate usable on Rank 1)
Discouraged Ranks Yellow dotYellow dotGrey dotGrey dot (no access to all offensive skills)

The leper is a durable front-rank hero capable of dealing huge amounts of damage. While also being able to receive large amounts Icon HP dd2HP damage and Dd2 token stress stress for the team, protecting his allies. The main problem the player will see isDd2 token blindBlind tokens. Fortunately Leper has the tools to combat this as Dd2 ability reflection Reflection allows you to clear Dd2 token blindBlind . Leper main damage abilities are able to ignoreDd2 token blindBlind if you have Dd2 token comboCombo , this makes heroes like Portraits-jester Jester, Portraits-occultistOccultist , Portraits-manatarmsMan-at-Arms andPortraits-runawayRunaway good allies for Leper as they can apply combo easily.

The Leper's biggest downside is that he's restricted to the front two ranks. He has no way of attack from the back, and he has no ability that moves him forward, forcing him to move one rank at a time with his regular movement. This means enemies like Pit Fighter or The Lord are a big threat to Leper since these enemies can push him back with strong Knockback abilites.

Tempest[ | ]

Tempest is a pure damage path available to Leper, increasing Dd2 ability chop Chop's damage by 33%. At the same time it increases Leper's Debuff dd2Debuff resistance making him less susceptible to receiving Dd2 token blindBlind (Note: The two Dd2 token blindBlind at Combat Start ignore this resistance). This combine with Dd2 token strengthStrength on Leper and Dd2 token vulnerableVulnerable on enemies make the already huge base damage even bigger.

If the player wants to continue increasing the Debuff dd2Debuff resistance, using Dd2 ability reflection Reflection upgraded will increase it even more. If the player wants to increase and optimize damage, using abilities like Dd2 ability revenge Revenge will give the leper a nice constant Dd2 token strengthStrength tokens and sometimes Dd2 token critCrit for the rest of the fight. For longer fights like Boss fights The Player may want to use Dd2 ability ruin Ruin instead since it has biggest damage potential but is slower.

Despite the high Debuff dd2Debuff resistance,Dd2 token blindBlind tokens can still be a problem, so good companions for Tempest are heroes that allow him to reduce the amount of missed attacks and also give him the setup and tokens necessary to take advantage of and further increase Leper's damage.Portraits-runawayRunaway's Dd2 ability smokescreen Smokescreen applies Dd2 token comboCombo and Dd2 token vulnerableVulnerable Giving what he needs to not miss an attack and deliver a devastating blow. In the other hand Dd2 ability hearthlight Hearthlight can clear enemies tokens like Dd2 token dodgeDodge, helping Leper and all the team while also clearing Dd2 token blindBlind when upgraded. Portraits-manatarmsMan-at-Arms's Dd2 ability command Command is a good skill for Leper as it removes Dd2 token blindBlind and provides a Dd2 token strengthStrength token. And together with Undeserved commendation Undeserved Commendation it has a chance to give Dd2 token critCrit. Portraits-jester Jester and Portraits-occultistOccultist with their constant Dd2 token comboCombo generation can completely counter Leper'sDd2 token blindBlind making him a great damage dealer.

Leper makes a great synergy with several trinkets such as Trinket cultist cruel intentCruel Intent and Goading gargoyleGoading Gargoyle. Trinket cultist cruel intentCruel Intent gives a large amount of CRIT chance in exchange for causing Dd2 token blindBlind , but since Leper is able to ignore blind, he benefits fully from the CRIT chance as long as the enemies have Dd2 token comboCombo. Goading gargoyleGoading Gargoyle is simple since it has a chance to transform Dd2 token blindBlind intoDd2 token strengthStrength tokens. Increasing leper damage and also clearing Dd2 token blindBlind, saving heroes turns.

Note: What is written here applies to both Tempest and Leper in general. Leper's damage is not limited to only this path and The player can easily reach large amounts of damage regardless of the Path they choose.

Monarch[ | ]


Dd2 ability ruin Ruin can give Leper a tremendous amount of damage

Monarch makes the Leper an anti-Cosmic hero when using Chop. Cosmic enemies are the Cultists, the Shambler and the Act Bosses. However, this also guts Chop's damage when used in any non-Cosmic fight, forcing the use of other skills to compensate.

Dd2 ability purgePurge: Strong Knockback , Clearing corpses and can clear tokens such as Dd2 token blindBlind and Dd2 token dodgedodge. Only downside is the rank requirements as it only can be used in rank 1 against rank 1

Dd2 ability intimidateIntimidate: While only usable in rank 1, can target all ranks. Giving leper Dd2 token tauntTaunt tokens to protect allies and apply Dd2 token weak Weak to enemies, clearing tokens such as Dd2 token blindBlind and Dd2 token dodgedodge in the process. It also does a small amount of damage. Giving leper the ability to finish off enemies at low health or proc Deathsdoor dd2Death Blow in case there are enemies out of range of other abilities.

Dd2 ability bashBash: Does a small amount of damage. But the upside is the Dd2 token immobilizeinmobilize token. Nullifying one of Leper's biggest downside: the vulnerability to Knockback. It also Dd2 token immobilize inmobilize the enemy so back rank enemies can be trapped in front ranks making them less of a threat.

Dd2 ability break Break: Does a respectable amount of damage while also ignoring and removing Dd2 token blockBlock tokens. Using this ability against enemies with large amount of Dd2 token block block tokens like Foot Soldiers or Ghouls can give the team an advantage against these enemies,

The damage penalty only affects Dd2 ability chop Chop so The Player can consider replacing it with Dd2 ability hewHew for damage in combat.

When facing Cosmic, Lepers's Dd2 ability chop Chop's damage, Icon HP dd2 HP and Icon speed speed will increase giving you a great advantage against Cosmic enemies. The player must maximize damage by using Dd2 ability chop Chop with the previously given tips and hints.

Poet[ | ]

Leper excels in survivability by being able to heal both Icon HP dd2 HP and Dd2 token stress stress with a simple skill (Dd2 ability solemnity Solemnity). Stress not being bound to any restrictions. The player must take advantage of these qualities by using Dd2 ability intimidate Intimidate to protect the team from damage. Then using Dd2 ability solemnity Solemnity to heal all the damage.

Poet increases the effectiveness of these two skills even more by increasing healing +50%. Adding Dd2 ability withstandWithstand to the mix Leper is able to take large amounts of damage with Dd2 token blockand Dd2 token blockplus Block+ tokens while also have a huge increase in all of his resistances. Making him a great tank against Bleed dd2DOTS, Knockback, Dd2 token stunStun and Damage in general.  

Poet's disadvantage is reduced damage, however this disadvantage is easily nullified with a simple Dd2 token strength Strength token or Ruin. If the player wishes, they can useDd2 ability ruin Ruin or Dd2 ability revenge Revenge to nullify this disadvantage while keeping all the advantages Poet grants.

Shrine of Reflection[ | ]

DD2LeperPortraitCropped - Feather Edge

🔸The Leper gains access to 6 abilities over 5 chapters through accessing memories in the Shrine of Reflection.

Barks[ | ]

Landing a CRIT[ | ]

  • Blood in the mud.
  • Petals must fall.
  • Rain in the forest.
  • Summer before the Fall.
  • Fog before sunrise.
  • The tide rises. And the tide falls.
  • Time makes ruin of even empires.
  • For every act, a consequence.

Stalling[ | ]

  • A wise warrior conserves his strength for battles ahead.
  • I grow weary of this dallying.

Bleed[ | ]

  • Blood, water, all goes with the current
  • My blood flows yet.

Blight[ | ]

  • One rot can't fight another
  • The rot whittles at my strength...

Burn[ | ]

  • An embrocation, quickly!
  • The fire rages...!

Horror[ | ]

  • An ill wind scatters the flock...
  • Entombed in my own body, waning...

Stress[ | ]

  • The world has no need of a man so enervated...
  • One day, my sword arm will fail me...
  • I must take the punishment the others cannot.

Torch Decrease[ | ]

  • Night is when the desert comes alive. (Torch reaches 0)
  • This murk pains my failing eyes...! (Torch reaches 20)
  • I can scarcely see the coach... (Torch reaches 40)

Entering Death's Door[ | ]

  • An end to my torment, at last?

Ally On Death's Door[ | ]

  • Think of the years you have left.
  • Rise above your pain.

Surviving Hit on Death's Door[ | ]

  • My lucky day.
  • Not yet.

Ally Surviving Hit on Death's Door[ | ]

  • From pain, clarity. Rise up.
  • We all fall vulnerable at times. No shame in it.

Hit by CRIT[ | ]

  • If I can take it in another's stead...

Ally Hit by CRIT[ | ]

  • Let the pain hone your blade

Pushed by Enemy[ | ]

  • We must meet their fury with dispassion.

Resolute[ | ]

  • This is not where my journey ends.
  • There is always more I can give.

Meltdown (Phased out)[ | ]

  • Too long have I cloaked myself in denial. Time to die.
  • The sun shall outlive me, and this cindered world, too.

Fog Appears (Shroud)(Generic)[ | ]

  • I've lost sight of them!
  • Malign currents on the wind...
  • This fret assaults my eyes!

Fog Fades (Shroud)(Generic)[ | ]

  • TBA

Repair[ | ]

  • Let us hope my hands aren't clumsy...
  • Soon we'll be roadworthy.

Don't leave me (0 wheels ambush)[ | ]

  • We don't abandon our sick.
  • They would fracture our unity. Don't let them.
  • We are each a vital part of the whole.

Stress Healing Partner - General[ | ]

  • You are far from lost.

Buffing Partner - General[ | ]

  • My strength is your strength.

Healing Partner - General[ | ]

  • Pain can be a teacher, if you let it.

Combo Attack - General[ | ]

  • Thunder follows lightning.

Retaliation - General[ | ]

  • Survive the sting - fear the swarm.

Protection - General[ | ]

  • Fall back. I can take this punishment.

Praise for Support Skill - General[ | ]

  • An inspiration.

Praise for Attack - General[ | ]

  • Your passion shows through.

Stress Heal in Coach - General[ | ]

  • You are far from lost.


Stress Healing Partner - Hopeful[ | ]

  • Spring snows must thaw.

Buffing Partner - Hopeful[ | ]

  • There is a place for us in the summer country.

Praise for Support Skill - Hopeful[ | ]

  • You defy my doubt.

Praise for Attack - Hopeful[ | ]

  • Your presence lends me strength.

Stress Heal in Coach - Hopeful[ | ]

  • No feeling is final.


Stress Healing Partner - Amorous[ | ]

  • I will carry you with me, always.

Healing Partner - Amorous[ | ]

  • I am not yet ready to relinquish you.

Protection - Amorous[ | ]

  • This is not where you fall.

Praise for Support Skill - Amorous[ | ]

  • If nothing else, this war led me to you.

Praise for Attack - Amorous[ | ]

  • A rare gift, to have loved one such as you.

Stress Heal in Coach - Amorous[ | ]

  • Stand watch with me later, under the stars.


Stress Healing Partner - Respectful[ | ]

  • *gentle nod*

Retaliation After Partner is Attacked - Respectful[ | ]

  • A blow I am happy to take.

Combo Attack with Partner - Respectful[ | ]

  • You are a worthy partner, indeed.

Praise for Support Skill - Respectful[ | ]

  • I have known great souls - few equal you.

Praise for Attack - Respectful[ | ]

  • It is an honour to fight at your flank.

Stress Heal in Coach - Respectful[ | ]

  • You keep us on an even keel.

Stress Damage on Ally - General[ | ]

  • You squander your potential.

Insult for Support Skill - General[ | ]

  • Surely there are better uses of our limited resources...

Insult for Attack - General[ | ]

  • We cannot leave this journey in your hands.

Stress Damage on Ally in Coach[ | ]

  • Our world - fallen, unrecognizable.

Attacking Ally - General[ | ]

  • Press me no further.


Attacking Ally - Hateful[ | ]

  • Mistake my calm for weakness at your peril

Stress Damage on Ally - Hateful[ | ]

  • I loathe that I must spend my last days in your company.

Insult for Support Skill - Hateful[ | ]

  • *quiet snarl*

Insult for Attack - Hateful[ | ]

  • You seek glory but that vault lies grey and empty.

Stress Damage on Ally in Coach[ | ]

  • Press not past the bounds of my patience.


Stress Damage on Ally[ | ]

  • Ignorant you are to the world's wounds.

Insult for Support Skill - Envious[ | ]

  • Such a miser with your aid.

Insult for Attack - Envious[ | ]

  • Would that I could equal your might!

Stress Damage on Ally on Road - Envious[ | ]

  • Watch your footing, braggart.


Stress Damage on Ally - Suspicious[ | ]

  • Why do you press me about my condition?

Stress Damage on Ally in Coach - Suspicious[ | ]

  • A snake in the grass...

Insult for Support Skill - Suspicious[ | ]

  • Grasses bend when the fell wind blows.

Insult for Attack - Suspicious[ | ]

  • As a child flailing at shadows.


Stress Damage on Ally - Resentful[ | ]

  • Even half-dead I carry your burdens.

Stress Damage on Ally in Coach - Resentful[ | ]

  • The sea erodes, the coast crumbles.

Insult for Support Skill - Resentful[ | ]

  • A sure-footed step on a fool's journey.

Insult for Attack - Resentful[ | ]

  • One tree grows crooked as the next beside.

Adding Buff[ | ]

  • Find strength in the fray, friend.

Guarding Ally[ | ]

  • A momentary respite.
  • Death is not to be feared, but let us not hurry it. (Ally's on Death's Doors)
  • At my side, no harm will reach you. (Ally's injured)

Adding Token[ | ]

  • As light parts the fog...

Follow Up Attack[ | ]

  • None of us fights alone.

Follow up on combo'ed enemy[ | ]

  • Many are the hands that dig their graves.

Follow up on critted enemy[ | ]

  • As the stream smooths the stone.

Follow Up on Debuffed Enemy[ | ]

  • The tide turns.

Healing Ally[ | ]

  • This pain of yours - it has a purpose.
  • Our journey has not reached its end. (Ally's on Death's Doors)
  • You take punishment well. (Ally's injured)

Revenge Attack on Enemy[ | ]

  • It is a blessing to fight alone no longer.

Revenge Attack on Enemy who critted[ | ]

  • Even a worm will turn - and you are no worm.

Moving Positions - Positive[ | ]

  • I am needed here.

Removing DoTs[ | ]

  • We prevent suffering where we can.
  • Playing dice with fortune herself. (Ally's on Death's Door
  • Wise not to let this fester. (Ally's injured)

Stress Healing[ | ]

  • Much beauty remains in this world.
  • Trust in me if you can't trust yourself.

Jealous of Buff[ | ]

  • Swift to aid the others...

Jealous of Guarded Ally[ | ]

  • *quiet grumble* (While injured)
  • You sentence me to death. (While on Death's Doors)

Jealous of Token[ | ]

  • The jackal stalks alone.

Jealous of Food (Unused)[ | ]

  • My constitution wanes...

Jealous of Healing[ | ]

  • *shakes head*
  • To do nothing is to make a statement. (While injured)
  • The king on his side upon the board... (While on Death's Doors)

Moving Positions - Negative[ | ]

  • I know where I am most useful.

Jealous of DoT Removal[ | ]

  • I require aid same as any hale soldier.
  • Hmph. (While injured)
  • Passing judgment on who lives and dies? (While on Death's Doors)

Positive Road Banter - Tense[ | ]

  • You are a rock in troublesome times
  • My story? I suppose, for you...

Positive Road Banter - Irritated[ | ]

  • Help me with my wounds...?
  • Your kindness is a rare commodity.

Positive Road Banter - Roiling[ | ]

  • Yours is a soul of worth.
  • No - you deserve to be here same as I.

Negative Road Banter - Tense[ | ]

  • *annoyed huff*
  • Is that some insect buzzing beside my ear?

Negative Road Banter - Irritated[ | ]

  • Begone. I have suffered long already.
  • Allow a tired man his rest.

Negative Road Banter - Roiling[ | ]

  • *tense breathing*
  • You anger the wrong man.

Armor Repair Kit[ | ]

  • That we might last a moment longer in the onslaught.

Blasphemous Idol[ | ]

  • In my desperation to live, I prayed to anything...

Book of Bawdy Tales[ | ]

  • Simple fare but always titillating.

BOOK: My time in the Desert[ | ]

  • The dunes, the countless stars... my friends from my childhood.

Book of Creative Insults[ | ]

  • Childish weapon for inmature minds.

Poetry[ | ]

  • I think this one was written in my court.

Boxing Gloves[ | ]

  • I trust you'd prefer I keep the mask on.

Calming Incense[ | ]

  • A sweet scent evoking bittersweet memories...

Candles and Chocolate[ | ]

  • Any night could be our last. Spend it beside me.

Clarifying Poultice[ | ]

  • I require more rest of late...

Clotting Poultice[ | ]

  • Every drop counts.

Dartboard[ | ]

  • This mask obscures my vision so.

Ceremonial Drum[ | ]

  • We'd startle prey on the hunt with drums, once...

Slime Mold[ | ]

  • Nature provide for us in its own strange way.
  • (If full) - My body has no demands for now.

Stale Bread[ | ]

  • Difficult to swallow, unless I soak it first...
  • (If full) - I require nothing further.

Apples & Cheese[ | ]

  • Simple but satisfying - perfect for long journeys.
  • (If full) - Pity I haven't room for more.

Steak and Spuds[ | ]

  • A hearty meal after a long day's labour.
  • (If full) - Hunger troubles me no longer.

Flapjacks[ | ]

  • Warm, simple - good for days when stomach ails.
  • (If full) - I need not overindulge. I am content.

Holy Beads[ | ]

  • My first fruitless hope was seeded with such baubles.

Impermeable Poultice[ | ]

  • The blight shall not claim me until I am ready.

Leeches[ | ]

  • Ah. We meet again.

Meditative Totem[ | ]

  • A stone skips across calm waters. Ripples follow.

Mop and Bucket[ | ]

  • There are no kings aboard this coach.

Nightshade Concoction[ | ]

  • I am grateful for the years I've stolen.

Pipeweed[ | ]

  • Trouble for those disquieted by their own company.

Playing Cards[ | ]

  • A pleasant diversion or a tool of divination.

Restorative Herbs[ | ]

  • Spring walks across continents, perfuming the air with its herbs.

Roast Pig[ | ]

  • Once a staple in my court long ago. Just missing the apple.
  • (If full) - Share my portion between the others instead.

Songbook of Amorous Ballads[ | ]

  • The heart beats persistent despite its failing shell.

Songbook of Touching Dirges[ | ]

  • A song for the years I'll never see.

Songbook of Rousing Tunes[ | ]

  • Thousands of boots, thundering over the plains...

Soothing Poultice[ | ]

  • At times, my whithered flesh is an advantage...

Speed Bag[ | ]

  • I was never a swift fighter even before I fell ill.

Invigorating Stew[ | ]

  • Every meal a feast.
  • (If full) - One of the others may need it more.

Stimulating Poultice[ | ]

  • For a moment, life seems to flood through me again...

Stitching Kit[ | ]

  • Do what you must. I endure it with gratitude.

The Wine[ | ]

  • I thought I'd never savour such a vintage again...

Tinned Delicacies[ | ]

  • Delicacies from an earlier time...
  • (If full) - There may come a need later.

Knotted Tug Rope[ | ]

  • Three of you against me? Hardly seems fair.

Wax Inoculant[ | ]

  • I must be mind my constitution.

Whetstone[ | ]

  • Handsome, once, before it shattered...

Whiskey Barrel[ | ]

  • Life is short and often cruel. Revel when you can.

Whiskey Bottle[ | ]

  • A shared bottle is a bridge built. Or mended

Whiskey Flask[ | ]

  • Truth in whiskey, truth in wine.

Whittling Tools[ | ]

  • I was forbidden such things in my youth.

Wild Tea[ | ]

  • Like reaches out to like. Connections. Beauty. Hope.

Holy Hymnal[ | ]

  • I'm familiar - though in another tongue...

Morbid Joke[ | ]

  • If this helps you pass the time...

Improvised Strategy[ | ]

  • The prepared mind slumbers peacefully.

The Very Best[ | ]

  • TBA

Experimental Remedy[ | ]

  • Perhaps wasted on one such as I...

War Paint[ | ]

  • TBA

Tar-Filled Colambre[ | ]

  • TBA'

Oddly-Tuned Lute[ | ]

  • Music often reaches where medicine cannot.

Pain Box[ | ]

  • Scorpions and frogs come to mind.

Precious Collection[ | ]

  • I will likely never see the shores of home again.
  • Some memories weigh in the pocket - others are lighter.
  • We will never forget that which we can touch.

Guided Meditation[ | ]

  • I will walk with you. Let us step beyond ourselves.

Shrine 1[ | ]

  • Compassion is its own strength.

Shrine 2[ | ]

  • You all might learn some lessons in mercy. (Failure)
  • I mourned my body and the kingdom I might have forged. (Success)

Shrine 3[ | ]

  • The sun rises and sets, unwavering.

Shrine 4[ | ]

  • Fury and blade to excise malignance - no matter the agony!
  • The palace's very foundations trembled... (Failure)
  • A diagnosis - and a remedy - freeing in its finality. (Success)

Shrine 5[ | ]

  • Ever present, sunlight throws aside the clouds to pour into the people's hearts.
  • The time for mourning is past.

Shrine 6[ | ]

  • A worthy heart beats in this world yet.

Exiting Crossroads[ | ]

  • Four roads converge into one path. Our path.
  • Wheels spin as the earth does - eternal.

Crossing Valley Bridge[ | ]

  • TBA

Region Gate[ | ]

  • ...
  • There is beauty all around, even now.

Oasis[ | ]

  • Overlook no blessing, however small (+5 Torch, +3 Mineral-Rich Spring Water)
  • Never underestimate the power of a moment's respite. (+5 Torch, Heal 5 Stress Self)
  • Peace pays us a brief visit. I'll stand guard. (+5 Torch, Heal 5 Stress Self, +3 Mineral-Rich Spring Water)
  • A diversion from our true purpose. Onward. (Exit)

Exiting Oasis[ | ]

  • Golden sun on clear water - a good omen.
  • Silvery moon on dark water - a sign, perhaps.

Creature Den[ | ]

  • The hares, the mice, all fled from these corrupted aspects. (Fight)
  • See? Our light cows them. (Avoid)

Creature Den Success[ | ]

  • Spring rains bring a cleansing flood.

Creature Den Retreat[ | ]

  • Above scampering mice, the raptor's shadow.

Chirurgeon's Table[ | ]

  • A distraction, nothing more. (Avoid)

Exiting Chirurgeon's Table[ | ]

  • They mime the motions of humanity, even in death...

Resistance Encounter[ | ]

  • If we can fight as one, we can fell them! (Fight)
  • As long as I can lift my blade, I am ready. (Fight)
  • The glare of our torch reveals their weaknesses! (Fight, Blind enemies)
  • Deep in autumn, rushing feet scatter the fallen leaves. (Avoid)

Resistance Encounter Success[ | ]

  • Survival begets violence, it would seem.

Resistance Encounter Retreat[ | ]

  • Come quickly, lest they track us to the coach.

Oblivion's Ingress[ | ]

  • My eyes may be failing but my arm is not. (Fight + 2 Strength Tokens)

Oblivion's Ingress (Mountain)[ | ]

  • Amid ruin, beauty. I have never seen snow until this moment. (Fight)
  • The avalanche clears all in its righteous path. (Fight)'

Oblivion's Ingress Success[ | ]

  • Aberrations. I feel lighter for their absence.
  • A sunrise at last.

Oblivion's Ingress Retreat[ | ]

  • Circled we are, buzzards above...
  • Pity the starless sky.

Exiting Oblivion's Ingress/Rampart[ | ]

  • TBA

Assistance Encounter[ | ]

  • The herds on the plains know strength in numbers. (Flame, Combat items)
  • A pittance for us, lifechanging for them. (Flame & Repairs, lose Relics)
  • Desperation makes monsters. (Steal Relics, lose Flame)

Exiting Assistance Encounter[ | ]

  • Living is a struggle. They understand this.
  • Abandoned by their lords, left to fight alone...

Valley Assistance Encounter[ | ]

  • TBA

Exiting Hospital[ | ]

  • Sadly, there is no cure for my condition. Such is the way of things.
  • May the loathing never take her.

Exiting Hoarder[ | ]

  • A mirror reflecting a mirror reflecting a mirror...
  • By autumn's last moon, the birds have sang their last.

Exiting Valley Hoarder[ | ]

  • TBA

Exiting Watchtower[ | ]

  • Our flame must cauterize these wounds.
  • Even in devastation - beauty. Promise.

Academic's Study[ | ]

  • An echo of an earlier time, manifest in ink... (Memories of a Dream)
  • It howls into the night like a dog. What will howl in reply? (Scary Song)
  • A river flows. Irreversible (Broken Clock, -5 Stress)
  • An armourer could make use of the metals. (Broken Clock, Random Trinket)
  • My kingdom was home to the finest vineyards... (Vintage Collection, +4 Wine)
  • Things sequestered in drawers, fading from memory... (Familiar Desk, Relics & Books)
  • The still air of a tomb envelops this place. Leave it. (Shambler's Altar, Avoid, neg Quirk)

Exiting Academic's Study[ | ]

  • Mankind and mystery... one forever outpacing the other.
  • Try as it might, the sun cannot catch the moon.

Tangle Lair Success[ | ]

  • A tall tree falls in the forest - all is quiet.

Tangle Lair Retreat[ | ]

  • Doomed warriors never granted the peace of the grave...

Foetor Lair Success[ | ]

  • A cruel contrivance of starvation and excess.

Foetor Lair Retreat[ | ]

  • Let these fields lie fallow forever. We have lost them.

Sprawl Lair Success[ | ]

  • A city under siege - but stirring within its walls, hope.

Sprawl Lair Retreat[ | ]

  • Let the flames feast on the corpse of man's hubris.

Shroud Lair Success[ | ]

  • The stone defies the eroding waves.

Shroud Lair Retreat[ | ]

  • Halt. Let us accept our end with composure.

Exiting Academic's Cache[ | ]

  • Some fortunate thread in fate's tangled skein
  • Fortune is fickle, but today she smiles.

  • Acknowledge you will die as I have. It soothes the ache. (Doomsayer)
  • I stare into the mirror of my own rot... (Fear of Cadaver)
  • I commanded a fleet in ages past... (Shroud Tactician)

  • Librarian[ | ]

    • All knowledge is ephemeral. All truths unknowable. (Page Burner reaction)

    Harvest Child[ | ]

    • One last feast fit for a king... (moving due to debuff)
    • This could return me to health. I know it! (Ate meat)

    Focused Fault[ | ]

    • It sees beneath my mask! (getting seen token)
    • Gaze long upon me and see only ruin... (stress from seen tokens)
    • They couldn't put their trust in a half-dead man... (stress from seen tokens)

    Body of Work - Face Your Failure[ | ]

    • If this be my last breath, I give it for all of you. (Being hovered over)
    • I made my peace a lifetime ago. (Being hovered over)
    • I am the placid sea. I am the mountain. (Being chosen)
    • You are nothing more than an echo in time. (Being chosen)
    • No shadows are cast without light behind. (Defeating Failure)
    • All that remains of me belongs to the world. (Defeating Failure)

    Travelling Stress Heal[ | ]

    • Perhaps there is hope for us yet...
    • We are not so dissimilar...
    • I accept you. We all do.
    • Chin up, shoulders back. We can do this.
    • The road is tough but we're going to make it.
    • Let us share tales of merrier times.
    • Come what may, we are united!
    • Hang in there.
    • Can I get you anything?
    • It's a long road, but we've got each other.
    • Want to share? I've got extra...
    • You're even tougher than you look.
    • I'm glad you're here, for what it's worth.
    • You're going to live. I won't hear otherwise.
    • At least we aren't facing this alone.
    • Maybe all hope is not lost...
    • There are times I almost feel hopeful.
    • I had a pleasant dream, for once...
    • Whatever comes, we are united.
    • Perhaps we'll find glory after all...
    • This world is worth saving.
    • We are making a difference out there.
    • Hope is seductive, isn't it?
    • We're making good time.
    • If this is my fate, I'm content.
    • All is not lost.
    • We will best these fiends!

    Travelling Stress Damage[ | ]

    • Buffoon!
    • We're not going to make it, are we?
    • Everywhere, the world comes undone...
    • Stuck in a coach with the likes of you - feh.
    • I'm hungry and tired!
    • This cursed coach is a bouncing racket!
    • Let me out of this blasted coach!
    • Here we are, four corpses in a rolling coffin...
    • I can't bear to look out the window...
    • It's like a nightmare out there.
    • Like rats in a trap...
    • What if it's all for nothing...?
    • Can I really trust you to have my back...?
    • Can't sleep. Awful food. Worse company.
    • A waking nightmare...
    • We never seem to make any progress...
    • Just leave me by the roadside.
    • This was all a mistake...!
    • We're driving in circles...
    • Are we lost?
    • This is not the life I dreamt for myself...
    • Everywhere we pass - ruin, destruction...
    • Fools, fools we are...
    • We were damned before we set off.
    • Why us? Why me?
    • I'm not crying...! Look away!
    • I grow so weary of this fight.
    • Would it be so bad to give in...?

    Safe path[ | ]

    • Let us enjoy this respite.
    • Marvel at how far we have come
    • Clear road ahead - a clear mind
    • Against the odds, we yet breathe.

    Rough path[ | ]

    • I never grew seasick, but...
    • We are far from safe grounds now
    • Leaves upon the stream...
    • I felt that.

    Hazardous path[ | ]

    • Our coach is sturdy - I trust her.
    • An inconvenience.
    • Our purpose protects.

    Combat Path[ | ]

    • ...
    • Let them come.
    • Blows I am poised to take.
    • I have repelled a boarding in my time.

    Oblivion tear[ | ]

    • I could have died among my people...
    • My memories - my life - is mine!
    • A leafless baobab, hollowed by mites
    • Such emptiness...

    Trivia[ | ]

    • The Leper is one of the eleven Heroes returning from Darkest Dungeon, and one of the first nine Heroes to be available in the sequel.[1]
    • The Leper's default name "Baldwin", a reference to King Baldwin IV of Jerusalem. Baldwin had developed signs of the illness in childhood, and was even called "the Leper".
    • The Leper's backstory is unique among the heroes(debatably besides The Duelist) in that he did nothing wrong, and feels no regret. This is reflected in his portrait, where unlike the other heroes, he looks into the light with his head held high.

    References[ | ]

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