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Quest map locations

Explorable locations within the Estate on the Expedition selection map

Darkest Dungeon is set on the grounds of the ruined Estate of the player's Ancestor.

List of Locations[ | ]

Loading screen Town
  • Hamlet
    • Unlocked: Week 1
    • A quiet, decayed settlement on the Estate's grounds where a handful of people still cling to a squalid yet relatively civilized existence. It is the game's central hub, where the player returns following every Expedition and can improve their heroes or recruit new ones. The only way to die in the Hamlet is by the Crimson Curse.
First room tutorial
  • Old Road
    • Unlocked: Week 0
    • A poorly-maintained and bandit-plagued road that winds through the Weald and connects the Estate to the outside world. It is a tutorial location, where the player always starts at the beginning of a new game. It is impossible to retreat from the Old Road, and it cannot be accessed again after arriving at the Hamlet for the first time.
Loading screen Crypts
  • Ruins
    • Unlocked: Week 1
    • A crumbling castle inhabited by cultists, necromancers, and undead. Plenty of treasures can be found there.
Loading screen Warrens
  • Warrens
    • Unlocked: Week 4
    • A maze of aqueducts and cellars inhabited by beasts and man-pigs. Plenty of food can be found there.
Loading screen Weald
  • Weald
    • Unlocked: Week 3
    • A stagnant, overgrown forest inhabited by bandits and the victims of parasitic fungus. Blight is contracted often there.
Loading screen Cove
  • Cove
    • Unlocked: Week 4
    • Waterlogged caverns inhabited by fishmen, creatures of the sea, and undead. Most Curios found here apply buffs and debuffs or manipulate quirks.
Darkest Dungeon Courtyard background
  • Courtyard
    • Unlocked: Week 3 Exclusive to The Crimson Court DLC
    • The vast, swamp-ridden ruins of a once splendid garden infested by bloodsucking insect creatures. The Courtyard is the only location with quests of Epic length, which each culminate in slaying a Boss. The light meter does not wane and is always Bloodlight, increasing stress received and decreasing bleed resistance.
Farmstead loading2
  • Farmstead
    • Unlocked: Week 2 Exclusive to The Color of Madness DLC
    • A barren, exhausted farm ravaged by otherworldly creatures. The Farmstead contains 3 quests in total, lacks corridors, and features endless waves of enemies. The light meter does not wane and changes between five unique states, each with their own set of effects: Farmstead Miasma, Blazing, Haunting, Gleaming, and Splendorous.
Loading screen Darkest Dungeon
  • The Darkest Dungeon
    • Unlocked: Week 1
    • The ancient, blood-drenched passages beneath the Estate's clifftop mansion, where eldritch evil creeps and the source of the corruption resides. The Darkest Dungeon contains 4 quests in total, all of which are Darkest level and all of which are required to complete the game. Although it is unlocked early, an inexperienced team has little hope for victory there. After successfully completing a quest in The Darkest Dungeon, all heroes in the roster will have their stress reduced to 0 and all afflictions cured.
  • Butcher's Circus
    • Unlocked: Week 2
    • Side content that has little impact on your campaign. Fight off other parties and rise through the ranks in the pursuit of prestige and glory!

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