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The world of Darkest Dungeon II consists of a number of different Locations which the player traverses on their journey to The Mountain.

Preparation[ | ]

Each run begins and ends at the Altar of Hope, where the player may spend Icon candle small Candles of Hope and manage the game's meta-progression. Then the player proceeds to pick a Confession and assemble a party at The Crossroads.

Regions[ | ]

The main part of each run is spent traversing various Regions. Each region consists of a number of Nodes linked together by Roads. The first region of each run, The Valley, has a fixed layout and serves as a sort of tutorial. The final region, The Mountain, is where the party confronts the Confession boss. The number and selection of the regions in between varies by Confession.

Biome choice mountain
The inevitable end of your Journey
The Mountain

Nodes[ | ]

Most of the game's encounters take place at Nodes. There are a large number of possible encounters, from battles with Cultists to opportunities to help fellow travellers. At the end of each main region is an Oblivion's Rampart, followed by an Inn where the party may recuperate and purchase supplies.

Roads[ | ]

Nodes are connected by Roads. There are five different types of roads, most of which present some type of hazard, and only one of which is neutral.

  • Icon roadblock combat Combat: A road battle
  • Icon roadblock hazard Hazardous: -1 Armor stagecoach token Armor
  • Icon roadblock roughpatch Rough: -1 Wheel stagecoach token Wheel
  • Icon roadblock obliviontear Oblivion's Tear: +1 Loathing
  • Safe: Nothing

If the Stagecoach traverses a Hazardous or Rough road with no Armor stagecoach token or Wheel stagecoach token, respectively, the party will be ambushed by Pillagers. Additionally, there are various pieces of debris littered on the roads; running over this debris with the Stagecoach has a chance of generating loot.

Scouting[ | ]

Icon roadblock unknown

An unscouted road or node.

Some nodes and roads may be hidden when entering a region. There are a large number of factors affecting scouting chance, including hero quirks, Stagecoach Items, Pets and region goals and modifiers. Notably, the Watchtower node reveals subsequent locations in the region. Additionally, certain goals (e.g. "Avoid the Hospital", or "Clear a Creature Den") will always reveal the node to be visited or avoided.

Region Modifiers[ | ]

Each main region will have a temporary modifier which is displayed when selecting a region at the Inn.

Name Effect
Bat Country
+200% Cultist Encounters. All Scouted
Big Game
+200% Creature Dens. All Scouted
Blood Moon
-20% Bleed RES
+200% Academic Caches. All Scouted
Candles & Peace
More Candles at Assistance Encounters, Academic Studies and Oases
Candles & War
More Candles as Resistance, Cultist Encounters and Creature Dens
+100% Hoarders, Academic Studies and Academic Caches
-20% Blight RES
+200% Academic Studies. All Scouted
+200% Oases. All Scouted
Devious Plans
-33% Battle Advantage Chance
-100% Oases
Grave Calling
-10% Deathblow RES
-300% Locations Scouted
+200% Field Hospitals. All Scouted
Heat Wave
-20% Burn RES
Heavy Winds
-20% Max Flame
+200% Hoarders. All Scouted
Light the Way
+200% Assistance Encounters. All Scouted
+10% Meltdown Chance
+200% Path Choices
Blood Run
-100% Field Hospitals
+100% Creature Dens, Oases and Hospitals
-20% Disease RES
Praise the Sun
+10% Resolute Chance
-100% Hoarders
Strategic Plan
+33% Battle Advantage Chance
The Gauntlet
+200% Resistance Encounters. All Scouted
Thick Mud
+25% Move RES
Trench Run
-50% Path Choices
True Evil
+33% Traveling Flame Drain
-33% Traveling Flame Drain

Region Goals[ | ]

Each main region will have a goal which, when fulfilled, will reward Icon candle small Candles of Hope, Mastery point icon mastery points, trinkets or Stagecoach Items upon completing the region. Both the goal and reward are displayed when selecting a region at the Inn.

Name Requirement
A Moment's Peace
Visit an Oasis
Avoid the Hoarder
Cosmic Curiosity
Visit 3 Academic Studies
Discretion, not Valor
Fight in 1 or less Resistance Encounters
Visit a Creature Den
Fog of War
Avoid the Watchtower
In the Light
Keep the Flame above 40
Naked & Afraid
Enter the region with no Stagecoach Equipment
No Time to Bleed
Avoid the Hospital
Fight in 4 or more Road Fights
Fight in 3 or more Resistance Encounters
Secret, Safe
Fight in 6 or less Road Fights
Clear Out the Lair

Locations in Darkest Dungeon II
Tutorial The Valley
Routes The Foetor MiniScrollpip The Tangle MiniScrollpip The Sprawl MiniScrollpip The Shroud MiniScrollpip The Sluice
Destination The Mountain